Evernote updates Windows touch app, adds two-step verification and more


Evernote has published an update for its native Windows app, introducing a UI refresh, business support and two-step verification. The company bills this update as a serious improvement for a true native experience on Windows hardware. 

Those familiar with the app will be greeted with a new start screen, which now sports all of the major navigation items and account content. This move is perfect for more convenient access to frequently accessed areas of the service. Recent activity, as well as creation shortcuts and access to personal account notes and books are all included.

Evernote Business is also now included in the Windows app, bringing it up to speed with iOS and Android offerings. This feature will enable users to integrate with a company's business library through the "Get More" section. The app will display business content alongside personal notes. 

The final new feature is two-step verification, a security measure introduced after the unauthorised breach back in March. So while this isn't a huge upgrade, it's great to see the Evernote team updating the Windows touch app with more touches to the UI, etc.

You can download Evernote from the Windows Store. via: The Next Web


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Evernote updates Windows touch app, adds two-step verification and more


Although I've always been a OneNote guy, I really like Evernote a lot and am continually impressed by the product and the development efforts put into it. Keep it up!

I'd use OneNote on WP8 as I do on the desktop however OneNote on mobile is awful, it does not rezie or scale the images down and does not handle notes the way Evernote does on WP8.

Kinda unrelated,
Anyone having issues with EverNote for Windows Phone 8 ?
I have been having issues with it since the last update , it won't Sync no manner what , keep giving me Connection Error .
I uninstalled , rebooted & installed it again & now I can't log it .