eBay gets updated to v1.15 with some fixes

eBay App

The official eBay app has been updated to version We've been informed that the release contains a number of bug fixes and a cleanup to improve latency issues experienced by users in certain geo-markets.

The key feature which was added in the update was support for MEC (Mobile Express Checkout). This new feature will ease some of the processing payment flow between eBay and PayPal. A small update with a number of improvements to ensure performance and reliability is kept at a high level.

We're also told that the Selling feature will be coming in January-ish. It was originally slated for this release but it was decided to hold off to make sure it's the best and easiest design they could implement.  Hold on tight, sellers, it's coming!

You can download the eBay app from the Marketplace for free.

Thanks TheWeeBearUK for the heads up!


Reader comments

eBay gets updated to v1.15 with some fixes


When is the SELLING option coming?!  I could convert about 3 friends to wp7 if there was only a selling funtion with camera for EBAY!!  Frustrating....

LOL you rock!!  I was so angry reading the first 2 paragraphs that I missed the 3rd!!  GOOD NEWS!!  Now all my EBAY buddies who love my WP7 can dump their iphones...

Is it normal that you have to redownload the app instead of a regular upgrade?  I seem to remember this happened with the last update to the eBay app as well.

When will they add the "add to calendar" feature for items you're watching? That's the single best feature in the webOS and Blackberry versions.

Anyone know if this app has push notifacations? If someone is bidding on something I'm selling or someone wins a bid, I know the iPhone app has push notifacations that aleart you of these things.