Download Instagraph for Windows Phone right now and show Instagram who's boss

We told you it was coming. Go get it, now. (Remember, for now you need a pre-existing Instagram account).

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Download Instagraph for Windows Phone right now and show Instagram who's boss



Maybe the devs don't actually have some fancy way of uploading pics but rather a bunch of elves receiving uploaded pics with usernames/passwords and uploads them manually on androids.  They have to work 24/7 thus are overtired and mixing up the pics of users.

Actually im guessing this is exactly whats happening, but in this life time, elves are called BOTs.
oh mIRC BOTs i miss them :P

+1. Really don't give two craps about Instragram, but I still bought the app nonetheless.
1) Support the dev
2) Try to show Instagram that they should stop ignoring Windows Phone
3) Hopefully more devs get the message (MLB, I'm looking at you)

Also, all their other apps are free. I'm not sure if they were always like that, but I will be downloading them all.

Not that I use this service but are people supposed to carry a PC around with them and install another program just to post to instagram rather than just pay $2.50 or just not post at all?

This "work around" takes the "insta" out of "instagram" which kind of defeats the purpose. I think $2 is worth paying for "instagraph" to avoid the hassle.

Considering that there are backend expenses associated with the instagraph app to work correctly, a couple of bucks is very reasonable.

i used that way but is sucks, because u need to go home on your pc to use it, and with instagraph you can use your phone...

Downloaded. I can say I've been waiting for instagram so im excited. As for the price, if these devs care that much about WP8, I have no problem giving them my $2

I don't care about Instagram at all, but, will buy this app just to support the platform. It makes no sense for any major developers to ignore us anymore.

Dude, you will only be supporting android. They are using an android as server, dont u get it?
As far as Instagram is concerned your uploads come from an android phone..
Jesus you ppl...

If you read the last post about instagraph, the devs stated that they did not emulate an android or ios device and found a workaround that was within the TOS for instagram. Not sure where you're pulling this info from that support for instagraph is supporting android.

I have no use for instagram, but bought the app for the sole purpose of supporting people who support the platform.
To say this is supporting android only makes absolutely no sense.

We use 100% Microsoft products only.
See iOS and Android devices as your slaves, they work for your Windows Phone ;)

Same here, have no use for instagram but I'm also using WP7.8 so I can't support till I get WP8, but I will.

now instagram will jealous, they think we could make better app then this one and they will make Instagram for WP.......LOL....!!!  i will buy this app for sure when i get NL920....!!!

Why would Instagram be jealous? Sorry, but Instagraph is a joke next to Instagram's official clients. (Don't shoot the messenger, you can see it for yourself or read the reviews.)

Just know this is a trial. This will get shutdown one way or another by instagram. There's no way instagram is gonna let a 3rd party profit off their free app. I'm not knocking it at all. It sucks that instagram is snubbing W8. I just know a lot of people are gonna be upset in about a month when their shut down. Then again its only 2.50 so enjoy about a months worth of service.

That show is tough to watch for any man with testicles. I bet Danza drinks himself to sleep every night for agreeing to play that role. Holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!! No amount of money would be worth it.

Bought it. I'm charging my 8X while it install. I will take Instagraph for a spin later...
Hopefully, if we show support, the official client will come sooner.

I not still don't see what the big deal is... I rather have HBO GO, Flip Note, MLB At Bat, and the thousands of games to come on time not 4 months after isheep are bored of playing them....

WP users want it I'm sure they'll pay... Our great OS deserves the popular apps as well. OAD's better bring them or else our 3rd party community will!

OMG. This is amazing. Pretty sweet how they hacked it up. Where there's a will, there's a way. Hope they make lots of $$. Instagram needs to just embrace all mobile platforms already.

Dude, they are only supporting android. They are using an android as server, dont u get it?
As far as Instagram is concerned your uploads come from an android phone..

They're using Azure as the server and TBH, it doesn't matter. This is (1) giving WP users an option to participate in one of the largest photo communities on the 'net (2) this isn't about tribal OS warfare, it's about sending a message to Instagram

How will you send a message to Instagram? They don't know it's coming from Windows Phones... and im sure you know it

I read it!! Its just that I have ADD and my mind wandered into my third brain.. Ever since I turned 35, and started smokin LSD, my memory hasn't been as good.. Do you think some B12 vitamins would help?

Not yet, next update will allow creation of instagram accounts. If you want to use instagram now just borrow a buddies phone and create one and then log out of it.

Even though I knew this from previous posts, it's a bit misleading to show a screenshot of creating a new account in-app.

Wasting you time no one is thinking they are busy getting excited. I won't use instagram but want it so we shut up the moaners. Sadly you are right this will just boost android stats and hurt us more. Lets hope the fevs publish their own stats.

my understanding is that they run virtual android on those Azure servers. If this is true then Instragram will see this as Android traffic

The method of which they solved a problem that WP users gave them is phenomenal. Clearly Kevin understands hes from the BB world and with the launch of a new OS over there has the problem we do about large developers not supporting. So everyone should rejoice the fact that others are stepping in, and getting creative to solve problems. It does nothing but help the OS.

showing $1.99 then $2.49 when i click the link from my computer. still won't show up on my phone whether i click the link or search for it in the store. weird.

Some apps act a little funky when only just published showing not available in some regions. So just keep trying :)

I tried to buy it and got an error.
It jumped back to the buy page and shows the price as $1.99, but, still won't let me buy it.

Something's going on.. Its all Google's fault! I got a error message saying that it's not available anymore..

LOL we should always blame google.... Same but checked again and it worked. Also it only charged me $1.99

That feature will come with a future update. For now, account creation must be done from an android or ios device.

Did you not read any of the other countless articles about this app? This version does not support account creation, next one will. For now just borrow a friends phone to create the account if you can't wait

Then I guess you have to wait, although I don't suspect the wait will be too long since Daniel already has the next version where you can create an account in app.

If you're near a PC, download and install Blue Stacks, it's an Android VM. From there, you can create an account.

I don't use Instagram. If this was free, I'd download it to support the developer's work and show Instagram that they should come on over. However, I won't spend $2.50 on an app I don't want for a service I don't use, just to make a point that I'm not trying to make.

But a point you'd be willing to make if the app was free. Lol... Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut

I'm saying I'd help raise their download count if it was free, but spending money on a service I won't use is silly. It's my way of saying I appreciate their work, but it doesn't do anything for me.

So people should waste money on an App they don't need to go around a service they don't use just to show a company that doesn't want to bring their App to WP "who's boss"? This is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard.

If this App was free, people who don't give two sh*ts about Instagram would be willing to download it TO HELP all those who want to share pictures of their meals with filters on the web. BUT you can't expect us to PAY for something WE DON'T CARE NOR NEED just because "others" want bloody Instagram on their WP and are mad that Instagram doesn't want to bring the App to WP.

Of the last 50 posts from my friends on Instagram none are photos of food, and most don't even have filters anymore.  

You're missing the point luimende :) ...i also fail to see how this shows anyone (except the developer behind the app) who's boss.

Thats great. Just wished they would focus on photo feeds (likes/comments) and profile view as the next big priority as opposed to Instagram account creation. But i guess its easy for me to say that given I already have one.

Right now I am using Instagraph to post, WPgram to view and Lomogram to apply some decent filters

The Screenshots have a picture of the Account Creation feature..
So it's there and implemented.
We just have to hold tight and wait for the next build to be kicked out.

Once instagram releases the official app, this will go by the wayside. For the time being, buy the app if you want it to support the developer..

People spend $5 on a coffee but can't spend $2 on an app that will be used every day and will get updated for free. Seriously?

Honestly, the way I look at it is instead of drinking soda/pop at a restaurant just get a water! Save yourself around 2 dollars and put that towards an app!

Lol!  Coffee I would consume (and enjoy), as well as any other edible consumable product.  This app?  I wouldn't.

It's not about how much it costs. I would be glad to pay $2 for a good app. Even $5, but it's the comparison that pisses ppl off. WP is probably the only platform paying for a half-baked instagram replacement while others are enjoying it for free.
Sure we get to enjoy the WP experience and I'm glad I do but I'd be pissed if I bought my $5 coffee and then see a mofo flash his iPhone to the counter and get's his coffee for free.

I will probably consider purchasing when they add the workaround to create a new account, until then it is pointless for me. I have to say though, I understand peoples hesitation to purchasing an app that is a knockoff of a free app. But more power to those who do.

Since I don't have an Instagram account, can't use the app. However once the app supports user creation I'll purchase a copy just to support the developers.

$30? It was $40 pesos as soon as they published it :(
Sadly, I was charging my phone and was busy with some work. A few hours ago I tried to play with the app but I coudln't upload anything. It showed an error saying that the servers are being put on stand by while they add more units (whatever this is, but I guess it's more storage/bandwidth allocation).
Will try tomorrow morning to see if I can upload now.

+1 Photoplay UI is better but honestly Mobli is better than both Instagraph which i did support and it. It does a lot more (photos and video) and its free.

Ok I was about to buy the app cause I've been waiting for long. But price must be wrong!
$2,49 isn't the same as 2,49€ as it shows on my market!!!
So I'm boy buying till they fix the value.
Price in euro should be something like 1,63€
Hope they fix it soon so I can buy.

Yeah, I can move my pic around on Instagram.  We need to stop saying everything on WP is perfect because nobody will do anything to improve it.  Stop fighting and start asking for things. 

You can adjust the crop location on instagraph. Play around with the zoom and you can move the picture around by touching at the edge of the picture. You can also move the cropping area around a bit. It takes a little getting used to how the editor works, but it does the trick.

No, see, you can crop the picture, but the picture that it brings in is already cropped, missing the top and bottom, then you can further crop that. but it is missing stuff before you are allowed to crop it.

I've been doing that to all my pics (and adding it previous ones). There's only about 2,000 #2instawithlove pics. Surely we can do better...

Oh right, that 2000 number was for pics already on instagram with #2instawithlove?
If so, sorry my bad

I'm the same, I'll buy when I can create an account. Nice work. And people seriously need to actually read articles and stop asking questions that have already been covered so many times! And for those saying they won't pay for a knockoff of a free app, its not a knock off - its a substitute until instagram hopefully come to their senses, and of course the dev should be rewarded for their efforts!

We need a hash tag for instagraph uploads guys. It could be simple as #wm8 or just #instagraph. What do y'all think?

I think just #2instawithlove is fine because it already has a high amount of posts (over 10000) and we can now expand to instagram