Enter the Microsoft Lumia 635 Challenge to bag a new Windows Phone and $635 (US)

Lumia 635

The Lumia 635 by Microsoft is the company's most affordable 4G LTE Windows Phone. Asking Cortana what one can do with $635, Microsoft has launched the Lumia 635 Challenge. Entering said contest will add a name to the sweepstakes, which could result in winning a Lumia 635 and $635 to spend at a Microsoft Store. All that's required is to share what you would do with the money awarded by the sweepstakes.

The Lumia 635 comes with a 4.5-inch display and while it's not full HD, it is still a high quality display. Owners also get an IPS ClearBlack display running at 854x480 resolution and a Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor running at 1.2 GHz to power the on-board systems. It's a solid Windows Phone for either starting out with the platform or not requiring all the bells and whistles from high-end smartphones. 512 MB of RAM in the memory department joins 8 GB of internal storage, but the latter can be expanded with a MicroSD card.

Please ensure you thoroughly read through the rules before entering. This is a US-only competition. There are fifteen days left to enter, so fear not if you're unable to complete the challenge at this very moment. Ready to bag a new Lumia 635 and $635? Of course you are, head on over and enter the contest.

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Enter the Microsoft Lumia 635 Challenge to bag a new Windows Phone and $635 (US)


Yeah it's a sweepstakes, but you're challenged to leave an awesome note with what you'd spend the monies on :-P

I gots to get paid, man!

I might just make the sickest app ever made n region lock it to every country bar the US lol

Seriously? We don't even get half the Lumia line. Just because a US contest is announced on a US website by the US manufacturer of a device you ask get your ire up. Give me a break. Whine much?

With power comes priviledge. We are enjoying what we have left of it. We had a good run while it lasted.


I probably would of upgrade to the 635 if it had 1GB RAM!  No mention of the camera or flash.  But I not interest since I going  to go with the iPhone 6 unlocked, 128GB model in black/grey!

So you'd upgrade to the low end $160 Lumia but it doesn't have 1GB of ram so you're going with the comparable $1199 128GB iPhone instead. Makes total sense dude, you're not trolling at all.


I often find myself shopping the cheapest Toyota model but end up going with the lamborghini instead because the rims for the toyota are not available in black. True story.

Noticed in the article that "Nokia" is not mentioned even though it is sold as a Nokia phone. Are you just getting into practice for the next new non Nokia Microsoft Lumia phone!

I don't get why they're making 512mb memory phones. Make them all 1gb at least. Half the shit on the app store requires 1gb memory so when you purchase this phone it's already outdated, memory wise. Nice phone regardless of that, I'd definitely buy if it had 1gb. Will enter this, everyone loves free stuff!!

I don't get it, US ONLY? Put the in the title so we won't jump into reading. Why they do this? so they can increase the popularity of WP in the States? While the rest of the world is much more into WP than the States?

MKBHD, PocketNow, Unboxing Therapy, DBrand, etc. they are all USA based names or companies (call them what you want) and they do make INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYS. Any person on the planet can participate in their Giveaways, so how come Microsoft can't do that for the whole world? Even if that's a some kind of marketing strategy, its just SAD, don't you think guys? :)

Well the title has amended and MS is trying their hardest to grow market share in their own backyard. Unfortunately they don't seem to be making any headway, we really need that Hero device that techwise is not already old by 6 months come launch and remove the annoying carrier exclusives... Until MS makes headway in the US, I can see alot more US only deals, sweepstakes and challenges coming in the future.

Why everyone surprised it's US only? It's Microsoft... You all should already know they only care about the US. Just have a look on Bing rewards, or Cortana, or almost everything :D

The answer is an Xbox One (and games, and an extra controller for my bro) to perfectly complement the 635!

Why are people surprised this is US only? Cortana is only available in the US, they couldn't hold this contest anywhere else.

Anybody seen this?
Link: windowsondevices.com

Microsoft is giving out free development boards to anyone who wants to start developing for windows. Just sign up and you get a free dev board and access to early software and some APIs!

Rich, Daniel, or Sam, or anybody! Do an article on this please, its worthy

Since the contest is $635 at the MS store, I'm going to assume the prize is a gift card which means no-go for making off with the funds to spend on the competition.

Paying my bill would probably be too priority.lol. Otherwise you can just get accessories . Buy some cool apps

I'd give them both to my son who left WP because he insists in a qwerty keyboard - URGH, he's only 19 and this would remind him what's best.

Save the $635, the Lumia 635, and my current windows phone so I can buy a future high end Lumia phone with an SD card slot.

ok.. So... Why is the ENTRY form not working for me. Anyone having this. I filled in all needed and when I hit to Submit, nothing happens. :-(

Since I was interested in getting the 635, I threw my name in the (likely big) hat.  While others complain about its lack of "features" it'll be fine for my use.  I believe the price will lure folks to this device.  Not **everyone** needs an expensive smartphone.

Well.. another gimmic.. It is difficult but still possible to justify why USA ONLY . But why is it FACEBOOK ONLY MEMBERS?? I do not want to be a Facebook member. It's just another way to collect e-mail addresses and other info to get more spam and more annoying phone calls...