Wordament Goes Dutch on Windows Phone



Microsoft could probably leave Wordament exactly as-is and it would still keep many of us busy for, like, ever. But what if you don’t speak English, the language that yours truly wields like swords? Hey, the developers have got your covered. The Xbox Live version launched with English and Spanish, allowing muchas personas to enjoy the game.

Now Wordament’s Dutch language support has gone live as well. Not to be confused with the movie Dutch, the Dutch language is spoken in Holland and the Netherlands, of which Holland is a region. Microsoft plans to add several more European languages to the game in the future: French, Italian, German, and Swedish – sorry Portugal!

Wordament is free and supported by ads. Get it here on the Marketplace. We'll have a full review soon.

Update: Even Portugese could be in the cards.

Source: Wordament.com; via TrueAchievements

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Wordament Goes Dutch on Windows Phone


PT-BR and PT-PT please!
We have a game call "Caça-Palavras" in Marketplace Brazil (available in US too) that is "inspired" by Wordament, but a "official" version will be nice.

Paul why are the screenshots pink? Mine has an orange background and I can't find any way to change it. I want pink!

Changes with theme. My wife uses pink and therefore shows pink. Me and my daughter use blue so therefore shows blue.

Dutch is also spoken in a part of Belgium, btw :)

Nice to see Dutch language support though, it's nice to see that Microsoft realizes there are other countries outside of the US besides the UK :)

I'm sorry Paul but uh,
the Dutch language is spoken in Holland and the Netherlands, of which Holland is a region.
Is not really true. Holland and The Netherlands are both the same. Holland is not a region, Holland is just... Holland! Haha! It's confusing, I know, but you can refer to our country with both words ;-)

Actually he is right. Holland was a region in the Netherlands during the time of the United Provinces.
The Netherlands = Holland + Noord Brabant + Limburg
But indeed, most people don't make the difference. 

Swedish - spoken by 10 million people.
Portuguese - spoken by 236 million people.
Lord, have mercy on their souls...

Because of the support for the Dutch language Wordament adds real value. And Daniel, thanks for posting news for readers outside the US too !

I guess my guessing skills aren't as good, the highest I can get is 15th without knowing a single word in Dutch. :(

Can't wait for the German version. Half the tiles will be Es! :D
The Swedish version will be debuting in 2032 on Windows Phone 17 once they figure out all 16 of their tenses.
And I'll give Dutch a shot since it's functionally very close to English mixed into German.
Edit: There were 8 others on the Dutch version last night (USA night), and someone in Canada was getting 450+ points every game.