Emotional platformer Mush now available for Xbox Live on Windows Phone

Mush for Windows Phone

Care for a fine Windows Phone-exclusive Xbox Live release this week? You’re in luck then, because Mush from indie British developer Angry Mango is finally available after a whopping two years of development.


Mush is a bright and original platformer that plays a bit differently from the norm. The titular character Mush gains unique abilities based on his emotions. Draw a smile and becomes so elated that he floats; make him frown and he sinks way down low. Using 12 different emotions, you’ll help Mush solve puzzles and rescue his friends who’ve been trapped inside of Matroska dolls. Besides the creative emotion mechanic, Mush also boasts a beautiful and appealing art style. You can see it in action in our E3 hands-on video.

Mush costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Don’t get too mushy on us; just get it here from the Marketplace.

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Reader comments

Emotional platformer Mush now available for Xbox Live on Windows Phone


What? Which phones wouldn't this be available for? I'm playing it on a generation 1 Trophy, I wouldn't think it gets much lower spec than that.

Hi, one of the Mush devs here. Mush isn't compatible with the new wave of low memory devices. If you can run Angry Birds you'll be alright.
I hope everyone that can enjoys the game! 

Looks interesting. I like games that comes with an original gameplay adapted for phones. Looks very nice and colorful too.

Demo was really fun.  The game will probably be a tad on the easy side, but I might pick it up for my vacation this week.  $2.99 is a fair price and I feel like it's important to support exclusive WP games.
Also, I think there are only 4 emotions in the game, according to the demo.  I may be mistaken thoough

Just played the trial... That music is sooo annoying after the 10th loop around. Tilt controls only? Seriously? Uninstalled for that reason alone.

Seriously, you're uninstalling because of the tilt control? For a simple game like this the controls are perfect, they were probably aiming for simplicity. I could understand being frustrated over tilt controls in a game like Super Monkey Ball where you need precision, but this game doesn't need a virtual joystick.

The music I could see your complaint, though I love it (just wish it was longer/more variation).

Yeah, I hate tilt controls with a passion. I've tried MonsterUp, DoodleJump and some other tilt-only games and uninstalled them for the same reason. For me it's unintuitive to wobble the screen around to move my character... it's much easier to make fine movements with fingers. Besides the music, the game seems nice but if I don't like the controls I'll never play it.

I really don't think unintuitive is the right word. For me unintuitive is obstructing the screen you are looking at by having to put your fingers all over it. I really don't think touch screen phones are very well suited for virtual joysticks as you are obscuring the visual element of the game.

I think it's great to see games developers which are adapting to suit the device rather that sticking to archaic methods. That's all personal preference though.

Ok. The game is simple and took me less than hour and a half to unlock everything (200g). I am disappointed by the few levels (only 10). Ok the level design is cute but Chicken can't Fly is much funnier and with hours of gaming keeping a strong level design and universe. Definitely too expensive at 2.99€. I hope an update with more levels and feelings is on the road....

I thought there were 12 levels not 10?
Fantastic art direction, well done Kate :)
I liked the demo even though it's not really my kinda game. 2 hours game play is a bit on the short side though for £2.29.

No problem with short games, I have too many to play and I always go for 100% (now I have the Sonic Youth song in my head, Christ...). Well done devs!