Electronic Arts cancels Titanfall launch in South Africa

This March 11, PC and Xbox One gamers around the globe will be suiting up for Titanfall; the game that will mark the largest launch thus far for Microsoft’s Xbox One console library. Unfortunately, if you live in South Africa and have preordered Titanfall, you will not actually get to play it, as Electronic Arts has canceled the game’s launch there.

If you preordered the game via Origin in South Africa, you will be receiving an email stating that the Titanfall team has “decided not to releases Titanfall there at this time”. The email cites that after conducting internet testing, the team has determined that the available internet would not be fast enough to “guarantee a great experience.”

For those wondering, only PC orders for Titanfall in South Africa have been canceled – Xbox One has yet to launch within the country.

Do we have any readers from South Africa that preordered Titanfall for their PC?

Source: MP1ST; via Neowin


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Electronic Arts cancels Titanfall launch in South Africa


I can see this if the infrastructure isn't there. The game would be basically useless. I don't know if that's the case because I've never been to South Africa.

I'm not an expert on Electronic Art's infrastructure, so don't quote me, but I believe I did hear a possibly that it was due to them not having local servers within the country.

This being EA's lack of infastructure and EA's failure is much more plausible that the failure of whole South Africa, as that should be left to each consumer to decide whether they meets the internet specs for the game and not for EA to decide it for everyone in a whole country.

Ultimately I think EA only dared to do this because it's a PC release only for South Africa, if it involved consoles as well they wouldn't dare to screw their customers like this.

EA has been craping on PC gamers for a long time, so this should not be so surprising.


Oh pls. Hating on EA is as juvenile as hating on MS.
They haven't crapped/screwed or any other emotive word you may use.
EA make some great products. FIFA 14 on Xbox One is amazing.
For your information, South Africa does have infrastructure issues. Even in some major cities you can lose power during the day. Still a bit of the wild west but a beautiful country.

SimCity launch (and still sucks/unfixed). Star Wars the Old Republic launch. Battlefield 3 launch. Battlefield 4 launch. The whole C&C series after they acquired and broke up Westwood Studios.

 It's not to say I don't like Battlefield 3/4 now, but I'm not blind enough to ignore their complete failures. Perhaps in this specific case they actually have a good reason, but it's hard to ignore all those @#$@ ups. Thus the reason there's a lot of EA haters.

EA deserves no flak, period. /s

The game uses Microsoft's Azure servers, of which there are no local datacenters nearby South Africa. Even Australia is using Singapore's datacenter if I recall correctly.

Trust me, us folk unfortunate enough to live in countries where the Xbox One isn't even on the horizon haven't forgotten about the 360 (except those who bought a ps4 of course...)

sure, it makes perfect sense, we're talking about infrastructure here, governmental issues, with funds for investment in the World Cup but leaving aside other priorities, same problem is happening in Brazil, spending a lot of money with the World Cup while the population suffers from several problems. And this is not funny.

True, we don't have local servers, the beta played without any issues though. Way to go ea,,, not. We do have a local isp in talks with ea in launching local servers. Let's wait and see.

It is true. Our internet infrastructure is not up to par of the USA or Romania or similar countries. I scream and shout at the internet satellite connection we have here on our ship, but it is still a lot faster than what we get back in SA.


I'm from SA. I ordered the game for my store and received a mail from EA this morning. Not much explanation other than testing proved poor performance. The infrastructure here is not great, but that's not to say that you can't have a good connection if you're willing to pay the high costs. Only a few people can do so. I think the average speed for most people here is about 4mb. Which is fine for most MMO's. All of which get released here and played without any issues. This is the first time a game has been cancelled here due to poor connectivity. Which makes me wonder exactly how intensive Titanfall actually is online.

It's not just about bandwidth. If EA does not have a server nearby South Africa, you could have ping times of hundreds of milliseconds, which makes a game like Titanfall unplayable.

Happy i live in Netherlands. Second most fast internet speed of the world ( just after south korea)

Honest question here as I haven't had slow internet in a long time. They say Korea has the fastest internet with 14.2mbps while Canada isn't even in the top 10. What speed are the measuring? Because my download speed is 39.44mbps while my upload is 3.74mbps.

I truly believe that its EA infrastructure that's inadequate in South Africa because if the country's infrastructure was a problem then India would be the first off the list.

So dedicated servers on beefed up machines can't handle a great experience but dinky local hosting consoles can? Mkay.
Not like this game is relevant to the PC gaming crowd.

Good thing we have better games coming than this online only bro shooter. We also can play games at 1080p for $100 less. Congrats on buying a console on prehype and fanboyism instead of just getting the best one using your own mind and facts lol

The whole 1080p stuff is bullshit. While the SDK for X1 is a bit difficult and Microsoft is fixing it, devs are pretty lazy to make it full 1080p. You really can't tell the difference. Titanfall is a great shooter game that you guys don't have. What do you have? Killzone? LOL! If you really care about the whole resolution bs, you should know that Twitch streaming from the X1 will be 720p, while the PS4 is only 564p.

Countries with the fastest internet connection...didn't expect these countries to be on top. USA is at number 35.
1. Hong Kong
2. South Korea
3. Japan
4. Latvia
5. Romania
6. Belgium
7. Switzerland
8. Bulgaria
9. Israel
10. Singapore

Once google fiber and similar services with as fast internet in the US go to more places in the US, US will be placed higher.

Seems like the countries with the best connections are "small" countries. Perhaps the infrastructure is easier to maintain?

There are a lot of reasons as to why the infrastructure is crappy in South Africa, but I'd rather not go in too much detail about that. Just know that our president thinks that showering after sex prevents AIDS...

Are windows phones big in SA now? I haven't been bk in a few years, most of my friends have galaxys n iPhones from what I hear..where are you guys from? Durban here...

Soz. I kept thinking in terms of physical release. Don't know what's the harm in letting us have a digital copy. It's a win-win

Yes, you can. But not from the Origin store. I got mine from evopoints, was playing for a few minutes earlier. And, yes I'm in SA