Lumia 2520 Verizon Black Friday

Exclusive: Verizon Lumia 2520 tablet priced at $399 with contract

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is launching pretty soon here in the United States and around the world. In fact, it’s a few weeks away. As we just reported, mark November 22nd in your calendars for the day to pick up not just your new Lumia 2520 tablet, but your Xbox One and Lumia 1520. If you’re a Verizon customer and plan on getting the tablet, you might want to wait a week and save $100 on it. Details below.

We’ve just received the image above for one of Verizon’s deals during Black Friday. As you know, Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving here in the United States where you can find deals on nearly anything. It’s basically the kickoff for all the Christmas shopping that happens the following few weeks.

So if you’re on Verizon and wanting to get the Lumia 2520 you might want to wait for Black Friday. The device will go for $499 on both AT&T and Verizon, but Verizon customers can get it for $399 with a contract. It’ll be available in either black or red.

Additional specs for the Lumia 2520 include a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. The 1080p display measures 10.1-inches and is one of the most incredible we’ve ever seen. Its brightness maxes out at 650 nits and they’ve removed the layer of air between the glass and display. It’s seriously one of the nicest displays we’ve ever seen on any gadget before. You’re also getting Lumia exclusive apps like StoryTeller and HERE Maps.

And real quick, let’s just point out the little flaw the marketing department hopefully fixes between now and then. As far as we know, this isn’t a Windows 8.1 OS tablet. Instead, this bad boy is running Windows RT 8.1.

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Exclusive: Verizon Lumia 2520 tablet priced at $399 with contract


Obviously they are $400-500 with a contract, they can roll it up and smoke it at that price. Not to mention the tablet will be locked down to the carrier.


You can get it off contract as well. But given that this is a LTE device, and some people may want it to be always connected, so better to have the option to shave $100 off the price in the process.

I'd be less worried about the pricing and contract...the ad implies full windows!!! That would be another blow to 'average' consumers who don't know any better!

Smartphones get a ~$450 subsidy because you pay more monthly for them. At just $10/month for adding a tablet, there is no room to recoup much more than a $100 subsidy.

Tablets have always been like this. I think the iPad is also only $100 off with contract. You only pay like $10 for a tablet line though, so I think percentage wise they're still making (and taking from you) the same amount of money.

Can you get the 2520 unbranded with all LTE/3G bands available? and if so for how much?

Just not interested to have a locked down tablet that the carriers have messed around with.


I'd prefer a Wifi only model. I can share my phones connection. Not sure why they went the LTE, Verizon/AT&T route.

lmao why would someone get a tablet with a contract? Just use it with wifi, thats what I would do if I had a tablet.

You can get the EXACT same deal ($100 off) with contract for the iPad and other Samsung tablets on AT&T and Verizon. For some people, it actually makes sense. IF you were the type to want to have LTE always on in your tablet, then you are effectively paying less than $6 a month (if added to a family share plan) for internet access on your device.

Get a grip people. This is NOTHING NEW. You will be able to buy it without a contract the same way you buy an iPad from AT&T and Verizon with or without a contract too.

Be smart and stop spreading stupidity.

You have to understand that there are probably a lot of people (myself included) who has never looked into carrier pricing for tablets. Maybe because this Nokia tablet is the first one they've ever felt like getting. I mistakenly thought tablet subsidies were on par with phone subsidies. BTW, that sign says "was $499", which was on a two-year contract as well, so what's the non-subsidy price going to be? Are they planning on selling it off-contract for more that the regular price of the tablet? I think these are some concerns that need to be considered too.

My point is, do some research before you start saying the sky is falling. It is unfortunate that Verizon and AT&T market the tablets this way. It is how they have always done it. The Was price is the retail price. The non-subsidy price will be $499 for the LTE version. The contract just gives you $100 off.

It is most unfortunate that the first ad we see is from a carrier. Imagine if that was the first ad we saw for the iPad when it was coming out. I hope that there will be a version of the 2520 without LTE. The LTE radios tend ot add $80-$120 to the price of a tablet. Nokia and Microsoft do a horrible job of clarifying exactly what a product will be and what kind of options there will be for it. If you read Nokia's page on the 2520, you would believe that there might be a version without WiFi as well..."With or without wifi or 4G connectivity, two USB ports ensure you’ll be able to export and transfer large files without a hitch."...what horrible wording.

There is reason for confusion. WPCentral did a HORRIBLE job with the article by not forseeing this sort of confusion and stating how carriers price tablets in the first place. Boo on you Sam for putting this tablet in such a horrible light as to assume that it will only be available on contract. It will also likely be $399 on contract from AT&T.

I guess $6 isnt bad, i thought it would be like a phone contract and charge like $80 a month or something lol my bad

Crazy pricing. 399 for a two year contract on the most expencive cell company.

399 should have been the regular starting point. It doesn't matter how great the tablet is, only apple can sell a 499 tablet. Just look at the sale of Samsung tablets above the 300 price range, they are terrible. Even Apple is losing market share.

I will wait a few months to snatch the 2520, or maybe wait for the rumored 8-inch tablet (that would be perfect for me!)

A LTE tablet selling at $399 is actually a super bargain.  It is the cheapest LTE tablet ever.  Comparing to the iPhonne/LTE, it is a crazy low price.  If you don't need LTE, go get a BayTrail tablet.

$399 on contract doesn't seem like much of a deal if you can get it for $499 without a subsidy.

Man the only way I'd sign a contract with Verizon is if they were charging like $5-$10 a month for LTE. Knowing them it is probably closer to $100/month.

Yeah, but are they not dropping the RT branding from Windows RT all together? So, it kinda makes sense being labeled that way, am I wrong?

That Verizon signage is very misleading.


Smacks of a fishy MS con to me. Rightly or wrongly Windows RT has a dead dog smell about it in the retail world. Renamimg 'real windows' to Windows 8.1 Pro so that RT can be called Windows 8.1 is a shitty trick on consumers.


The pricing is confusing for consumers too. If Baytrail based tablets are out there running full-fat Windows 8.1 for $299 (without subsidies, I might add), people are even more likely to confuse these similarly priced RT tablets for real Windows ones.

The RT branding is only being dropped from hardware.  Latest naming is


Windows 8.1 for regular windows

Windows RT 8.1 for RT

I'm not seeing anywhere that the $499 price was actually "off contract".  From the looks of that ad, its regular 2-year contract price is $499 so what could it be with "no contract"  Crap!

$399 on a 2 year contract? Go smoke some more Verizon. It would be OK if it was 1 year, or $299 with 2 year contract.

Exactly, and btw, that $399 on contract price is just for one day (Black Friday), so I guess that means it will be $499 on 2-year contract if you don't get it on the 29th.

Actually, i didn't know that as this is the first time I've ever considered getting any tablet from a carrier. Besides, the price of the Ipad has no bearing on this topic because I was just making sure he knew that the $399 price is just one day and that it would go back to the regular price on contract of $499....but that in itself is kinda strange since according to all the articles I've seen, the tablet is supposed to be going for $499 before subsidies. Though it could be the way the signage is worded that's making it seem like it could be $499 on contract as well.

I don't think this has anything to do with Microsoft as it is a Nokia device on Verizon.

Depends on what you choose I'm guessing. If I were crazy enough to do it, I'd go for $15/350mb (I think) option and just rely on my phone (with unlimited data) to do the heavy lifting.

Hahaha... Wow, you're getting screwed over there in the US. For that price, you would get 3GB here, and that is incl 25% taxes.

Speeds are up to 64Mb/s on that specific carrier, it's in Sweden. On another carrier you can get 10GB at up to 100 Mb/s for four times as much and they cover 92% of the country.

I'm not sure there is a WiFi only model. I don't think one was ever mentioned oddly enough..

There is no WiFi model...unless you just mean you're gonna buy it off contract and only use the wifi.

Yeah I knew people were gonna latch onto how I phrased this. I mean I'm not buying a plan with it. Just the tablet thank you.

Dilemma I have is: how long will this device be supported after the MS takeover of Nokia devices? Surface gets monthly updates which is awesome.... Will MS treat this with same love? LTE is great add (surface in 2014, but took too long). Anyway, may get it, may not! Just traded in surface rt to amazon for 160 bucks!

Lastly, Windows RT is no more. Its windows 8.1 and 8.1 PRO... So this is technically correct on the advertisement. Winsupersite explains it.

Wrong. The Surface 2, and all ARM-based Windows tablets, run Windows RT 8.1. Only the RT branding on the Surface is gone.

Depends how you look at it... Yeah, deep down in the software specs, its windows RT, but that won't be marketed so why mention it on an advertisement? Is it misleading? Maybe... But so are all of Microsoft's new commercials.

The 2520 uses the same processor that is found in new Windows Phones, which makes me think that if Windows Phone and Windows RT do merge, this tablet would surely be supported.

You can partly thank T-Mobile for that with their Uncarrier plan. But we have to be fair and give most of the credit to Verizon and ATT for charging ass raping amounts of money over the life of a contract.

The amount of misinformation and stupidity in these comments is mind blowing. The tablet is $499 with no service agreement. If you opt for a two year contract, you save $100. This isn't a special black Friday deal. Verizon's been offering this option on other tablets since September.

I personally think a WiFi only tablet is worthless, so I'll be buying one of these bad boys launch day and for $10 a month on Share Everything it's a good deal. I won't be taking the $100 subsidy though.

I know the 2520 is being sold through ATT and Verizon, but does anyone know if it will work with T-Mobile? I really want go find a windows tablet with lte to take advantage of their free 200MB plan.

Really? I'm seeing on T-Mobile's site that the device has to be an UNLOCKED phone or tablet. This tablet is locked down to AT&T or Verizon from everything I've read. Are you seeing somewhere that it's not?

Are you sure about that? You've read somewhere this tablet will work on TMobile? Im not paying $500 based on a generalized assumption.

Oh and since TMobile is awesome, I already have several SIM cards. They offer them for free every couple of months.

I'd like to pick up one of these, off contract preferably. Does anyone know if it can act as a Personal Hotspot?

Windows 8.1 added the ability to use mobile broadband chips as mobile hot spots. Since it's built right into the OS the 2520 should natively support the feature.

Why pay $10 a month for LTE when I could tether my tablet and plug into my WP8 shared wi-FI when needed. I'm pretty sure this would seal the deal and make Surface 2 the winner in my book. Loved my Zune HD. Same will be true here.

The reason you may want to get a Bay Trail based device...

They have a Dell Venue 8 Pro ($299) hooked up to a USB 3.0 dock with some USB 3.0 video dongles and are driving 4 external monitors quite smoothly from an inexpensive little 8" tablet.

Mine arrives today...hurry up FedEx and get here already. I had no idea when I ordered this thing that it might just be a light workstation replacement when docked properly!



ok first the 1520 downgraded version and locked to AT&T with limited bands and exclusive.. broke the deal for me so I had to pass this mobile..going with iphone 5s, no need to worry about logo and carrier brandings, thus higher resale price.

now i just want the 2520 tablet and it is rolling out on contract for $500. Each carrier is getting 2 colors and no one listed the blue color which I want. Okay I'm going with iPad, hassle free solution.

That is highway robbery if they are only subsidizing the device $100 in exchange for a 2-year contract that will cost you in the ballpark of $1,000. For $1,399 I can get some pretty sweet ultrabooks that run 8.1 Pro!

Okay. Here are the actual details since no one feels like giving out proper information.

The tablet is $499 no contract or activation required. Just like when Nokia announced it.

Verizon has been running a $100 off a tablet with a 2 year agreement for the past two months. It is an option. You can choose to pay $399 with a contract or $499 with no contract. The "Was 499" simply means that before the contract it was 499. The tablet WILL NEVER be 499 with a contract