Doubling down with Dual Lock Crop for Windows Phone 8

Dual Lock Crop

Looking for an easy way to create a panoramic lockscreen for your Windows Phone 8 device? Dual Lock Crop is a simple, easy way to crop an image in half to create a seamless panorama lockscreen when shifting from your main lockscreen to your Kid's Corner lockscreen.

Dual Lock Crop has a simple instructions page where you can crop a single image to your liking to create the dual lockscreens or have the app crop split a single image for you.

Dual Lock Crop

From there, go into your lockscreen settings and choose the left side of the crop to use as your main lockscreen. After that is set, go into your Kid's Corner and set the right side of the image as the Kid's Corner lockscreen (it's under the customize tile in the Kid's Corner).

The end result is a seamless panoramic image that spans the main lockscreen and Kid's Corner.  Kinda neat.

Dual Lock Crop is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can snatch up here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Yoga, for the tip!

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Doubling down with Dual Lock Crop for Windows Phone 8


Cool idea. Though hate using kids corner as you still have to put in password. It defeats the whole purpose!

Try setting an interval for the pin, and turn off kid's corner then back on. That should make the pin not show up for kid's corner. It's a bug Microsoft needs to fix.

This only serves to allow you type the pin in before handing the phone to your child.  If it takes them longer than the timeout, the pin is still requested.

I was able to skip setting a password while setting Kids corner. There's an option to "skip" setting the password in the kids corner setup process.
Edit: Never mind, I now understand what you mean.

I did a panorama myself and it took a few tries to get it to look right.  This app would make it a lot easier.  Although, to be honest, I don't use that corner area much.

This app is kinda pointless. Good for ones who don't know how to download wallpapers that are double width and native length, like 1280x1440 and setting left and right sides of the same wallpaper, respectively.

I doubt that most users even understand what you mean with length and width.What do they know about pixel? nothing

looked at the search picture onces in landscape mode and was amazed that there actually is more of that picture :)

Actually I'm pretty sure that it's a black 920 with a gray case that was reviewed here a little while ago - check out the cut outs for the volume, power, and camera buttons on the right side.

Correct. You can also tell its a case in three of the four corners. However, if you look at the upper right, there is an optical illusion that makes it look like no case. Guess where I looked, and obviously didn't look at the rest closely. Good catch on your part!