Fable Legends to get multiplayer beta on Xbox One

fable legends

Fable Legends is the latest game in the long running Xbox Fable fantasy series from developer Lionhead, and today during Microsoft's E3 2014 media event it was revealed that the new game will get a multiplayer beta before launching exclusively on the Xbox One console later in 2014.

While previous Fable games concentrated on campaign themed role playing, Fable Legends will be a four player co-op game that can only be played online, as players take on typical roles such as the ranged shooter, the mage and more. More importantly, the game will support a fifth player which will be a villain character that the other four players will have to defeat.

There's no specific date for when the multiplayer beta test will begin, and there's also no word on when the final version will be released.

Source; Microsoft


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Fable Legends to get multiplayer beta on Xbox One


Off topic: I thought this was a windows phone news site. Why all this Xbox news? It's also from Microsoft? Yes, true, but not everyone with a windows phone has an Xbox...

Because there's ongoing E3 event. So expect there are a lot of Xbox and game news. I love this.

Like interests. Odds are if you are a WPhan (i should trademark this term, icalled it!) you are more than likely interested in other MS products, Xbox, surface, office, windows OS, etc. As my name puts it all my friends refer to me as Microsoft Matt when other Matts are present

As a side note I own an Xvox one but do not own a single game for it yet ( I bought it for the interactive capabilities with my TV and the Kinect sensor for Xbox fitness) This may be my first, I am not hard core enough to get into FPS multiplayer, but I loved the fable franchise for the first Xbox and PC.

I understand, but isn't there a specific news site for Xbox? I mean, at android central they don't write articles about samsungs washing machines...

Not sure how I feel about this.....actually no I do. Fable is RPG; this is more like WoW to me. I'm a little not so happy about this. Glad to see a different way this could go....but I'm still awry about it....