Tapatalk for Windows Phone 8

Exclusive first look at the official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone

Back in April we told you that the official Tapatalk app, which is on iOS and Android now, is coming to Windows Phone 8. That app is now in private beta, which means only one thing: it’s close, darn close, to being released.  Additionally, a Windows Phone 7.x version is in the works.

For all you forum hounds out there, having an official Tapatalk client is great for not only continuing the discussion on the go, but for discovering new ones as well. Tapatalk, as some of you may not know, powers many of today’s discussion forums on the ‘net—they’re like the Disqus of more in-depth, online communities.

So what else can we tell you about the app besides what you see in our video hands on? For one, it’ll be free. In fact, it will be the only free Tapatalk client out there (there will be an optional, paid ‘pro’ version coming later). Other features include:

  • Tapatalk ID integration
  • Access to all 60,000 internet communities
  • Subscription
  • Create New Topic / Reply Topic

Tapatalk for Windows Phone 8

Other features in the free version but not included in the initial release

  • Private Messaging
  • Push Notification
  • Easy Photo Sharing

Finally, two other things:

  1. Release is slated for third week in June, give or take a few days and pending any last minute fixes
  2. The WPCentral forums will be pre-loaded in the app. Yowza!

So are you folks excited? Because you should be. The app is fast, fluid, very Modern UI/minimalist and it should be a great online tool. Stay tuned right here at Windows Phone Central for more information as we near release!


Reader comments

Exclusive first look at the official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone


Absolutely!  I use it quite often but I don't seem to get notifications when people post / comment.  Maybe I am doing it wrong.
I don't write code but I can see how this was the hardest part of the app.
WPCentral is one of my go-to apps; pinned double wide and proud!

and the forum integration is great .. only thing I miss is clicking the hyperlinks posted in a comment. can that be made to work? can't click any links now.

There should be a little icon at the top of comments with a link that you can click, once you click the icon the hyperlink should then pop up and be clickable if I am reading your comment right.

Eg. www.bing.com test.

Coming (and still using) from Android its a good feeling seeing this market expand. I keep telling people WP is where Android was with Froyo. This was when you saw an increase in support and market for Android and now the same is happening for WP. Will it grow as big, probably not but an increase in market share will look great for MS mobile comeback

Good news. I'll be waiting. This is really one of the major apps that WP needed. Glad it's almost here.

Excellent news, need a replacement for board express which sadly gets no support from the Dev , so this will be very welcomed replacement.

I bought it when it first came to wp7 and it was broken long before wp8 yet the devs are allowed to keep my money nothing but thieves in my eyes.

I use the predecessor every day. Will we be able to see photos and media? And have shortcuts for media and picture insertion and links?

Yes I always want more

Let me just say this: this is awesome. The app works smoothly and is very clean. What it lacks currently, though, is image posting ;)