Fable Coin Golf and Tetris get Mango updates

Fable Coin Golf Tetris Mango updates

We’ve been bombarded by a slew of Xbox Live updates this week. Some, like Gravity Guy’s, are quite significant. Others just add Fast App Switching support, which still ain't half bad!

Fable Coin Golf: Straight from the mouths of our friends at Microsoft, Fast App Switching support is the only new feature of the version 1.1 update. Still, that should make using the Achievement Guide much more convenient.

Tetris: The only change I’ve discovered is Fast App Switching support. It’s been tough finding anyone involved with the Windows Phone Tetris port – be sure to chime in if you know anybody.

Both Fable Coin Golf (review) and Tetris (review) cost $4.99. You’ll find them here and here on the Marketplace.

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Fable Coin Golf and Tetris get Mango updates


I also received an update for PvZ but not sure what it was.  Possibly just fast app switching as well.  Any news on that one?

That achievement guide is useless for getting Gold medals.  As an avid achievement whore, I HATE guides that define the achievement but don't provide an actual guide to how to complete the achievement (in this case, a guide on how to gold each level).

A more in-depth guide would certainly be appreciated, but it does at least help with the situation-specific Achievements. And the thread itself includes discussion of problem levels.

Yep! First, make sure you already have the Windows Phone Mango update. Then go to the Marketplace on your phone and search for the game you wish to update. If it doesn't have an Update button at the bottom, press Back and then select the game title again. Update should appear the second time you view the game's store page.

tnx a lot. worked perfectly. you actually have to click on it twice every time so the 'update' button shows next to the 'share' button.