Early look - Mehdoh Twitter client for Windows Phone 7.5 [Mango]

Although we know a lot of the big Twitter clients out there will be going "Mango" soon, Mehdoh is a completely new Twitter client from developer Chris Field that is Mango-ready out the gate. The app is in the final approval stages for the Marketplace now, meaning it should be showing up any day now.

Mehdoh is a fairly impressive v1.0 client. Featuring background checks for mentions (every 30 minutes), Toast Notifications, flipping live tile (shows your profile pic, along with number of mentions) and adherence to the Metro design, we're quite impressed with this minimalist, yet highly functional app.

In addition to the above, it features a "report spam" selection, conversation view, super smooth scrolling, fast app resume, reTweet with comment and the ability to view web links and images inline with the Tweet--something that is highly useful.

The app does take a little while to update, mostly because it pre-downloads a lot of data, however Chris is looking to tweak this and we can expect it to change upon final release or soon thereafter. Mehdoh will fetch for $0.99 upon release with a free trial. A free,  ad-supported version is planned, but not until a decent ad-service for Mango apps can be had in the UK. We recommend for the Mango users out there to give Mehdoh a look, as it's pretty sharp for a v1.0 release from an indy developer. Check out our video preview to get an idea of well it works.


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Early look - Mehdoh Twitter client for Windows Phone 7.5 [Mango]


Sounds cool. But I'm also looking forward to what the guys behind Rowi and MetroTwit have in store for Mango.Waiting for the wave of Mango apps to hit :D

Meh .... jk :PI'm just wondering, now that Mango is about to be released, is there really now a reason to have enable notifications for tweet mentioning inside these apps?

It looks decent, but that load time would be unbearable. There's simply no use in any Twitter client auto-loading every one of your timelines at once every time you open the app. That may come is useful, what? Like 5% of the time?? But you'll sure notice that loading speed 100% of the time. Its a bad design decision IMO. That huge username & avatar on top is wasted space as well. I already know my username & what I look like.Also, and this is more of a WP7 Twitter problem, but I HATE the way all the clients we have handle links. Especially picture links. Can't they just show a popup of the actual picture when you click on a link, instead of opening the ENTIRE webpage (which many of them on WP7 won't show the mobile version of the site anyway, so it has to load the full site version)?? iOS has tons of apps that do just that (echofon is one of them). It's much faster & incredibly more productive.Do any on WP7 do that?? Birdsong apparently is supposed to, but it doesn't for me (at least on Mango).

Hi (I'm the author of mehdoh) The final release that was submitted to Microsoft has settings to enable, or disable, what gets refreshed each time (both at start up, and when you click the refresh button), so it's entirely configurable.The load time has been vastly improved too! I agree, it WAS very unbearable :)Some picture links are resolved, so that only the picture shows. At the moment it's just twitpic and yfrog images, but more are being worked on. I hate having to see the entire page too!

Sounds great! And thanks for the response. :)Twitpic & Yfrog photo integration into the stream will help tons. Are you also going to eventually include Twitter's new photo service & Instagram?? I know Instagram is only for iOS at the moment, but its getting crazy popular.

The Twitter one arrived a little late for me to start on it for the first release of Mehdoh, but it's on my list. Instagram's currently top of the list to get implemented. Not sure what your twitter feed is like but it's everywhere on mine! :)

it would be better if usernames eg : @Tom, is in the user theme color so that its nicer and easier to see

Uggg so much screen space is wasted. You know who you are so why does it take 25% of the screen showing your own name and icon.