Easy hack forces NoDo update

For those of you who received the February pre-NoDo update but are still waiting for the big important March one to hit, there looks to be an easy way to make it happen now, without using the "VPN" trick discovered earlier.

In essence, the earlier VPN trick forced your computer to connect up to Hungary where, for some reason, the NoDo update was residing for certain phones. Now that NoDo is being pushed out large-scale, well, it's on more servers including more local ones. Still, how to get it to your device is proving to be a little tricky.

On devices listed on Microsoft's website as "delivering update" this should work, including T-Mobile HD7's:

  1. Start Zune
  2. Turn off Data connection and Wifi on the Phone
  3. Connect the Phone with the PC (USB)
  4. Start the update search in Zune
  5. About 3 seconds later, disconnect your PC from the internet (Turn WLAN off).
  6. Zune finds NoDo-Update. Press OK.
  7. Connect to the internet again and install the update.

Although some people are reporting that they had to try this multiple times, specifically the "timing" aspect in step 5, lots of folks are successfully getting the NoDo update. Share your experience in comments below and what you did to finally get it to push through. By the way, you do need the February update to get this to work.

Update: For laughs, we tried it on our "de-branded" AT&T LG Quantum (w/Feb update). Result? NoDo success!

Source: XDA (Dwight2001); Thanks to everyone who sent this in


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Easy hack forces NoDo update


Totally works!! I'm updating my unlocked Bell Mobility HTC HD7 that I use on AT&T. Next I will try my HTC Surround...A little tip: You might have to repeat step 5 a few or more times. I got mine on the 5th try. GL!!!Mr P

when I did it I had both WiFi off and 3g off,because I didn't think it was working the first way. Zune found the update still.

Worked like a charm. I had issues with the timing after many tries but then i figured the time it takes to drag the mouse over to the task bar and do all the mumbo jumbo was too long. So i opened nework connections, placed that side by side with the zune software. With mouse cursor on my active connection and zune screen active...I hit the down arrow on the keyboard and immediately, right clicked and disabled my internet connection. Out of curiousity, i tried it multiple times and it worked. By the way, this is a Dell Venue Pro!

Worked perfectly for me! I have an HTC Surround on the Telus network in Canada. I had to try it about 5 times and I got it to work. Disabling your LAN connection is the key.

Yes ! Worked for me after a few tries. The timing part was not easy though but I finally got it on my unbranded LG Optimus 7 (E900) used with Swisscom in Switzerland. ;-P

im having a bit of trouble.Im using a labtop and i start the update search, then i turn my wlan switch off and it doesn't get the nodo update.should i be just disconnecting my wlan or turning the switch?can't seem to get the timing maybe?i count 1 one thousand, etc.. to three then turn off the switch. help please.

This worked beautifully on both my tmobile locked hd7 and my dad's. What I noticed, is that when I turned WLAN off on my laptop, that it actually didn't break the connection right away. So I tried turning it off just before or just at one second. Worked 2-3 try.

Open Control Panel - Network Connections put it side by side the zune app. Turn off 3g and wifi on your phone. now connect your phone to Zune. you have to do the next step in 2-3 seconds so be quick... click update on zune screen the right-click on Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection (which ever is your net connection) and click disable. The timing is 2-3 seconds so count 1 1000 2 1000... and in that time frame you should be able to right click and disable the connection in time.

Via LAN connection it worked for me after 5-6 times. I unplugged the LAN cable about 2 seconds after hiting update in Zune and it found the update.

awesome, finally getting nodo after using the vpn trick to get the prenodo update. i honestly think that MSFT is really not caring about people using these hacks to get NoDo on their phones. They know they have a lot of anxious and capable customers, who aren't willing to wait while some carriers (AT&T) drag their feet. i fuggin HATE att

Yeah, I think Microsoft is smiling about this. :-) Good for Microsoft. They really wanted all users to have NoDo before they make some big annoucements at MIX11.

Just wanted to chime in and say this worked successfully for me!@Fat Robot - if you get "can't check for updates" then you're doing it too soon. Try a few more times, adding an extra split second to the wait.Everyone else having issues - try disabling Wifi instead of "disconnecting." I tried quite a while with disconnect and couldn't get it to work.

This helped THE MOST!Thank you!Did what you said and it came up immediately after a few unsuccessful tries (turned off wifi too soon)

Oh My God this is brilliant!!!!!! It worked for me first attempt! I love you. so excited to try out the update.I have a HTC Trophy on the Vodafone UK network. Got the Pre nodo about a month ago.p.s I love you

I guess you need PreNoDo for this to work? Im still on 7004 due to ATT. I will keep trying, I've tried like 10 times already though. Tried disconnecting, tried disabling using my WLAN hardware button, tried changing the timing. SighI wouldnt be so annoyed if most other carriers didnt have it yet. But considering ATT is like the only carrier that hasnt launched it yet, its starting to annoy me.

The Holy Grail of the forced updater... Legend!!I'm 'down under' on Telstra with a Mozart... tried all the previous hacks, only got the .7008.

Holy **** .. it worked. Tried to update my (not branded) LG Optimus for days now without success. Now all it needed was pull of the cat5 cable for a few seconds - LOL. What freaking way to roll out an update is this... ?:-|Finally No'Do anyway :-))

Sounded fake until I saw all the comments, after my 7th go it worked. I pulled out my wireless usb dongle and it worked - woohoo, downloading :)

Worked for me yesterday with HTC Mozart / T-Mobile operator removed from registry.See: dotnet-redzone.blogspot.com

Try debranding your Focus. You can always rebrand it after you get NoDo. I did and now I have NoDo on my ATT Focus. But I decided to just leave it unbranded for now....Mango???:-)

But Wheelerk, do you also have the manufacturer/OS updates?Fixing the bugs on this phone is more important to me than copy/paste

That's what I want to know to. I'd would love to send links to my friends via copy/paste, but that's not the part of NoDo I'm interesting in. I'd rather know if there's a difference between a hacked NoDo and the official NoDo? Are there any additional firmware changes to increase stability, or the memory card issue?

Can we please get a clarification on this point? It's the only thing that is keeping me from trying this method and I want NoDo bad. Thank you.

The DVP had it's firmware update and nodo released separately, I'd think any kind of firmware update for the focus would also be separate from the nodo update.

Cool, got it on the second attempt.34% through the download now, looking forward to seeing what difference it makes to my HTC 7 Trophy.

Definately works. NoDo update all complete now. Though as this does work Microsoft has definately got some explaining to do!!!Operator is Orange in the UK and have a HTC Mozart. Got the Feb update on the 29th when they started so why didn't this one just install right afterwords because they "Delivered the Updates" at the same time.

Worked for me, after a couple tries, I was disconnecting too soon, I then disabled wireless after 4 seconds and there it was, maybe I was counting too fast. Updating NoDO now! Score!

it worked for me as well on both HD7 and DVP. the real question is why does this work. does anyone with better understanding of how servers work have any explanation?

Final builds are distributed to servers worldwide, awaiting carriers to 'release'. This trick seems to trick the server into releasing, probably a fall back feature. My bet is MS patches this on their end, eventually.

So here's my theory:- Updates are based on your phone MODEL- Once Microsoft releases an update to a specific model - it's already in the database waiting to go- Unfortunately, Carriers have a little "APPROVE" buttonSO, when you connect your WP7 and open Zune this is what happens:- It searches the database and gets a response "YES, there's an update!"- BUT, before it can deliver the update, it checks the Carrier settings to see if that carrier has *approved* that update- My guess: *IF* you disconnect before it does the carrier check - then it probably returns assuming the carrier check was approved, hence the update!But eh, who really knows...

Instead of step 2 (Turn off Data connection and Wifi on the Phone), you can alternatively just put the phone in Airplane mode.Worked like a charm on my debranded att lg quantum.

I just do it and... work!! I Repeated the 5 point 3-4 times but at the end it work... thx you so much =) Lg Optimus 7 Vodafone IT

I live in Northern Ontario, I am on Bell with HTC HD7. a co-worker has the same phone same carrier, he got the update from the carrier yesterday, I still have not. I have tried this and it worked perfectly my phone is updating as we speak.

anyone know if this works for the HTC HD7 on the UK O2 network?Havent been able to get the update to appear :/

Check out the "where's my update" page - o2 are still "scheduling" the update, and this will only work where the update is actually being sent out.You'll have to wait a little longer >:

My Samsung Focus on AT&T was already Chevron unlocked, and DeBranded. Then, all I did was turn off cell data, turn on WiFi, and connect to Zune... manually search and boom.... I had nodo. And I didn't need to disconnect my PC from the internet. My guess is the key DeBranding of the device. Silly to disconnect your PC to get a phone update. Regardless, NoDo is a snore so far. Don't see what the fuss is about.

Its all about the timing on step 5.I tried a few times disabling the adapter using the mouse with no luck, I guess I was taking too long. So decided to disable the adapter via the command line (DOS Window) and it worked like a CHARM !!!!.

Dumb question, How do you turn off the data connection? I know how to turn off the Wifi on the phone...

To turn off data connection, go to settings->mobile network and you`ll see the data connection switch. There is also the 3G switch. I turned both off before updating.

Has anyone had success with this using the Mac OS X WP7 Connector? I've tried everything, not working for me...

Worked great on my Dell Venue Pro - didn't have to unbrand it or anything. I was a little worried because I had to "fix" my phone by replacing the microSD card, but it works great. My phone was developer unlocked legitimately, but I'm not sure if that makes much of a difference.

It worked on my unlocked HTC Mozart (used to be locked on Orange).I had to try a few times to get the right timing to turn of internet connection, but It worked at the end!Just explored the new functionalities and I`m very satisfied. The copy/paste works great, marketplace search is much better and all the applications seem to start and load faster than before!Thanks, WP Central!P.S. you must have the February pre-NODO update installed!

Have been trying this for last hour, with no success!!Either getting the error-unable to connect-try again later msg or im too late disconnecting. Not sure whether this is due to me being on a Branded O2 UK network HD7?

This worked first time on my Vodafone-branded HTC Trophy. Took a while to perform the installation but it all completed without any problems.While I wouldn't say that the update is earth shattering, it's great to get the Marketplace bugs all fixed, and the performance improvements make starting up games a much more bearable experience. Good stuff.

Worked for me! Plugged my Omnia 7 (Three UK) in, no update - but this triggered it off, and it's updating as I type this! =D

Worked great on my att Samsung Focus. Used unbranding .xap got pre nodo used this got nodo then rebranded! thanks for the tip and now i can chill till mango with this great OS

This is sweet! i had to wait 20 seconds tho befor disconnecting from the internet.I think MS really did a NICE **** up on this lol :D

It worked. The timing of disabling internet is most critical. Some time too early leads to connection error and tool late leads to "Updates not Found" msg. But after many iteration it worked for me for HTC Mozart in Singapore.

Frustratingly had no luck at all.I have a UK O2 HD7 that i've unlocked but i've had no luck at all with either my T-Mobile or 3 sim. Looks like i'll have to find ny old o2 sim and try and update after the 5th :(

I was very sceptical, after tring for my update every day and not getting it, so I thought it would never happen but this totally worked! At first I was counting too fast and found it helpful to count: "one one thousand" etc.Thanks for the tip!

Hi, I am having an issue with the update on step 7. It says 100& "Creating a backup". I have read that this is happening to the Omnia users and I would like to know if I could fix this or do anything to solve this. Thank you.