ESPN app for Nokia Lumias gets updated with new Live Tile support for latest scores

ESPN app

Although Nokia's ESPN app available in the Nokia Collection gets some mixed reviews partially because it relies on Internet Explorer for some advanced stats, overall fans seem to like the co-branded offering.

One feature that was missing however was a Live Tile for sports score updates and now that has been addressed with version 2.1. The new update came out in the last 24-hours and users seem to be quite happy so far with the ability to just glance-and-go with the app on their Start screen.

No other tweaks or fixes are known with version 2.1 but needless to say, if you follow sports, like ESPN and love your Lumia than you'll want to grab this app ASAP. Pick it up here in the Windows Phone Marketplace but only if you're on Nokia.

Read our review of the Nokia ESPN app here.


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ESPN app for Nokia Lumias gets updated with new Live Tile support for latest scores


What bugs me about the Nokia version is that it does open IE for the Gamecast info, unlike the official ESPN Scorecenter app that is open to any Windows Phone device.  I do love the interface for the Nokia version, just wished it didn't rely on opening IE for Gamecenter info.

Right, because if that's the case I'll just go to espn mobil site and skip the app.
I do miss SportsTap app on iOS. Wish they'd release one on WP

Do some searches on XDA, do a search or Market Changer. You need to Dev unlocked or higher... You can change to any OEM marketplace.
You just have to change to that marketplace when a update comes down.

Even though I own a Lumia I find it pretty lame to make key apps like ESPN and CNN exclusive to an OEM, especially one that talk about building an ecosystem. Apps like Creative Studio are more suitable to exclusivity as they're not mainstream apps everyone would expect to have on their phone.

What if Nokia paid for the devlopment of the app and/or offered support? What if they're the ones that got CNN/ESPN to make these apps in the first place?

I just don't get this argument. It's not like CNN was going to make an app and Nokia said "gimme! we'll keep it for ourselves". That doesn't favor CNN who would rather have a wider release.

It's more than likely that Nokia approached these comapnies, worked with them on the apps, paid for developers, etc. 

So should Nokia do all of that and then give it away to other OEMs? Or should they not even bother to get these apps made in the first place? Which is more fair for you?

I went to the behind the tiles Monday night here in Dallas and guess what I had fun and I won a star wars Kinect Xbox thanx Dan for all the hard work u put into this site to keep us up to date man I appreciate it . WPCENTRAL STAYS AS MY 3RD TILE AT MY HOME SCREEN

I don't know Daniel, these are mainstream apps. If tomorrow Amazon announces a deal to release Audible exclusively on Samsung phones I'm not sure people will be praising Samsung the way they do Nokia. People let it slide because pretty much everyone either owns a Lumia or considers buying one but when you talk about building an ecosystem you should work towards having marquee apps available on your OS as a whole as opposed to on some devices.

I agree in principle on this but if Nokia is wooing companies to make apps for WIndows Phone and even paying for some of it, then I can't blame them for having a temporary exclusive on it.

Afterall, they ARE doing their part and more to make Windows Phone more viable in the market, so why shouldn't they reap some of the rewards?

If Samsung convinced Instagram to make an app and helped develop it, I wouldn't begrudge them as much. (I would a little only because Samsung has not released Windows Phone as world-wide as Nokia has, thereby limiting access).

I agree 100%. NO exclusives on major apps. What if Apple or Google did this? Everybody on a windows phone would cry foul. It's not Nokia or any other OEM's job to develop and bring in apps. It's Microsoft's responsibility

what i don't like about nokia's version of espn vs espn scorecenter is that the nokia one lacks the ability to sign in to your espn account with all your favorite teams set.
scorecenter is convenient in that all the teams i care about are available in one place. it'll be nice to be able to have a tile for that.

The app for ESPN scorecenter, no longer lets you look at stats for a game. I have contacted them and apparently they don't care. More and more apps are going broken and unfixed. Starting to become a little alarming.

 I am not that impressed. You cannot choose which game is on the live tile, and you have to sit there and wait for the tile to turn, then it is usually some game I don't care about.
SPORTS NOW (http://bit.ly/sports_now) is much better, in my opinion. You can choose a favorite team for each sport, and you can pint multiple games (by choice) to your home screen.
Try it out!

That's literally the only thing that app does better though. Everything else just directs you to a mobile site. ..

I do wish you could choose what game you want on the live tile, set your fav team and choose more sports like boxing cause that's missing, but that's why they have the feedback option in the app. We have to just do our part and tell them what we want through feedback

This kind of forums are only useful if people can share tips but no one here seems to want to offer help on how I can access the 'Enable Live Tile' setting for scores. Any good Samaritan?