EE to introduce 4G in the Channel Tunnel to help keep you connected

EE Channel Tunnel

UK mobile operator EE is bringing 4G to the Channel Tunnel and plans to have everything up and running for consumers by summer 2014. Not only will you be able to use super fast Internet when travelling between the UK and mainland Europe, but also 2G and 3G connectivity for those who don't have the latest and greatest hardware.

The journey through the Channel Tunnel only takes 35 minutes, which is by no means a huge amount of time to be disconnected in general. But those who are travelling for business or wish to contact someone within that period would soon be able to maintain connectivity and enjoy more cat videos, catch up on emails or chat on Facebook.

2G and 3G services are set to go live in the north running tunnel (UK to France) in March 2014. Here's what EE CTO, Fotis Karonis had to add to the announcement:

"We’re proud to offer customers a superfast 4G service when they’re travelling from the UK into Europe. It’s another technology first for EE, and it’s one that will make a big difference to business workers and people going away on holiday. Being connected is such an important part of travelling now and this will be another route we’ve covered with 4G, making a huge difference to millions of customers who can now make the most of their journey time."

This is a superb move by the company and for all the flak we've given EE in the past for bloated pricing on its plans (not to mention unfair competition regarding the early 4G rollout here in the UK), it's positive to see the network move to ensure consumers remain connected even when travelling below ground. Next task: to provide connectivity across the entire London Underground. We can only dream.

We'll be sure to keep you all updated on progress made.


Reader comments

EE to introduce 4G in the Channel Tunnel to help keep you connected


So let me get this straight. I can have mobile data on my phone while crossing the French channel underground but during my 12 minutes aboveground train ride to and from work I lose connection for 10 mintues of that journey. Yeah that makes sense.

I see their priorities are in the right place.

Something tells me that WPC are in the pocket of EE. Way too much news on them at almost any opportunity even if unrelated directly to Windows, and zero mention of Vodafone's commitment to offer the same Chunnel coverage, or any other network expansion.

i was thinking the same thing, no mention of Three, O2 and Vodafone... A lot of news on EE though.

Another gimmick to stay in the news. First give us proper coverage in cities and towns of UK then do something else.

Tunnel is 31.4 miles long. This means they will charge roaming chagres after 15.7 miles :)

Yes, the coverage here in the UK is pretty pathetic for such a small country. All along the normal trainlines in the UK we have blackspots, how about fixing that first then do the stupid channel?

Three will be abit slower as they are a much smaller company compared to the others. But imagine they could use ee's coverage as they got some 1800 mhz spectrum from EE which they could use starting from oct 2013. Second chunk is due to be given to them in 2015. Ee use 1800mhz for their 4g network i think.

 Makes a lot of sence that, yeh 4G in the tunnel I can`t even get 4G above ground, also found out to buy out my contract with EE after a year of crap signals will cost me £350, I wonder how many people have bought out there crap contracts see where they get the money to come up with this B. S...



I am in one of 3 blind spots for 4G in my town. They can't improve the 4G that is already there. I can't get a decent upgrade on a 3G tariff that is any good with EE and they want to provide it for the Chunnel. EE sucks, that's what I think.

Will probably use a "leaky cable" system which is already in place for operation related systems in the tunnel. When they install masts along the majority of main lines in the UK, maybe then I will be impressed.