Expansys-USA.com now selling Lumia 930 for $699.99

lumia 930

The Expansys-USA.com website has become one of the first wirleess phone retailers based in the US to sell the Lumia 930, offering people a way to get their hands on the Windows Phone 8.1 device for $699.99 without a contract.

While the phone is only supposed to be available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, it looks like Expansys-USA.com got a hold of some of the devices from overseas and are now selling them to US customers unlocked and without a SIM card. Models in black, white, orange and green colors are available. The Lumia 930 is also available to purchase at Expansys's Canadian website, for the price of $784.99

The Lumia 930, which is basically the international version of the Lumia Icon, is now making it way across the rest of the world and should be widely available by the end of July. What do you think of Expansys-USA.com offering a way for US residents to quickly purchase an unlocked Lumia 930?

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Expansys-USA.com now selling Lumia 930 for $699.99


Got it for 499€ in Belgium with a free wireless charging plate (which is worth 60€)...so, for the phone alone, 449€ ;D

LOL although I always hated Math, this is what happens when you start rounding up numbers and then don't follow through with it (and in adition you don't notice you hit the 9 instead of the 0 lol)

The phone + charger was 499.99

The charger alone is worth 59.99

So, phone value 440€.

You wont get LTE and in some cases only EDGE (Tmo). Not worth it at $700 when you can get the 1520.3 for around $550 which works with ATT and Tmo's networks.

If the 1525 is coming out you'd better wait. It's going to be spec'd better than the 1520 plus it'll have a valid US warranty.

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I'm not from the U.S. so I'm not sure but isn't the 1525 slated for T-Mobile and therefore not compatible with AT&T LTE?

No reports are the 1525 will not be exclusive to no US carrier. So Tmo, Att, Verizon and Sprint might get it.

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Agreed, just pointing out the 1520.3 as a comparison. Its really not good value for a US user and its odd that its being spotlighted here.

I went that route with an Oppo Find 7 so I felt compelled to mention. My wife had 5 bars LTE sitting next to me at the Park in my town whereas I had 2G signal with no data (texting and calling worked I think). but I was trying to listen to Pandora and I was not very happy about plopping $500 on that Oppo. I sold it the next day on eBay for a profit, fortunately, but I will tell you, check the band! Great phones are useless bricks without data connectivity when you need it.

(Yes I know we have MixRadio, excellent HERE Maps, CoPilot, and Data Sense, that's not the moral of the story here.) My 1520 is still kickin @$$ and taking names via voice commands to Cortana.

No, unfortunately not. Supported frequency bands are as follows:


  • WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100 (1,2,5,8)
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 (2,3,5,8)
  • LTE: 800/900/1800/2100/2600 (1,3,7,8,20)

This is what the carrier exclusivity do to you.  No matter how good the L930 is and how much you want to have one, MS/Nokia just don't let you to have it.  Verizon, with L928 and Lumia Icon, has only 13.7% of the US WP phone market share.  The rest of carrier customers are just out of luck to get hold of the supposedly the new flagship L930.  Just ask Steven Elop what the fxxk he is doing.  This is exactly the reason the US WP market share is going nowhere.

I think everyone understands the impact of carrier exclusivity.  I'm not sure you understand that consumers are pretty much powerless to change whether these deals can happen or who can conduct them.  There are teams of well paid people whose jobs are develop strategy.  Somewhere along the line all of these teams from different companies and carriers came to the same conclusion and that is that this type of wheeling and dealing makes sense for a given product/platform/carrier/manufacturer - but hold the press, it seems they got it all wrong despite years of success; perhaps you should apply for a position and share with them your wisdom?  :)

Awesome post Ray... I love it when people are logical. Sorry to hear you're stuck on WP7. ;-)

Whoa... That's nearly $175 more than I paid for my Lumia 920 when it first showed up, and then to unlock it and move it over to a new carrier. I'd really love to use it, but yikes...I guess I'll wait til fall for the new devices that'll hopefully end up on local carriers or at least easier to find.

Agreed.  I would like the phone to work 100% as intended and don't want to worry network incompatibilities that work against that.  Sigh, these 1st world problems we must endure.

I think all articles like this should be accompanied with at least the publicly available best information about which carrier the phone would work on...

Well, Nokia does publish available compatible networks.  It is surprising that someone doesn't have a website that shows unlocked phones and a carrier compatibility matrix (with *gotchas).

Considering this article is primarily of interest to Americans, your comment makes no sense.

Or did you just want to bitch some about the US for no good reason?

Of greater interest if I wasn't waiting for McLaren is that the RM-938 US version of the 1520 is available -- and in yellow. Unfortunately, after the 256GB Surface Pro 3 I'm about tapped out for tech for a few months. :)

Well...you'll have a couple of years to enjoy the phone until then. And by the time they change it, I'm sure you'll be already wanting another phone ;)

You're welcome ;D Enjoy your 930...and you can send me a shippment of picanha instead XD

Tempting, mainly for that beautiful orange and no longer having to deal with the swipe/tap bug on my 1520. But the 1520 has such an epic display and battery life, and I'm getting full LTE on T-Mobile. Not to mention Glance Screen. Not worth switching, in the end. Worth noting that the 1525 and McLaren should both be around before the year is out too. 

Real shame about Glance. It's not a deal breaker type feature, but it's one of those things that irritates and makes me want to totally dismiss the 930 as an unwarranted compromise -- even though it probably wasn't [unwarranted].

I really don't get the point why it has to be a news that product X is now available at dealer X ... And also are you in the US not able to get a phone without a carrier? I mean if I want something I'll usually can get it without asking a lot where to buy or which carrier has it...

The US carrier market is very different from other places. We as consumers don't really have a lot that we can do about it. One problem is that half of us are on CDMA networks and the other half are GSM. The other problem is that most carriers offer no discount for being off contract, so it makes it hard to turn down a subsidized phone. Our data is also much more expensive than it is in Europe in general. The reason for that is actually fairly simple, the US is huge geographically. The expenses that our carriers have for covering the US with LTE are way higher than European networks. All national infrastructure in the US is crazy expensive.

LTE won't work for every us carrier , but 930 has lte band 7 , which is the band used by Rogers and bell in Canada. So it should work well in Cabada

Only problem is only the icon variant has been certified to operate in Canada on lte but has yet to receive a fw update to recognize Canadian sims lte

If you are on T-Mobile USA --DO NOT BUY--. This is not compatible with T-Mobile's AWS 3G and LTE bands.

Personal advice, speak with your wallets, if you are in the USA -DO NOT BUY- the 930 unlocked, let them deal and suffer with their exlusive deals, plus you DO NOT WANT to approve their strategy of announcing a phone and releasing it 3 months after as a carrier exlusive. Let them know it is NOT OK, so they can learn to do better in the future.

Not really. You Americans just aren't used to buy phones without contracts on PAYG basis. This is the sort of price we normally pay in Europe for our devices. Actually, we normally pay more as flagships all are around 600€-750€ (that's $816-$1020). Except for the iPhone, of course, whose price can reach 900€ ($1224) for the 64GB version.


As for the Nokia L930 at $699...that's 514€. It's less than what the phone costs in the majority of European markets (in Portugal they ask 600€ for it).


Now...if you're telling me the Nokia L930 isn't objectively worth these prices anymore...THEN that's a different story and I totally agree with you.

I need one for my son but can't afford it. His birthday was last week an I gave him a used old phone of mine. He has been Wanting a phone for a long time but my wife an I are having $ problems an had to do a cheap route but he did not Complain he smiled and said thank you. It does hurt my heart he is a good boy an we are having to move in with my dad till we can get back on track he is losing his room and is worried about me an mom he offered his birthday $ to help out try an remember that some people are not as Fortunate as others good day and God Bless.

Kids will do fine. Don't feel like you have to buy him the newest phone. All my friends had phones in highschool and I didn't get one until college. I survived just fine and I still love my parents.

Pricy as hell. SoC is slightly outdated, the whole phone is outdated since it was already released in february.

Responding to 930 articles is ICONic for some of us. I would have ponied up for a 1020 on big red but alas, I just had to wait for the release of the 929 to get my fix.

These comments always make me chuckle a bit. If you're on Sprint and want Windows phone... well you need to just give up and move elsewhere. They could not have been more clear that you will get NOTHING.

IDK what stopped Nokia from making this phone pentaband and compatible with US LTE. I wanted this device but Lumia ICON doesn't work with LTE and has MMS issues with GSM carriers.

I'm from Argentina and I bought the 1520 through Expansys. I bough it last December and so far everything seems good. Besides it's 220 dollars cheaper right now.
PD. I hope Cortana is wrong this Sunday or at least that she corrects herself. Germany? Really? Anyways, it could go either way.

I don't mind carrier exclusives... As long as att has something to carry... My 920 is beat. Waiting for mclaren

Well, no LTE on USA T-Mobile is a no go for me, but this is a glimmer of hope that better things are coming this way.

Not at THAT price. My god, I could buy a couple 920s and a classy dinner for 2 for that much. This is verizons fault. They just HAD to have their exclusive..

Just about ordered from expansys.ca and totaled out to $850 after taxes and shipping. Just a bit too much. That starts getting into surface pro money... Nothing wrong with my Lumia 920, just wanted a better version of out that was faster and a bit newer.

Nearly $900 after tax to import to Canada. Why are we basically the only country on Earth that doesn't have a single carrier stocking this again?

I'll stick wihthe Icon that I know operates at its full optential on Verizon's band. I've been burned with unlocked phones before.

tempting but too small for my tastes.  Holding out for the 1525 hopefully its available soon and packs a Snapdragon 805 rather than the 801.

Now it's just down to this and and the 1520. I think im gonna go with this, I like the metal and the look more, the camera on the 1520 doesn't look good to me... I with the 930 was a little bit bigger, that would make it perfect. Because I feel like it would be awesome to watch movies,YouTube,play games on the 1520 with that monster display. And that endless battery life would keep the fun going on and on. But hey, the 930 seems like a perfect phone for ME. I dont know about you :)

In Spain is listed as Soon™ since May 2014. If not launching until August i might get an Android one.

info: Nokia E75 is my daily driver even today.