Does Google+ for Windows Phone actually exist? [Photo]

We're going to put this under rumor for now, though certainly plausible.

Kevin Marshall for Clarity Consulting, a group very familiar with Windows Phone (hint: the Facebook app), has posted an image via his Twitter account showing what looks like a Google+ app for Windows Phone. The hashtag is #wp7, the phone is an HTC Trophy and it clearly says Google+.

Of course with no other info, it's hard to tell if it's real or not--after all, it's not hard to put an image on the phone and call it an app. Still, Marshall doesn't seem the type to fib on the internet either. So...interesting.

Source: Twitter (@ksmarshall); via Mobility Digest


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Does Google+ for Windows Phone actually exist? [Photo]


finally think its time to register for this site! hahaNot a fan of Google+, been using it since it was in open Beta, and i can see whats so good about it... it just empty and inactive!Not sure if i can believe this or not as i don't think Google has actually made an app for WP7 yet have they?But again... this could be a decent thing to start on if done correctly...

There has been rumor for quite a while now that Google is working on a WP7 app for Plus. I'm patiently waiting. It does behoove them to get it out on all platforms if they want to be a serious competitor for Facebook, though.

Empty and inactive? I don't think so. If you don't add anyone, then of course it will be empty. I think Google has something on their hands, if they continue to push it. It's a pretty awesome.

I wouldn't say empty and inactive if i had zero people hahaI have plenty of people added and follow a few more but in the past few days there has been like one or 2 updates hahaGoes the other way too, just because you have added a few people that religiously update stuff on Google+ doesn't mean its busy busy.

Use G+ and it works fine, its USP is the ability to update specific circle of contacts (so friends get friends stuff and family get the watered down version).However, can't but help think that it would be relatively easy to add the feature into Facebook as well

Facebook has had that feature for a long time now. Create lists of your friends, and set permissions accordingly. It's not quite as obvious in the UI, but it's there.

Oh boy! The facebook app! So if this is real, we can expect it to be slow, unreliable and to have inexplicably awful photo viewing/zooming functionality!Can't wait.