DoDonPachi Maximum's forthcoming "easy" update gets detailed for Windows Phone

DoDonPachi Maximum

Speaking for ourselves, we love DoDonPachi Maximum (see our review)—it’s fast, it has great graphics, it’s challenging as hell and we love the ‘Presented by…Cave!” at the beginning.

Having said that, let’s focus on the “challenging as hell” part. Yes, the game is hard and even overwhelming for some. For old school ‘shoot ‘em up’ fans, it’s great. For casual gamers though, it’s just often too hard.

The good news is the folks behind the popular title, that’d be the aforementioned Cave, have a big Windows Phone update in the works that will practically re-invent the game for many of you.

DoDonPachi MaximumIn short, it’s going to get easier—or rather, there will be an easy mode, to lighten things up. Here are the changes that are coming, translated for us by reader sacra:

NEW Easy Mode

  • First, drastically cut enemy's bullet variety. They received much feedback (especially from overseas) about this point. Now using circle bullets and needle bullets frequently with easily seen trajectories.
  • Second, fix the enemy's position. They changed positions of enemies that are making surprise attacks or attacking in a low position, to destroy or avoid them easily.
  • Third, easy to see the enemy's attack. Now it's easy to find routes to avoid difficult barrage like the 'boss'.

You can even seen the new screenshot to the right that shows off the new design.

Personally, we’re psyched. DoDonPachi Maximum is already a great game but we’re happy to see it become more accessible to many more gamers out there with this update.

No word on timing but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear something. In the meantime, take it for a trial run or pick it up for $4.99 here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Cave Blog; Thanks, sacra, for the tip

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Reader comments

DoDonPachi Maximum's forthcoming "easy" update gets detailed for Windows Phone


Saw the pic first and was hoping this was the DotW announcement.  Oh well, still good to hear that they're updating the game with an easy mode.  I'm terrible and shmups.

Will it affect the achievements though. Tentacles did the same a while ago but voided some achievements in the process...

Would it be this hard with a controller? Will WP8 get the use of controllers? You guys talk so highly about this game, I grew on Gradius, I want this now, but I need a controller. Touching a screen to control when you should be mindful of bullets flying at you from everywhere sounds dreadful.

You don't have to put your finger on top of the ship to be able to move it.
There is actually some space in the lower part of the screen where you can put your finger without blocking anything

I wish they would just add a "continue" screen when you die. No difficulty changes, no penalty other than losing achievements.

Can someone explain how to unlock the other levels? For some reason they are all locked except 4-b I unlocked that one which I don't know how

You have to beat the previous level with 2 of the 3 bonus conditions met.At the end of the level when you see your score it shows you which condition you met.
There is:
NOMISS which means you have to get through the level without losing a single life
NOBOMB beat the level without using a single bomb
100%something kill every killable enemy. (red enemies can't be destroyed) Some enemies enter the screen and stay at the edge and leave after a little while.
Fulfill any 2 of those and you'll get to the harder next level version from where you are.So when you are at 1A and you fulfilled 2 conditions you'll go to 2B. When you're at 3C and do it right you'll go to 4D instead of 4C.

Thank you for that info. Now i understand, so it must mean i have a glitch or something in my game because I did all those bonuses for 1a and 2a and the "B" levels did not unlock. So I will have to email Cave and see what happened.