DoDonPachi Maximum officially coming to Xbox Live

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Way back in July, WPCentral first reported that Japanese developer Cave would be developing a Windows Phone exclusive shoot-em-up game. But we only knew the genre, not the name of the game or much else. At last, Cave has officially announced DoDonPachi Maximum for Windows Phone.

DoDonPachi is Cave’s most popular shmup series. It’s your basic vertically-scrolling bullet hell shooter, packed with intense gameplay and large, impressive bosses. Strangely, the only American release has been the excellent iPhone version, DoDonPachi Resurrection. The Xbox 360 version of DoDonPachi Resurrection did come out in Europe though, and it’s mercifully region free, so it will play on US consoles.

While the DoDonPachi Maximum teaser website has gone live, it’s still scant in the way of details. We do know it will be an Xbox Live game with tough-as-nails Achievements. If the iOS version is any indication, expect a $6.99 price. Some folks will never be happy paying more than a handful of pennies for a phone game, and I doubt they will care for Maximum. But shmup fans are used to paying $50+ to import Cave’s games, making the phone versions a steal by comparison.

We’ll have some exclusive details on DoDonPachi Maximum in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

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DoDonPachi Maximum officially coming to Xbox Live


Im getting really tired of this 'Xbox Live' game nonsense. It feels so gimmicky to have a special xbox live section all over the place. It needs to be just 'Games' like the other marketplaces. 
Why doesnt Microsoft set it up so that if the developer set the game up to be xbox live enabled with achievements etc, it just goes through a more strict approval process to ensure the game isnt giving users 2000 points for just logging in.
I love my Windows Phone, but they need to stop with the occasional gimmick (and go more professional)... plus give native access so developers can use their own engines!

I don't think you'll get much traction there. The Xbox 360 is incredibly popular, so capitalizing on the Xbox Live brand and features makes sense for Microsoft. It's one of the ways they can differentiate the platform (for gamers) from Apple or Android. Xbox Live games on WP7 have their own set of problems, but with Xbox Live integrated in Xbox 360 and WP7 already and soon Windows 8, you can bet it's not going anywhere.

Xbox Live on the phone is unique and a definite draw for Windows Phone. Out of all the Windows Phone features I show people it is usually the one that draws the oohs and ahhs. I'm not much of a gamer but I like the Hub myself and think it and the Zune hub are great differentiators for the platform.

Complaining because a game is Xbox live. Now that's something new. Apple also has game enter and non game center games but no one is complaining there.

Haha, I did not mean to sound like I wanted his articles instead of your articles! I enjoy both your articles just as much!
I just haven't seen any game reviews from him in a few days, and I was just wondering if he was alright and stuff. :)
You're both excellent article-writers. :)

Well thank you for the compliment! Yeah, you know, at any given time, all of us on the staff may be busy with personal stuff or whatever. George is alive and kicking, and I'm sure you'll see some of his posts soon.

The balance of reviews would tip higher in my favor than it actually does, but I'm just a slow writer. When we've exhausted my reviews for the month, George usually picks up the slack.

Just wondering if the slow pace on some game updates has to do with them being Xbox Live games? I mean, when are we gonna get updates to Angry Birds? If this is so, then I can do without the Live aspect of games for more frequent updates

part of that is due to the Xbox Live certification process, and the rest comes down to the developers themselves. Some devs just aren't trying to keep their WP7 games updated.

Add PvZ as another Live game needing an update, it still doesn't support fast app switching. You'd think Live games would be the first to get these updates.