eBay app buggy? Auction bids entered way too high?

eBay App for Windows Phone

The official eBay app for Windows Phone has been out for some time and while the Marketplace reviews aren't stellar, they don't really call for you to run for the hills either. Yet we received a tip from a German reader that there could be a potentially disastrous bug in the app.

It appears that while bidding on a Nokia Lumia 800 a bid was entered as 211.69€ and appeared that way in the confirmation screen. However, when the bid was submitted it registered as 21169.00€. Luckily the ending bid didn't make it that far, ending at 270 Euros.

According to the tipster, eBay Germany was contacted and recommended contacting the seller to request a cancelation. While we first thought this could easily be pilot error, in scanning through the Marketplace reviews on the eBay app (found here at the Windows Phone Marketplace), other Windows Phone users report similar instances where the confirmed bid is higher than the submitted bid.

We aren't sure if this is a wide spread issue and hopefully if this is a bug, the quirk can be resolved easily with an update to the app. Still, bug or not, you might want to be extra careful to review your eBay bids when submitting via the Windows Phone app. If my recollection of eBay is correct, an incorrectly submitted bid can be canceled before the auction closes.

Thanks, aerone, for the tip!


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eBay app buggy? Auction bids entered way too high?


I recently posted four items on eBay to sell. Despite selecting the option for a three day auction, the app defaulted to a seven day auction after final listing submission.

I've been using the app recently on my Lumia 800 and thankfully I've not encountered the issue. It sounds like you need to go over a certain amount of figures, combined with flaky parsing and you've got yourself a nasty bug!

Good to know, I'll watch out for that.

I'm also wondering what the point of the individual auction live tiles is supposed to be. If you pin an auction to your home screen, it puts a live tile with the picture of the item on one side and on the other? Nothing. It just says eBay. I was hoping it would show the price and/or the ending date of the auction or time left. Kinda pointless as it is.

I encountered this problem as well. It's more a usability issue than a bug.
In Germany, we seperate decimals with a comma, and thousands with points. So 1.95$ = 1,95€ and 1.95€ = 1,950$.
The problem is, that the german version of eBay shows only the point by default, you have to press and hold it to see the comma.
Still, the app DOES show you the correct amount before you confirm your bid.

The bug I wish they would fix is this:

If you try to "unwatch" an item that has already ended, the list gets screwed up and the one you wanted to unwatch jumps up a position to cover the listing or heading above it.

They didn't fix it with the last update, but I am hoping they will... I mainly use the app to maintain my watch lists, I hardly ever actually bid from it.

Had the same issue.
Wanted to bid 270€ on an iPhone but the App let me bid 27000 €. I guess something with the comma and dot seperation in 270.00 and 270,00 is buggy. in Europe 270€ are 270,00 € which means 270 EURO and 00 CENTS. In the US 270$ are 270.00. The app is american so if you bid 270,00 EURO it doesn't recognize the comma and takes 27000 EUR. Not funny -,-

Strange, I thought a dot for a decimal was universal... At least it is in US/UK/Australia/Canada. I thought it was the case in most western countries too :S I learnt something new! :)

Sadly just like Imperial unit and the IU, there’s no agreeing about dot and comma. Then there’s the Sunday/Monday first day of week and month/day vs day/month. There’s other apps that had this problem too and make big mistake such as for GPS coordinate, but they don’t deal with money.

They eBay app is one that annoys the hell outta me, don't release the app if its full of bugs and missing many useful features... You can't even creating a shipping calculator for your listing...

it's a . vs , issue ;-)
Just use a , for decimal separation (as we always do in Germany) and everything works fine ;-)

I think its fair to say the potential in apps from developers lacks alot and os is behind schedule whatever is built in works great but 8/10 apps are no where near good as IOS

Tried it a while ago.  it would let me purchase but not pay; I had to wait until I got home and used a laptop.  Kinda defeats the object really!