Want to have a look at the Xbox One? Early console owner shares his screen

Xbox One

We know you're all excited to soon be able to pick up the Xbox One, power on the beast and smash some skulls in Ryze or net some superb shots in Fifa 14. Until the launch date comes around (November 22nd, should you require the friendly reminder), we've got some videos to keep us occupied, courtesy of owners who received their Xbox One units prematurely from retailers.

We recently looked at "Moonlight Swami," who received the console early and actually managed to get cracking, updating the console and signing in. Unfortunately, Microsoft banned his Xbox Live ID and has now prevented the console from being used - we suspect these restrictions will only be in place until the 22nd. Today there are a number of new videos showing off the Xbox One.

Here's a look at the hardware:

Moving onto the dashboard, which is where you'll spend most of the time when not running games or apps (unfortunately, they had their account banned too):

Finally the controller and headset:

Enjoy the videos while they remain published and available. We imagine Microsoft will be on the hunt to pull these down too. So, who's stoked about the Xbox One?

Source: NeoGAF, via: Kotaku


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Want to have a look at the Xbox One? Early console owner shares his screen


Don't forget you can go up wed or Thurs and pay for everything in full and get a queue jump pass. Then go to the midnight launch and get to the front =) That's my plan Oooosh!

Wish I could, but due to work I won't be able to get down to pay.... Unless I get the Mrs to pay for me

I'll just sit in my office in the warm and wait for the email to say it's at reception... then take the rest of the day off :D

Can you scroll through the dashboard using hand gestures? i haven't seen it at all in any of the recent videos (although i remember seeing it in one of the first ads)

Can buy one no probs but remember the issues with the early Xenon 360 consoles. Will maybe wait until a newer revision hits.

mine is being shipped to my house. Only issue is that i am working away and wont get to it for a few days after release. :-(

A safe bet is either Ryse or Battlefield 4 (in that order). If you're a racing nut, Forza 5 would be on top of my list (and is). I think Killer Instinct can be had for around $20, and additional characters would be made available at $5 a pop from what I've read around the Internet.

Edit: I switched out Call of Duty Ghosts with Battlefield 4. Lots of good reviews for BF4 over Ghosts at the moment. Note: I own neither of those titles, yet!

I pre order forza but I play racing game in blocks so I'm thinking of getting ryse... Which do u guys think is the best 1

I've preordered COD:Ghosts, RYSE: Son of Rome, Dead Rising III & FIFA 14. Me and my daughter gonna have a ball. Plus just ditched TiVo for a Comcast HD DVR in anticipation for my XBOX ONE. Happy for my PS4 brothers this week knowing mine is around the corner.

I am going to get gamefly and try all of them for one month. Pick my favorite and buy it. That or demo each one, assuming they have demos.

Why couldn't they send ab early console to a non redneck/scrub? Pretty lame videos tbh. Hope the cocky little whippersnapper never gets unbanned!

At least he was nice enough to show us the WiFi port on the back of the console. Most people from the uninformed parts of the world still call that Ethernet.

Bluray disks hold 50GB single layered so if a game came on a BD disc, that makes sense for the game to be close to 48GB for a download. Now I am only comparing storage size of the physical disc vs download size. I don't claim to know why COD takes up that much space, only that 50GB is what developers have been working with when using Bluray discs to store their games so it is realistically possible for a game to take up 48GB.

Yeah developers can get real lazy now that they have 50gb to play around with. There is less compression. Leas corners are cut. They just don't need to waste time compressing and short cutting like they used to. All games will prob be 30-50gb. With that said. It is good because if they want to get lots of content onto one disk they can now.

As much as I don't blame anyone, I can't help but feel a little disappointment in almost everything electronic related these days.  I don't mean to be a downer but I miss the days of being completely surprised by stuff - that's just completely gone these days.  Every single piece of information is available so far in advance that the suprise factor is completely void.  It's partially my fault for viewing news sites constantly but oh well...


I take zero grain of salt from these 2 moron about connection, 3 of the dumbest videos I've ever seen. Between the 2 idiots they can't figure out how to connect, and I'm guessing they owned a ps3 before they buy that XboxOne. You have to set up a username, you don't just connect by plugging it in...but maybe just maybe they'll figure in out in about a week. I can't stand stupid idiots who move over from PS with that retarded OS system. They act like every damn thing suppose to connect by magic and bitch and complain about paying for Xbox live like their ass didn't know you had to pay, and even if you don't pay the free account is the you'll for just online play. It doesn't take a genius, it's just common sense!

Ah should have preordered thru amazon. I was rushed to get mine when MS store offers day on first. Now I have to pay $50 in tax and also don't get my 5% back from chase freedom. That was a $75 dumb decision....

I didn't think I wanted one at first. but now I do and I wish so bad that I had pre-ordered. Anyone know about how long it will be until this will be available to those that didn't pre-order? And by that I mean you just walk into the store on a random evening and walk out with one. I talked to a few retailers today and they weren't sure because they expect that for the foreseeable future they'll sell out almost as soon as they get them in, and unfortunately I can't wait around to be one of the first ones in because of my job. :(

How long was it before the 360 became regularly available?

I think you can go to a gamestop and put one on hold for you. Just pay the $499 and they'll give you a card to pick it up on the 22nd anytime. This saves them and you time.

Something tells me that constantly posting videos of this device, that Microsoft clearly doesn't want you to have, isn't going to help your case when trying to appeal to have your account unbanned. ;)

Got my day one edition. Pre ordered during e3, and cannot wait! Getting ghost and powerstar golf (Mario golf, hot shots golf inspired golf game). Gonna be an awesome time! Get ready!

I love that it's just on. I mean I know that freaks some people out but I hate bootup/startup times. Just saying 'xbox on' and then going into Netflix or Xbox Video will be awesome.  I'm in the family entertainment camp vs hardcore gamer. This thing looks awesome. White one please? :)