Enjoy more customisation and notifications in latest Nokia Lumia ESPN Hub update

Nokia ESPN Hub

The Nokia ESPN Hub app, available exclusively in the Nokia Collection, has been updated to version 2.6.67. The latest release introduces a number of improvements that will help users further customise the experience, as well as being notified on news and scores.

We've previously looked at and reviewed ESPN Hub for Nokia Windows Phones. Here's what's new in the latest version (according to the store description): the ability to save and deep pin favourite teams and sports is now present. Users can customise Live Tile score updates, as well as receive news and score updates via toast notifications. Not a bad release.

You can download ESPN Hub from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store.



Reader comments

Enjoy more customisation and notifications in latest Nokia Lumia ESPN Hub update


This the definition of first world problem, but I don't like how they changed the tile from ESPN to say ESPN Hub.

Ya, I honestly see no difference. Maybe pinned tiles take you directly to the teams page but the scores were not updating, and I tried a couple different configurations. Notifications have always been terrible, rather than taking you to the notification you clicked on it just opens the app.

For me, that would be the biggest change they could make.  Also, this app (and ESPN Scorecenter) would greatly beneift from a notification center, to beat a dead horse.  This is the only app I use that I get notifications that won't persist on the lock screen. 

This app is becoming really nice. If only it will play the Da Da Da...Da Da Da ESPN theme for notifications like the Android and iOS app. I kinda likd that. :)

Why put the ESPN radio advertisement on the bottom now? Just gets in the way of scrolling. I already downloaded that crap so why try to make me again. They already have a whole page for their advertisements.

Not sure if there is a difference between the ESPN app for Lumias and the one for all others, but on my HTC 8X, this app killed my battery in a matter of hours when my team played.  I only had goals and final notification on, and the batery went from 80-85% to dead in about 5 hours, with no other use than it sitting on my coffee table.
Anyone else notice this issue with either version?

App is toooo slow.  It takes forever to load.  I want to actually test it out and see which takes longer get to baseball scores, the espn hub or Baseball now. 
Espn hub still seems weird to me.  I am not sure how to find out schedules past the next game.  LIke...who the Rays are playing on Friday or who Barcelona is playing in two weeks.

Is there any real difference between this app and the non-Nokia ESPN app? I've never been able to notice. I've found both pretty terrible generally. 

Mine won't open now after the udate.  Just tells me there are "Network Errors"
This is happening when every other app works fine and I have full "4G" service on my 920 (I don't get LTE at my office)

Live tiles are not... I guess I'll uninstall / reinstall... I'd like to have latest score on the tile.

I'll never figure out why the app doesn't take you to your own teams when you start it...

I want to know why this ESPN HUB app does not let you sign in with your espn account to sync your favorite teams. This is my favorite part about the espn apps on IOS. The other sportscenter app on WP allows you to do this.
I havn't tried with ESPN HUB, but the sportscenter app will not take you to the article after you click on a toast. Does WP8 not support deep linking from toasts, or is this something the developers of ESPN neglected?

I tried both this app and scorecenter and ended up going with scorecenter as my go-to sports app.  My main complaint with both apps, as has already been mentioned, is the lack of the sportscenter jingle on notifications. 

Intense battery drain. I pinned one team to the start screen, they were not even playing, went to to bed with 70% battery. Woke up phone was so dead it took 15min on charge to wake up. Un pinned and blocked background tasks until there is another update.