Evernote app updated with a new document camera


Evernote has bumped its popular note taking platform to version in Windows Phone Store today. Nestled in with the assorted "numerous bug fixes and enhancements" is a new document camera. The document camera allows the user to digitize both single and multiple page documents, so they can be added to any note in Evernote. This should prove useful to both business users and casual users alike.

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Reader comments

Evernote app updated with a new document camera


What? I'm not at all sure what you are talking about. Evernote not any competitor I'd pay off the OS.

I assume you're talking about Onenote. Just because this app can be updted, doesn't mean it's better. Anyway, Onenote is FTW.

Yeah, Office Lens and Onenote. Between my phone, surface and PC, they are very good. And sharing with people on macs and other devices is nice too. Onenote has me, i'll never look at another note app.

I'll care when Evernote gives us all the features that they email me about, that are on iOS and Android versions.

I've tried both and I have to say that Evernote's Document Camera is more advanced than Office, although admittedly, the Evernote version's extra features work best with the Moleskine Smart Notebook.

Evernote's processing works with the specially formatted paper in the Smart Notebooks and doesn't just clarify the image, it corrects skewed angles and removes unwanted perspective, in addition to removing shadows. And when you add a smart sticker to a page before capturing it, it's automatically organised and tagged according to your pre-defined instructions. Oh, and handwritten text becomes searchable.