DoDonPachi Maximum flies to Xbox Live next week

DoDonPachi Maximum

Speak of the devil! Just yesterday we were sharing the DoDonPachi Maximum teaser trailer, and now it’s going to be next week’s Xbox Live release. Yes, Cave’s Windows Phone-exclusive shoot-em-up comes to the Marketplace on Wednesday, March 7.

The game’s official description:

Dodge and destroy your way through 15 unique stages routes that branch according to your skill. Accurate touch controls guide your ship with ease. Touch the screen with two fingers to activate the all-powerful "Laser Bomb" and clear the screen of enemies! Unlock new ships to beat the game with! Blast your way to a full achievement list. This is bullet hell in the palm of your hand!

DoDonPachi Maximum, the first Japanese-developed mobile Xbox Live game, will cost $4.99. Shmup fans, prepare to enter bullet hell on March 7. The week after that, Gerbil Physics!


Reader comments

DoDonPachi Maximum flies to Xbox Live next week


im buying this. nothing will stop me from doing so
oh dam i remember i have a math midterm and chemistry lab exam on wednesday and thursday next week...

I want Carcasonne already...
Why do they release one game a weak anyhow, it's not like WP7 is the best mobile gaming platform already..

I need to get into this bullet hell thing. I used to play shmups a long time ago, when usually only the bosses spewed weird stuff to dodge. Nowadays it's like it's bosses all the way, until the end of the level where there is something that might be the board of directors.

Thanks for the info Paul! I've been waiting sooooo long for this!!!
Day one purchase for sure, I just hope Cave ports all the IOS stuff to WP... please Cave please!

Oh hell yes love me some shmups!! Corona is great too if you guys haven't checked it out yet. Free too.