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Facebook beta gets a quick patch update for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

It was exactly one week ago that Microsoft revealed the new Facebook beta experience for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. The new version of the app brought it up to 5.3 and 8.3, depending on your OS version and with it a few new features like video upload and a brand new UI.

Today, Microsoft has pushed out a small update to address some initial bugs, and we're assuming any performance issues. Heading to the Store you will see version and if you're on Windows Phone 8.1.

There is only the old changelog listed, so we'll have to leave this to you folks to discern what is and what is not new, if anything. We're not expecting much in the way of new features, but perhaps some things have been fixed (on Windows Phone 8.1, Facebook beta still seems to be missing from the Me Tile stream).

One week later, what your thoughts on the new Facebook Beta? Has Microsoft finally assuaged your complaints? Let us know what they could do better!

Thanks, Ανέστης Μ., Zapella T., and Joseph S., for the tips!

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Facebook beta gets a quick patch update for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1


Almost end of June and still waiting for that major updates to Skype and facebook apps like they promised

Look for some craziness as Google is making YouTube a paid streaming service. I'm interested to see how the Metrotube update will be like.

We should make it free for WP users. WP user base is so small (as Google says) so they won't get hurt by not getting money from such small number of subscriptions.

It's not slow for me at all. It's much faster and way better than the previous aesthetic which was a little clunky IMO (920).

And the official release of WP 8.1!  Wonder what the hold up is?  Maybe MS should stop focusing on android and get back to WP!

You really think WP8.1 is delayed at this point by MS supporting other platforms rather than carrier BS in deploying OS updates OTA? You think that's air that you're breathing now?

Wait a min...so the beta ui design refresh isn't the awaited update...? How do you know there's more..??

i highly doubt that...i think this is the major overhaul...although it seems like it's just a different UI similar to the last last version but improved

Unfortunately I think this is it too... problem is, it didn't seem to fix any of the bugs and missing features, just a nice new interface and a bit faster. Still can't see or post pictures in comments, still often jumps to the bottom of the comment list when you like a post losing your place, still doesn't seem to let me tag non friends... I think if they fixed those things I would be pretty happy.

Its the same design that android got months ago. So just like the last time, this one's gonna be final until the official facebook(for android and ios) gets another UI overhaul.

I like it.. I like it alot!!.. It's faster, and much more stable!! I love the layout, and the metroish desing.. All it needs is video upload, and upload pictures in comments, and it will be perfect❕

Exactly. This is the update I've been looking forward to. The only problem I have right now are the news feeds. They always show irrelevant information like someone wishing someone else a happy bday. Just irritating to see such posts on my news feed.

I'm a little confused by this... if that's what your friends post, isn't that what you will see? Are you saying other versions filter out things like birthday wishes?

Facebook is great for keeping the family up to date with photo and such. Still looking for the ability to post photos in comments, see photos in comments and reference friends in posts.

Except if there is a new baby pic shared, you probably won't see it, because this ridiculous app hides half of the posts for you.

No now it just shows most recent stuff! It hasn't hidden anything from my desktop version so far! BUT seeing my close friends group I can't see anything they like and stuff... Still waiting for this to be updated then ill officially ditch the website forever

Seriously.. All it shows is the liked pages updates and very less friend's feeds..

Give an option to switch to Top stories and that actually works

There are no settings. Either not everyone has this problem or you simply don't have a keen eye for what's missing in your newsfeed. Fact is, this problem is occurring for many people.

crise -- same here mate. For the last week my news feed (app) only showed friends posts from the day before. Hopefully, this update as fixed the problem.

What settings are u talking about? I cant even tag certain friends in comments with this app but I can on the website and on the windows8.1 app not sure what the problem is its def this app

I'm aware of that but on the facebook app for wp if I look at my friends list some of my friends are missing im guessing they have their privacy settings set to block them from being viewed in third party apps which is why they don't show in the news feed in the people hub. Of I look on the fb site or the fb app on windows they are on my friends list and I can tag them in comments its only this stupid windows phone app

Of course I have use the @ symbol I can mention some friends but not all and on the fb WP app they aren't listed in my friends list at all, but on my windows 8.1 and the Facebook site they are there on my friends list. I dont get it the only thing I can think of is the missing friends are blocking 3rd party apps and they cant be viewed with 3rd party apps. The same way some friends don't show in the people hub in the news feed

There is no such settings... Just like some pages on FB and then see your feed. Its different from what you get in mobile/desktop website or iOS/android app.

All you get here is most recent feed....

If you don't allow it to run un the background then you miss a whole lot of posts. It will only show you a few recent ones plus the last feeds you were on during last session.

xtrimist8709.... Facebook always runs in the background -- I don't see the point in having a smartphone otherwise -- and it was always missing friends posts. Therefore, there must have been something wrong with it ;-)

All of my post are there. Like I said, check your settings. The only people who say they miss post are the people who use the "top stories" view.

Read my post above and like I said a million times, top or recent only changes the ORDER. Also I really don't believe that you see everything. Do you see Instagram posts or person A got in a relationship with person B? I'm pretty sure you do not.

Yes I do see Instagram post. I can't comment on relationship stuff as my friends are pretty set. Of course top or most recent changes the order on the site. Half of the stuff in the top stores view is OLD, thereby making it seem like you're missing half of your post in the app. Since I only do most recent of the site, my app and site experience sync up.

Well trust me mister. I know every facebook setting there is, in every corner of that messy website and in all apps. And I'm not stupid enough to be fooled by top stories. It is a god damn fact, hard as iron, that forever since I'm on Windows Phone, and have to deal with this app, many posts are missing from the newsfeed. It is not a settings thing, it might be some mysterious region/language or whatever thing. Or something else that is not equal to all facebook users. Facebook is a hero in giving random people a different experience, like giving them a headstart with a new timeline or whatever. Not everything in the backend is the same for everyone either. So god knows what is causing this for many people. But it ain't the things you keep bitchin about. We are not stupid. This is a fundamental problem with the app, because if I use the android app I see everything, and also with the JDB app I see everything.

Then write bug reports to MS, keep using the jdb app and stop bitching about it here. I can tell you, as a fact, I miss no post and in fact the app shows me new post faster than the site, so obviously it cannot fundamentally be an app problem. You said it yourself Facebook gives different people different experiences, that means IT'S BACKEND. I never called you stupid or insinuated it, just tried to give you some solid reasons, nevermind then.

Well I strongly agree with crise, my facebook beta app and official one both shows only my liked pages feed and a very little of my friends' picture feeds. And I've checked settings a million times. So maybe you are among the very few people who's not having problem, take a look around and you'll find that most of the people are having this issue.

Surely there is some problem.. Feed on WP app is different from what you get on website or android or iOS app.

I've written them dozens of times, so can you just shut the hell up? If all is fine for you, go outside and have fun. You ate very annoying.

Actually, after reading the rest of your responses to my other post, I do have to question some things...

I used to use JDB until the last update when I started getting "notifications limit exceeded" every 15 minutes because they hid the location awareness icon (social scout) when they added text you the top menu buttons. I love JDB, otherwise, but had to dump it because of the notifications warning.

have U used JDB facebook app ??? i can't miss any news feed on that app yet facebook apps can't show a thing from FB friends news.

I have had this problem since day1. Wrote so many emails to Microsoft no reply.
Tweeted windows phone help and Nokia care.
The have no clue.
Like they stopped replying to me.
Just waiting for next iPhone.
I am done with this.

I remember the"sections" header used to go when you scrolled but I think he's right with the whole top bar fading away, certainly hides and appears with more hate than it used to at least.

Also seems fa......cebookier lol

I haven't updated yet and currently both the section header, I.e. "news feed", and the pivot header both fade.

asylumxl -- sorry mate you're wrong and Daniel is right, because I also remember the top bar hiding when scrolling down ;-)

It is without a doubt the best Facebook experience that windows phone has ever had.
I was just having bugs yesterday, clicking on a notification didn't bring me to the notification, so I'm hoping this stomped some of those bugs.

Needs to show posts like other OS apps and website does, for some reason this doesn't show half the posts.

Also needs comment pictures

You are quite annoying. If you do not have the problem yourself, stop telling other people we do not have this problem. Recent or top changes only the order!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the missing posts issue and it's nothing to do with recent/top stories I often don't see posts from my wife for example. There is certainly an issue here

Its quick because they made everything to get to super fast with the UI still missing features but forgive them for now because they added video upload and made it fresh a lot better now we need chat stickers and maybe missing inline features etc other

videos should play in portrait.. pictures, video links open up in new page, should open up in feed. getting there

I still have lots of complaints, but with this speed from ms it might be fixed soon. What I miss is being able to arrange fav groups, inline comments, picture upload in comments and a few other features that Droid and IOS have

Excellent update and improvement but there are still things missing that I hope Microsoft adds like pictures in comments, ability to create and fully edit events, and a few other things. Overall, very happy and satisfied

It's like he's decided to dismiss everybody's facts and problems because he's so happy with that Facebook app that we are committing crimes to speak against it. :D

I'm seeing all the posts in my feed. Bizarre how people can have different experiences with the same app. L920 with 8.0.

When you comment or view photos from the People Hub, the stupid Facebook load screen shouldn't appear. It's just a waste of time, incredibly time consuming and incredibly annoying.

The app is slow as it is, and since they've dumped the Hub Integration, commenting and viewing photos NEED to be as quick as it originally was (with the integration).

Twitter, yes! It's been ages since Twitter received some major love on Windows Phone. Android app keeps getting updates every few days :/

This is what I want from the Facebook app - when I get notified of a comment, either in the action center or the app itself, I want to be taken DIRECTLY to the comments. Instead, users are directed to the original post where you then have to take the added step of selecting the comments icon. It's just one of the things I miss about the old People Hub functionality....quickly viewing/posting comments.

Marvelous redesign, and the best by miles the Windows Phone experience or any platform in my opinion, has been to date. Have owned all three platforms for extended periods and many at the same time and this is just graceful, and smooth

I love Facebook Beta very much. I even unpinned the normal Facebook from the start screen. Facebook beta brings alot of new features and improvement. The UI also is more fresh. One thing that the should improve is that when there is long post we should be able to read all the words by clicking ' see more'. I be been facing the issue that I couldn't read the full post. All in all I love Facebook beta very much

Feels faster. Seriously. No lag anymore. I really like the UI and layout in photo viewer that we can read the comments while the photo is still opening. Good job ms!

I like the new beta. And honestly, it really is faster - the notifications pane loads much quicker, at least for me.

Like someone else said the ability to post pics on treads and view them would make this app perfect!

One feature that I'm looking for in FB is the ability to open notifications of new posts by pages I follow like Microsoft, because when I tap on one, it takes me to the explorer. Also in the news feed I want to see posts the way they show up in the explorer because it only shows the most recent posts, but not the most interesting ones from official pages I've liked.

One thing I have noticed since the update, is that friends birthdays are showing up in my calender again. Nothings been showing up since the last update -- well happy.

However, I'm still not able to download PDF files from group pages :-(

Previously, I couldn't see the full text of posts that had a "See more" link, but this update seems to have fixed it. But I'm still having issues with the grey background of the news feed when resuming. It will take a snapshot of the screen when it resumed and replace the grey background with the snapshot.

I'm still unable to view the full content of "See more" posts, and also experience the same background image issue when you resume a session without closing the app. I do like the new look though.

My phone updated FB app and it was a lot better than last week.  Other than that, I really miss official YouTube app that Microsoft made it for Windows Phone 8 users...Sigh...Hopefully, Google and Microsoft will collaborate in anytime.  

Still not upto the mark...... Updates from frnds does not show up here ....live tile should be as per wpcentral app tile is....transparent and full live

Unable to upload photos directly to profile photo and cover photo option and every upload and download should show up in notification centre.....notification centre is made for what purpose????

Looks great. I haven't updated to today's patch yet, but the new beta seems to have finally fixed the auto-refresh bug in the news feed. (when you would share someone's post, it would take you back to the top of the feed). However, it appears to have transferred the bug to the comments section. Now when you "like" a comment, it scrolls you back to the most recent comment. Frustrating! But better than the news feed auto-refresh.

I hope this patch doesn't screw it up again.

While this version seems to do a better job of showing my friend's posts, it is still missing a few of them. And yes, my facebook web version is set to display Most Recent comments.


Before the update, I would've used the browser version of Facebook. Now, with the new update, I find myself using the app daily. I guess its the Facebook that we all wanted. Fast, smooth, and beautiful. One annoying bug is that they don't show pictures in comments.

It's great that Microsoft has changed UI. But this UI is not influenced by MetroUI but rather is to bring WP app at par with Android and iOS Facebook apps. I would appreciate if Microsoft makes an unique app for WP like the very first Facebook app and not just try to get the app in line with other platform apps.

I really love the new FB app. The only problems I have are reading long posts and the news feed. I get a different news feed on my computer and facebook app. Hope they fix this.

Read more doesn't work. Instagram posts still wont show on timeline. Come on MS. Way behind.

The beta now links to my People hub, the option wasn't available after updating to 8.1 so I had to uninstall. ATIV S.

Daniel, I have Fb beta in me tile stream. Did you tryed to open app - settings - connect with my phone - sync now? It worked for me. :)
P. S. I am using 8.1

I liked the new UI..regarding the news feed some of my frnds post could be seen,some are not..It needs to be fixed..But still it lacks many features like photo comment is not visible from the app. We need to open the browser to view it..Cannot change Profile  and cover picture directly..Cannot edit my profile from the app..About section is not organised..We have given this feedback many times still no action is taken..We really want a full fledged facebook experience on WP..

I hate such meaningless updates that have no definite goal.Video uploading function has been ruined by this last update.It crashes everytime I try to upload even a 22 Mb video

One annoying thing is the Messenger commercial that takes up real estate in the message section ("Get messages faster. Try the new messenger app") . I installed Messenger and it disappeared, but as soon as I uninstalled it the commercial came back... Anyone else have it?

To everyone complaining that the app doesn't show all status updates, your friend(s) probably have their privacy settings set to block all third party apps. You have to remember that this is Microsoft's app, not an official app made by Facebook.

I've written them dozens of times, so can you just shut the hell up? If all is fine for you, go outside and have fun. You are very annoying.

Downloaded it, tested it, it's great but seeing that I already have Facebook integrated into the WP8 OS I don't really see the point. Uninstalled.

I can think of better uses for the 12mb it takes up!

Didn't notice any difference. Still couldn't change the news feed settings to display top stories yet, sigh.



The Problem I see with Official and Beta App is In Live Feed it shows More Posts from pages we liked than the updated from Friends...


Its really frustating...

I have noticed something new in this latest update. When you tap on the comments icon for a photo, before you would just get a page of text (comments referring to the pic). Now you get a small animation of the photo shrinking and rising to top of page with the comments underneath. Finally you can see the comments and the pic at the same time. Good job!