EA Access now live for all Xbox One owners

EA Access now live for all Xbox One owners

EA Access, the subscription service that, among other things, gives you access to EA library titles for a monthly or yearly fee, is now live for all on the Xbox One. EA Access launched in Beta just a couple of weeks ago.

Right now, Access is exclusive to Xbox One customers. Subscribers get a number of perks for EA games. You'll be able to download games from The Vault for no added cost. Additionally, you can try new games five days before their full release, including upcoming games like Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Your progress when playing these trials will be saved, and will be transferrable to the full game. Additionally, digital purchases of EA games on the Xbox One will be available at a 10% discount.

You can subscribe for $4.99 per month, or $29.99 per year. Will you be subscribing to EA Access? Let us know below in the comments.

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EA Access now live for all Xbox One owners


This is actually a great idea and I was unaware of it until now, £29.99 a year for loads of decent games.....yes please :)

Cracking offer. Had it for weeks and is well worth it. I would never buy FIFA but actually quite like it and would never have bought it previous to this. Plus the annual price is cheaper than anyone given game in the deal.

Same here. Got £20 on my account to purchase the sub but it doesn't give the option, only to add a credit card. Must be an EA access thing as had no problems purchasing other games/apps with pre-paid credit

You'll have access to the digital (disc-less) version of battlfield 4 while you subscribe. I'd presume that If you cancel your subscription you'll need the disc again - but you won't lose your saved games or anything like that.

It would be nice if Nintendo had this for their games on the 3DS. Most of those games are about $40. Most of the Mario and Zelda Wii U games are $60. Not that I have a Wii U. Just a 3DS.

The funny thing is, if you sign up for one month for 5 dollars you can save 10% off a 60 game = 6 dollar savings = net savings of $1 + the benefits of EA Access.

Tempting as it is id like to see them port titles from older platforms published by them. I think il wait till the next burnout/NFS title comes out

From what I can gather - All EA Access subscribers will be able to download new games 5 days before they are released to the public. You'll have access to the FULL retail game during that time (barring the potential of some special rules for games that could be beaten very quickly I presume), once that period is over you'll need to PURCHASE the game to continue playing it (at a 10% discount too).

For sports games, a 2 hour limit wouldnt make sense, but wouldnt be surprised if they did have that limit.  I am assuming they wont. 

But if there is a 2 hour limit, why isn't it a good deal? you get four games right now and more later and get access to games early.  So Dragon age is gonig to be one of the games with early access five days prior, so you expect them to make it unlimited for five days for that type of game?  Many can probalby beat that in may be 2 or 3 days to save themselves from buying it. 

even with limitations, it is a good deal regardless.  Especially if you buy games digitally. 

Wait, so you're saying that you can play complete new games without paying anything more than access? My thoughts was that you simply had early access to buy the games as part of the program...

There is a time limit to the early access gameplay -- I've seen 2 hours of gameplay alluded to, not sure if this is an example of the limits or what the limits will be for every new game.

Its a good enough deal yes, but, there are two issues here that give cause for concern.
1:-IF this makes money then will other publishers follow suit?
Sure £29:99 is good but what if its £30 for EA £30 for Ubisoft £30 for Square Enix etc etc, add on £40 for live and £40 for PSN it's got rather pricey all of a sudden!
2:- EA suck with big AAA games always have and always will. Battlefield 4 should never if had the issues it did for such a AAA game.
So, that's my thoughts on it.

1. I hope more do. You don't have to subscribe to them all. Its optional. Its a cheap way to play older games for $5 a month. They have already said you dont have to have XBL unless you want to play online. So you can download and play without Live. PS has said EA access not a good value for their members so I don't know if any other publishers will do this on PS.
2. I mostly agree with some exceptions.

1. EA isn't going to stop selling games outside this service. This is a supplement not a replacement.

2. If other publishers jump on this similiar approach, you don't have to subscribe to those addtional services.

3. If you look at how many publishers you enjoy games from - Say EA and Ubisoft and they are priced at $30/year each - even subscribing to both services you'd potentially be saving a TON of money depending on how many games you normally purchase from those retailers.

I do hope more companies come out with services like this.  The alternative model is something like PSNow, which charges per game rental fees that, in practical use, far exceed anything I'm seeing from EA.

Yes but in comparison PS Now charges close to $30 for every game and that is 1 game for 90 days. EA Access is 4 games(more on the way) at $30 for a year(4x as long) and you get discounts if you want to purchase the games. Logically saying PS Now is a better deal is highly flawed unless you are relying on the backwards compatible games. Also the frame rate and quality drops when playing online with PS Now due to you playing the game on a server and the visuals are being sent to you. Overall there isn't a strong arguement as to why this isn't the better deal. 

This sounds very intriguing, but my only question is if and when new games will be added to the vault like FIFA 15, madden 15, battlefield hardline, etc.

Ya my question is this going to be only reserved for older titles past their prime or are they going to be adding the new titles as well such as Madden 15, NHL15, NBA15? If that was the case I would jump on this in a second as I hate paying for sports games yearly, but would love to be able to play the latest and greatest when they come out.

I can go ahead and tell you that new releases titles will not be added to the vault until several months after release. EA or any publisher for that matter still have to make money. To make money they have to sell games. The vault is for older titles. That have been out for a while. So dont subscribe thinking the new dragon ago or whatever will be in the vault on release day.

I'd say - for sports games - that they could POTENTIALLY add them to the service 4-6 months after their releases. At that point the intial flux of 'first buy' users has gone through and people start trading those games in. EA isn't getting a cut at all from those trade-ins (at least not directly... no matter how 'funny' your math is). With this route they could continue to get a steady stream of $30/year from users who usually just buy used where they don't get that kind of cut...

I will be subscribing. I don't game on my Xbox One much so this will be a great way for me to play games for a small fee.

Unfortunately EA designed the app to where subscribing is an In-Game Purchase so you couldn't use your microsoft account. I have reached out to Microsoft and they said they are working with EA to allow it in the future but currently you cannot. I'm in the same situation so I understand.


I used the app on my phone and downloaded it and pinned it to Xbox one. I'm not home but I talked my cousin through it after that. Out had to be in the store somewhere

Cheers found it using smart glass, its an app. Was looking for it in the game store. Shame you cant use your Microsoft account got £70 in there.

I'm still a bit confused. Looks like a great deal. But is it really. I mean if i get the new games aka FIFA15 when it comes out, will i have access to it forever or do i just get to play it for five days and then they take it away? They said once in the vault always in the vault right. So, technically i should. Can anyone confirm with a source

FIFA 15 probably won't go into the vault until this time next year.  If you download the early access version of FIFA 15 up to five days before the game is released, you can play it for up to 2 hours.  When the game releases, should you choose to buy it online, you get a 10% discount.  If you choose to buy a disc in store you would pay full price.  Either way, your game save from the preview would be available and you can pick up where you left off.  If you want to play soccer for free (other than the price of admission) for the next year, FIFA 14 is the most current game in the vault.

So to all the subscribers what u gunna do when all the other publishers offer this service are you going to pay Ubisoft then activision then Sony then microsoft etc etc etc etc hope this fails EA cant be trusted, can see a future where u can only get games via a subscription and this will be tied to a lengthy contract ,ONCE AGAIN EA CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

Ubi -- yes; Acti -- probably; Microsoft -- definitely; Sony -- they are on the record wanting nothing to do with services like this so I don't see them offering it, let alone making it available on X1

That's one big straw man of an argument. EA will not stop selling physical games, this service is not meant to replace discs, nor will it ever be. It is to provide life and revenue to EA for older titles that may not be selling well anymore on the shelf.
Other publishers may follow suit, but again it would never be a replacement for newly released game revenue from physical disc sales. If other publishers have similar programs in the future, and it would be good since it would provide choice, no one is being locked into anything or forced. In essence you could save a lot of money by subscribing to an ubi service an acti service and EA access if you generally buy a lot of their games. Remember choice is good for the consumer, and programs like these would never be able replace physical disc revenue.

The ones that have games I want to play. Sure will. If Activision doesn't have games I want to play then no. Its an optional service.
As far as the future you see I doubt that. If anything consoles will and should be going to a steam like service. Which is where the X1 was heading until uninformed people freaked out. Which is partially MSFT fault for the poor explanation.
Whether gamers want to accept it or not physical disc are and will be replaced with digital. Just like CDs have been replaced by mp3 downloads.

I'm buying Fifa 15 and dragon age so with that 10% discount in mind I will pay the first month to try this service.

No you don't xbox live to get it. But you will need if if you want to play online multiplayer in those games.

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Subscribed and now addicted to peggle 2. Was going to buy this glad I didn't. This and the other games for £20 annually sweet.

As I have 3 different accounts and I bought ea access with one of my accounts (not the main one) will I be able to access it on the main account