Exclusive: Freemium shooter Contract Killer coming to Xbox Live on Windows Phone

Contract Killer

Last year WPCentral broke the news that Glu Mobile would be releasing the first freemium Xbox Live game on Windows Phone (Bug Village). We even interviewed them about all the particulars. Now we’re back with the exclusive announcement of two more Glu Mobile freemium titles coming to Windows Phone. The first of those games is Contract Killer.

In Contract Killer, you’re a sniper who takes on jobs for the mob and other tough customers. Each mission requires you to take out one or more targets as they walk around unaware. You simply aim at the target, zoom in the scope, steady your breath if necessary, and shoot to kill (or capture with tranquilizer darts).  Watch out though, because the enemies will shoot back if you miss or they see one of their friends go down.

Contract Killer

Between missions, players can purchase ammo and new weapons with the money they’ve earned. Taking on missions depletes your energy, which refills over time. Thus you can only play a certain amount before taking a break, not unlike Bug Village. Optionally, players may choose to purchase credits using Microsoft Points. These can then be spent on better gear or food to refill energy. Contract Killer should go over well with the Mafia Wars crowd since they share a similar structure, but even non-Facebook gamers should enjoy this one’s sniping action and detailed 3D graphics.

Contract Killer will arrive in May or a short time thereafter. If you’d like to try it out now on PC, head over here with the Google Chrome browser. Check back tomorrow when we’ll reveal another upcoming Glu game!


Reader comments

Exclusive: Freemium shooter Contract Killer coming to Xbox Live on Windows Phone


Sounds great as long as I don't get those stupid pop ups telling me that GLU points are on sale. I uninstalled on my ASUS Transformer because of that.

I look forward to this one...
Then again, no I am not. Bug Village was a PIA game, I got all the achivements but, According to MS, I only got 3 of them. screwed. I'm ok playing $1-2 for an app but, a pay to play, no thanks..

Free is great but I have played on android. To get any of the good guns (the ones with minimal movement) you will need to spend real money.

Not into "freemium" stuff (and not because the word is ugly). I guess this games are successful among younger crowd where they can trick them into the pseudo free stuff. Personally I prefer to pay for a game and simply have it in full.

microsoft has to stop using microsoft points... it's just lame, it's ok to use points convertible to real money, so you can purchase a points card for your kids and let them buy their own games and all without inputing your credit card info, but it's just nuts that you must buy points to buy stuff. Microsoft points should be just another currency just like € or $...

Well, I'm not a kid (unfortunately), and I like the points system, I can shop around for good prices. Guess they could use both systems and both of us would be happy, like they do on GoD.

Pretty sweet! I've been looking for a new game to start playing on my phone while in school. I used to play Breeze, but I finished it.

I assume the missions will be randomly generated and if they will fix the ability to trick the clock into moving the date to unlock the stuff early, so you don't have to buy there "coins" as people did in bug village.
I for one spent 25 dollars worth of points on there in game currency to support the company.
Sense points are used in the "dying zune" and I use them on xbox plus the phone my only complaint is why cant I purchase the game using my pointts not just the dlc they should unify the ability to do both or choose one way.
I know there a rumours that by the end of this year the points system will be gone and it will then be a cash currency system so you buy "money cards" ala like apple that will work across all the windows systems (including the upcoming w8 app world)