EA Access on Xbox One to add Need For Speed Rivals and more in September

EA access

EA Access, the subscription service from Electronic Arts that's currently exclusive to Xbox One owners, will add Need For Speed Rivals to the list of its Vault games later in September that can be played in full for an overall fee of $4.99 per month, or $29.99 per year.

The open world racing game, first launched in November 2013 for the Xbox One, will join the previous games in the Vault; Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Peggle 2, and Madden NFL 25. In addition, EA Access subscribers will be able to play free six hour demos of two upcoming EA Sports games, NHL 15 and FIFA 15, five days before the full versions of the games go on sale. Players of the demos will get 10 percent off the price of the full games and their Xbox Live Achievements and progress in the demos will carry over to the full game.

Finally, EA Access will be available to Xbox One owners in 19 more countries in September including Brazil, Netherlands, UAE and Nordic countries. What do you think of these new additions to the service?

Source: EA blog


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EA Access on Xbox One to add Need For Speed Rivals and more in September


Porsche Unleashed was definitely the high point of the Need for Speed franchise, but in the "modern" era (starting with NFS Underground), I still think Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005) can't be beat. That game was so much campy fun.

Lol, exact same boat. Now looking for a good deal on Diablo. As soon as NFS is added, I will get EA and sell Forza 5 for that price. Will get Horizon when its out.

As I was speaking with a EA Supporter shortly, he told me that EA asked both vendors for a partnership to launch such a service but playstation denied...

Does someone know if and when FIFA 15 will get available in EA Access? I don't mean the demo, I mean the full game. Thanks in advance

They could give a $10 pm or $50 premium EA access and launch it earlier. Win-win for all customer tiers. Have bronze, silver and gold service levels. $100 per year for launch day availability.

The full game js the demo just timed especially if buying thats how madden was I had collected a good bit of ultimate team cards before game released

As far as I know anyone with Access gets 10% off... Not just people that play the demos as the article seems to imply.

I have access and haven't been able to see the discount on any ea games. It shows the regular price. I didn't play any demos tho.

I don't understand how much time do vault's games lasts in my collection...I think new games for the vault will replace old ones...so how long can I still use BF4 and Madden? :-\ Great promo btw...

Peter Moore has stated that once a game is in the Vault, it will always be in the Vault. No games will ever be removed.

Great news, i was waiting for this since ea access has been announced, and arrived soon than i expected. main reason why i didn't buy it yet.

I hope new games like Madden 15 come soon. It should be like 3 months before coming to EA access. If so, I'll sign up. For now, I am not using ea access.

It would be really hard for them to do that. They'd get SO MUCH FLAK from early adopters if they did this, and they'd risk serious harm to their day one sales. They'd also hurt the used games market (unlikely that concerns them), and their overall revenue would probably drop due to a combination of disgruntled customers and charging $30/year for a trio of sports games which would cost $180, if bought individually.

That would get people to join EA access. If they wanted the game day one instead of waiting, they would get it for $60. If they didn't care as much, but still wanted it, three months later, they would get it on EA access.

I read it. I don't tolerate grammar mistakes from professional publications, particularly when they affect the meaning of the sentence. Standards matter. I should be thanked for giving free editing.

This was an obvious outcome. Rivals is about to get replaced by The Crew and Forza Horizon 2, and this is pretty much the oldest title EA has out. They also just made it $25 on the Xbox Store last week, making it look even MORE likely.

Why aren't the XBOX team and the Windows Phone team the same team? As the virtual CEO I would combine these two teams.

Agreed. If Microsoft combined Xbox (Arcade at least) & Windows Store and release a Wii-U-like hand-held 7in device, I would be all over it.
Since Bill Gates stepped down Microsoft is trying to "keep up with the Jones's" instead of being the "Jones's"....smh

If only I could use my Microsoft Accoutn balance to pay for a year of EA Access....

I would love to sign up (BF4 PC player but my friends play on the XB1) but I will hold off for now. That $82 in my MS Account (Go Bing Rewards!!!) is burning a virtual hole in my virtual Wallet. Come one Killer Instinct Season 2!

Don't forget you can spend that money on Xbox Video movies and TV or on songs in Xbox Music too, but I'll gladly recommend upcoming games you should buy with that $82: 1. Dance Central Spotlight, 2. Forza Horizon 2, 3. Fantasia, 4. KI Season 2 (good call), 5. Sunset Overdrive, 6. Ori and the Blind Forest, 7. Halo: Master Chief Collection, 8. all the DLC in Dance Central Spotlight :)

Thank you for the recommendations! Those all seem to be excellent games with Forza Horizons 2 coming out this month. I totally forgot about Movies, Songs and TV with Xbox Video.