Evernote app update for Windows Phone adds improved notebook list


The popular note taking app Evernote updated its Windows Phone version earlier this week, with something that's targeted at its business users: Improved notebook lists:

Here's the change log for the update, which brings the version number to and describes just what the improvements to the notebook list are like:

  • Filter business and personal notebooks
  • Display contact name for each notebook
  • Easy access to all business notebooks
  • Simplified experience


Do you use Evernote and if so what do you think of the notebook list improvements that the company put into this latest update?

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Reader comments

Evernote app update for Windows Phone adds improved notebook list


I was using Evernote but I switched to OneNote because Evernote was having synchronization troubles because of my many devises.

Can we have a dance off...i mean comparison between OneNote and evernote here on wpcentral please...

Can you guy please write an article about some of my Bing apps not being kept up by Microsoft? I think it's frustrating that on my surface 2 that relies on apps, Microsoft is pushing developers to create apps while it lets its own apps like Bing Weather (which has completely stopped functioning; just consult the Bing weather comments) and Bing finance (which has a number of flaws like the "my finance" tab not allowing letting people sync their fidelity 401Ks;also found in the comments)...I feel like if Microsoft wants a successful product, they need to be loyal to their own apps and lead the way in development. Any thoughts?

I love Evernote! I tried using OneNote but I haven't had time to learn to use it to its full capabilities yet. I use it for my schoolwork and keeping track of assignments and pictures of notes. I find Evernote easier to organize with tags. I may have missed them but I couldn't find a way to do custom tags in OneNote.
I haven't really noticed the update, although I did notice in the last couple days that Evernote seems to be running even more smoothly and fast. It wasn't a problem before but it's noticeably better now.
And for what it's worth, it runs just perfectly on my 512 Mb 635.

My smartphone is my personal organizer, and when I switched over from BlackBerry, I thought I'd be using OneNote, but I think Evernote on Windows Phone works better than OneNote! This works out great as I have been using Evernote for a while. Thanks Evernote for a great Windows Phone app!

It's what you capture in the app that determines which is better. I clip from the web a lot, and Evernote clips are editable, while OneNote snaps a picture of the clip. OneNote is better if you send everything you create on your PC to it for a project. I can see someone using both products for different reasons.

Great! And still no tile transparency although, I requested this feature on the Evernote forums for months by now.

Maybe I should switch to OneNote, too.

It would be greate if MS could provide some kind of integration into IE for these apps. Clip directly from IE and save into Evernote without having to copy paste!

What's the best app for cross platform syncing? I have a WP and Android. My gf uses an iPhone. I would like to be able to view and edit notes/lists on all platforms..