eBay app for Windows Phone gains ability to create auction listings


For those of you who use the excellent eBay app for Windows Phone, you'll want to get the latest update found now in the Marketplace. The past versions did an excellent job of allowing you to browse for new items to bid on, search for gifts, pin found items to your Start screen as a tile and even push notifications. But it lacked one big feature: the ability to create new auction listings right from your phone.


Now with version 1.17, you can start a new listing, take a photo with your phone for submission, edit the description, choose payment method, pick shipping options and more. This ability has been found on eBay's apps for iOS and Android for sometime now, so it's excellent to see it finally come to Windows Phone. We're sure many of you will be using this tool on a regular basis (especially if you have a Titan II, ahem).

Pick up the official eBay app here in the Marketplace for free. Thanks, Tal F., for the heads up!

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eBay app for Windows Phone gains ability to create auction listings


All this Titan II love, lets see how HTC deals with bugs, say like the Radar bug where wifi wont work after tethering which is still not fixed months after it was first reported. Theres more to a phone than a good camera and i'd take good support any day.

I never had that problem on my Radar and no one has complained to us about it. This is the first I'm hearing of it.

Either way, George and I have both reviewed the Titan II and recommend it. And that's not based on just the camera.

yeah it's a pretty big problem. with lots of phones. see here:
and here:
was gonna tip you on this one cause maybe this needs to be put out there more although a couple people on the answers thread say MS have acknowledged and fix will be provided in Tango but we have no idea when we'll see tango so who knows if this will fix. this happened on both my htc radar and samsung omnia 7.

i've downloaded the update at work and had a quick play but 3g connection here is mud so couldn't try much. had a quick looksy to see if you could add pictures/edit current listings but couldn't find it. anyone know if this can be done? if not that's a bit sad.

welp. this just made TurboLister obsolete!  This is awesome!  Netflix and eBay updates, keep the great first party app updates coming!

Yes great app and that is how I keep track of my parcel deliveries from ebay and amazon...  Love the live tile  and the notifications.

I'll second that (third?), it's fantastic.  I have two live tiles pinned to my home screen at this moment updating me in glorious live tile fashion.