Elop: Nokia and Microsoft unveiling all of Windows Phone 8 tomorrow

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Image from the WSJ Live interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

In an online video interview just posted to WSJ Live, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop discusses Nokia’s strategy going forward with Windows Phone, their regular phone business and what to expect tomorrow.

While no specifics were revealed, it has been confirmed that Nokia will be showing off a fully-functional Windows Phone 8 OS on their new devices—rubbing the point home that Samsung was unable to do this just a week ago. From the interview..

“Any company can choose to stand up and hold a device and say “We’re launching it”. We’re proud, tomorrow, to be showing the very first working Windows Phone 8 device with everything unveiled”

Elop also drives the point home that they will be unveiling new consumer features in their hardware not done by other Windows Phone vendors, nor even Apple—an experience that they need to “break through” to consumers but are confident that they can.

Finally, Elop mentions how these will be the first devices where you see Nokia’s research and development (R&D) team's “full power” brought to consumers, things that have been “years in the making”.

Needless to say, we’re excited and are ready to be impressed. Tune into Windows Phone Central early tomorrow morning for our live coverage of the Nokia event as we’re on location in NYC.

Source: WSJ Live; Thanks, TheAsbo, for the tip


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Elop: Nokia and Microsoft unveiling all of Windows Phone 8 tomorrow


If what they say is true, then the Microsoft and the Nokia could be dangerous.

I'd like to try your Lumia style.

Let's begin then! Hwaah!

just a cousin thing. we use slang alot. but sorry for Christchurch mate. we all NZders feel your pain man :). have a bright future ahead for the city

Are you sure? It will be midnight on the east coast of Australia, I don't think you guys are 4 hours aheads of us.

Windows Phone is finally coming together. We have Nokia and team Windows Phone to thank for this. Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 (takes a peek into his bank account), come to me baby (babies?)!

Thank you WP central for the heads-up, that was a very good interview. When Elop speaks I can't help but think he's being groomed to take over MS when Ballmer steps down.

Time to buy Nokia stock? Lol. Kinda bummed to hear about how they've spent years developing these hardware features, and to finally put them into a device they probably knew about when the Lumia 900 was coming about, that's in the past anyways. I hope they also show off 7.8 for those of us stuck in our contracts with the most definately (not) awesome premier partner AT&T.

Tell me about it. They get to show off great phones that you can only get if you are willing to pay mega bucks for capped data, while 98% of their iPhone users are getting unlimited for the same rate....disgusting.

I am paying less than 240.00 amonth for 850 minutes unlimited family text and I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan my wife a 3 gb  data on her iphone 4 and my daughter 3gb  on 4s and my son 3gb  on GS2.  Not megabucks in my eyes.

I'm with T-Mobile too, and only pay $141.00 for 3-lines & unlimited everything too.. So I know what you mean & how you feel lol.

Wow, I pay 120 with tmobile for unlimited minutes on 2 lines (parents don't use data), unlimited text for all, and unlimited data (2gb full speed) and 500 min on each of 2 additional lines (don't really use minutes on these 2). I get more than I need out of this plan and I've never gone over 1.5gb. To me it seems like you are paying megabucks bud.

Like Duffau, I'm paying half that on TMobile for two lines, 750 shared minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data (probably throttled after 2 GB per phone, but neither has hit that). Will probably add a third phone for $40, for a grand total of $160.

From where I sit, after adding the third phone I will be saving $80/mo, $960/yr by using TMo instead of AT&T for what is effectively the same service.

Its called negotiation, you really don't have to simply accept what you have...rail at customer service or go into a dealer and get a better plan! That's what I do. =[

If this WP8 will be reveled fully then the event might be extended for more then 1 hour. It's already 5th September here. The event will be evening time so I will be at home ep ep horayyyy

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! When's the last time the industry has been this hyped for something not called iPhone?

Oh Mr Elop you naughty little tease,
Like i wasnt excited enough before this interview,
thank god that its going to be 1130 pm here in aus when the show begins so im not going to be interupted by work the wife or the child :)

I read somewhere that Nokia's R&D had waterproofing some time ago, but never got it into any devices... *fingers crossed*

Ahhh!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!! I had a feeling that they would be showing some consumer features of WP8!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!

we need some Killer features on WP8 that cant be matched on the iphone5 or andriod...
other than that, its lumia 900 all over again

Yeah, lots of cry babies. Nokia didn't force me to upgrade to the L900, I chose to and there were plenty article out there saying they wouldn't be upgradeable

Can't journalist get the name of the OS right? The interviewer calls it "Windows 8 Phone" and they wrote it. Ugh.

Yeah, real sloppy and he gets correct by elop several times in a nicely executed 'undertone' manner..
Saw the interview with Tim Cook at D10 the other day and he referred to it as 'The Windows Mobile OS'.. Goes to show what he knows.. Jobs would at least have gotten his facts straight..

I wouldn't doubt that Tim Cook purposely messes up the name just to irk our fan base. A man in his position would know the names of his competitors.

I so want ins of theses New lumia devices, but unfortunately all lumia cameras sucked, so they hopefully get things right this time. Otherwise I need to stick with my Titan.

Finally what everyone has been waiting for will Nokia & windows succeed or fail? We are all excited to see what there bringing tomorrow but we all know that in order to fully succeed they need new consumers

Man, I cant wait for the morning! I dont have a lot of extra cash, so I might have to choose Nokia 920 or Surface tablet to be purchased first! :(

Espero que todl salga muy bien a WP y que en verdad sean grandes cambios los que van a mostrar y que el iphone 5 y el Slll queden resagados

my Excitement-O-Meter reached 100% when i read these words 
"Elop mentions how these will be the first devices where you see Nokia’s research and development (R&D) team's “full power” brought to consumers, things that have been “years in the making"

I agree. Gave me slight goose bumps. Imagine a waterproof L920 with Pureview and they show you an awesome underwater shot taken with the phone. Epic.

For me I will keep my Lumia 900 with 7.8 for sometime. Then defenatly will go for unlocked hot red 920.

The same happened to me. :( it seems sometimes my phone randomly chooses whether or not it will play a video.

I have to say that the Quantum is the best phone I've ever owned.  The joke was that LG doesn't have any plans for WP8.  Unless I see a WP8 with a keyboard it will be me and my Quantum until death do us part!

Perhaps more info, but launch was announced by Microsoft to be 90 days after WP8 launch I believe. That puts us into 2013.

Already Wed 6:00pm here... my region is earlier half of a day!!! Will watch it at 9:00pm, but some conflicts with Tennis US open haha...

i brought the lumia 800. i love it, but if Nokia doesnt release something amazing. i think ill buy a htc windows 8. Not to keen on the ATIV S. 

They talkin big shit, lets just hope they back it up and drop it all in the toilet! I'm ready for new great hardware and software!

WTH is up with the interviewer's clothing? Wrinkled, worn, unprofessional. Does WSJ think so poorly of WP8 and Nokia that this is what they send to do an interview?
OTH, the slob look made Elop look all the more polished. Like a Nokia phone.

EPIC FAIL!! They clearly didn't reveal everything about WP8 at the event yesterday in any way shape or form.
I've got to say yesterday was one of the biggest disappointments for me in the Windows Phone life cycle to date. I think they seriously scewed up and dropped the ball.
To show new hardware and tout the new OS and the NOT reveal anything about pricing, availability or even carriers just ONE WEEK before the new iPhone announcement was a critical mistake.
I've been on the Windows Phone bandwagon from the start but I'm finding it harder and harder to stay on board. I'm all for the 'slow and steady' approach but I just don't think MS or Nokia can afford to do it if they seriously want to make a dent in the moible ecosystem.
If we're looking at a Q4 launch then there could even be serious danger of RIM sneaking back in the game with the launch of BB10 (provided they don't slip again and it really does land in January AND is mind blowingly good).
At this point in time I'm getting seriously concerned about the future of Windows Phone, it's all starting to feel like too little, too late.