Don't get your hopes up for a new Xbox Live game this week

This week’s Xbox Live release is a repeat of August 24’s release. How can that be? Why, there simply won’t be a new Xbox Live game this week. For those keeping score, that marks the second time this year there hasn’t been a Live release, or the third if we count the week Twin Blades got re-released.

It shall now become my tradition whenever this happens to openly ask: where are Shao-Lin’s Road and Time Pilot? Both of Konami’s Game Room titles have been complete since the beginning of the year, which we know because they’re simple arcade ROMs that were demoed at CES and whose Achievements have long been public. Maybe Microsoft picked up on our Game Room fatigue when they pushed four such titles out in a month’s time, but that was then. This is now! And surely we can all agree that some game, even one that predates many of our readers’ births, is better than no new release.

Maybe next week's game will be extra special, just to make up for this week.


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Don't get your hopes up for a new Xbox Live game this week


damn that really blows, oh well, more time to finish Burn the Rope and since people have started completing I Dig It i may just give that one a go. Now, if only Enigmo would get patched up...

What? Any explanation as to why? They've announced a whole ton of Windows Phone games... You can't tell me NONE of them are Mango ready. This whole thing is just bizarre. Why do they keep delaying games, let games sit, or just not do anything altogether? You'd think one of the most coveted and unique features of the phone would be receiving more attention and care. It's felt so half-assed ever since the phone launched that there must be some reason for it...If they're gearing up for a massive Live games dump or something, that's great. But let us know! Don't just leave several weeks empty with no explanation.Either way, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say those Games Room titles were canned. If they're not even using them as filler, there's likely a reason. If we had sales figures, I bet you could point to the Games Room titles and say "Oh..." and that would explain that.

I gave up on the Games Room :/. They barely released anything from the 90's. I bought TwinBee and that was it. Most of the older titles they had were junk IMO. I play a lot of old games myself, but sometimes they're just too archaic to appreciate any more. Anything below the NES or Master System era begins to push it. And, rather than focus on arcade games, they spent all their time on pushing Atari and Intellivision titles at ridiculous prices.Where were the classics like Pac-Man, Pole Position, The Simpsons, Bubble Bobble, Metal Slug, Michael Jackson's MoonWalker, Gauntlet, Sinistar, Sonic the Hedgehog the Arcade, Druaga, and etc? They completely disregarded anything of value. I'm pretty sure a good number of people would have spent buckets of cash on the Games Room if they had simply offered more memorable games.I know you love your games room Paul, but egh... They totally dropped the ball on it. There's a reason they practically discontinued the service.

problem is the gameroom titles they had to go get licenses which is actually easy for systems before the nes as its usally owned by the console maker when it gets to nes and further on you have individual companys and it becomes complicated.The havn't discontinued the service problem is the company who was developing the titles for microsoft filed for bankrupcty so they no longer exist so its hard to make more titles when the company you paid to do that isn't there :SBut really the entire plan was to be atari type games

Like Terrin said, I think Game Room would have worked out better had Krome not gone under. But I really did enjoy most of the Konami games they put on the service, and a few scattered titles from other developers. Still, I agree that real arcade games hold up a lot better than 2600 and Intelivision games.

Ah, didn't know Krome went under. I know I'm being pessimistic, but I'm not surprised... Like Grin, they made some poor development choices :(. Still, interesting to know. And a shame no one was picked up to fill their shoes.And I wasn't referring to offering NES titles specifically Terrin. Obviously Nintendo would never license those to MS :P. I simply meant that any game made before that particular era of home consoles is pretty archaic. That includes what was offered in arcades. Very few of those titles hold up today under anything other than a certain nostalgia factor.

Why? Whats wrong this time. FFS first 2 games start coming out, now 1 and now it seems to be every 5 weeks no games come out.

Speaking of Twin Blades, are they actually planning on, you know, making it WORK under Mango?Because having paid for it, I'm not happy that it crashes after the main menu.