Dreadnoughts Defense heading to the Marketplace

Ghost Engine Games is working on a tower defense game for your Windows Phone. Dreadnoughts Defense takes your tower defense to the skies with Steampunk inspired airship combat. You control the Zeph Fleet to defend the remaining Skyholds and preserve the future for your people. Game features include:

  • Storyline unveils the history of the Dreadnoughts Universe through a fifteen stage campaign.
  • Master the strategy of four standard airships and two advanced airships.
  • Battle five unique enemay ships. Deploy oil derricks to harvest oil for advanced ships.
  • Unlock twelve unique and challenging achievements. Survivor mode.

Dreadnoughts Defense is currently in the Marketplace certification and is expected to hit the open Marketplace in the coming weeks. There will be a trial version available for Dreadnoughts Defense that will let you play the first three stages, with the full version running $1.99.

Dreadnoughts Defense

The initial release will be a Nodo Version only requiring Windows Phone 7. Ghost Engine Games is already working on a Mango Version of Dreadnoughts Defense that will add online achievements, fast resume, Live Tile support and ringtones into the mix.

We'll take a closer look at Dreadnoughts Defense once it's released but based on the teaser video the graphics look great and it will be interesting to use airships in a tower defense game.  What do you guys think?


Reader comments

Dreadnoughts Defense heading to the Marketplace


if the dev for this game is like me, he probably didn't know you had to download a package to get their app up to mango version :P
im sorry, i did that, then found out after i failed a certification the hard way 

I think I would have been more interested if you had to account for enemies above and below you since , you know, everything take place in the air.

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