Duplicate version of Guitar Hero Mobile appears on the Marketplace

Pirated version of Guitar Hero Mobile?

Guitar Hero Mobile ($6.99), an Xbox Live title, was released over on the Windows Phone Marketplace back in October 2010. Guitar Hero Mobile ($2.99), a non-Xbox Live title, hit the Marketplace a few days ago.

Microsoft recently announced an increased effort to maintain Marketplace quality which included looking closer at copyrighted material. Is this a discounted version of Guitar Hero Mobile or a pirated copy that slipped in under the Marketplace radar? 

Our first impression is that the $2.99 is a pirated copy. First, the Marketplace description for the non-Xbox Live version comes up in Chinese where the Xbox Live version is not. Then you have the developer listed as Glu Games Inc. and it is the only title under Glu Games Inc.

Glu is the developer of the Xbox Live version but is listed as Glu. Glu also has other titles on the Marketplace listed in similar fashion.

Lastly, the Xbox Live version has a trial version, the non-Xbox Live version does not. It doesn't make sense for one to have a trial and the other not to if they were coming from the same source.

We've reached out to both Microsoft and Glu to see if we can get more information on things. We'll update the post should we hear anything different but for now, we'll call this one a risky investment of $2.99.  We recommend you stick with the original Xbox Live version of Guitar Hero Mobile that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, everyone, for tipping us on this!

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Reader comments

Duplicate version of Guitar Hero Mobile appears on the Marketplace


Maybe so people know not to buy it and also to bring it to Microsoft's attention. Is it really that hard to understand?

This is really annoying. I have seen it for awhile now.. My problem as wp user is not so much the lack of some apps, but how sometimes the market looks like the android marketplace.. Bad apps, fakes, a mess to find one good youtube, twitter, cnn app... There are many, some are very good but shouldn't there be one reliable app you can trust without having to do a research and i mean this for new users. People who switched from other platforms never get why there is no youtube app, why their fb and twitter app doesn't do this or that... And cnn app is a mess.. So many fakes.

Maybe its the GREE version for China where they removed Xbox Live. Then the publishing to the US store is an accident? Its not in the UK so maybe.

well unfortunately, many other countries (not just China) don't have Xbox Live ... I hope Slovenia will get it soon ...

It was probably published by mistake to the US market. That also hasn't stopped the many other Chinese apps from showing up.

If it's fake/pirated that pisses me off. My simple Halo 4 Countdown app is going on over a week now with no word on publishing while crap like this gets past testing and certification.

There's definitely a bunch of shady game apps in the marketplace. Look up everything by developer "JAngel". These are clearly not the real games but the titles and icons suggest otherwise. I bet more than one person has been tricked into buying fake Mortal Kombat, Pokemon, or Call of Duty.

Not necessarily fake, some game developers a re re-releasing their titles as non-xbox titles for Chinese marketplace. The issue is that xbox live titles can't be shown for chinese right now.

What ever happened to the assassins creed update crap. I think that was fake as it has disappeared and no update pushed for creed.

Pretty sure this is not fake. Most likely it's the Chinese version produced by Glu, accidentally published to the wrong Marketplace. Guess the problem will sort itself out soon. Chinese Marketplace doesn't have Xbox Live titles, thus it's natural that developers make a Chinese version for their stuff, Live-less and most likely with a lower price. Funny for this one though, the app description is a direct translation from its Xbox Live sibling, complete with mention of achievements.

I think this is just the Chinese version of the game. Windows and Office have Chinese versions that are significantly cheaper than elsewhere as well.