Facebook Beta gets updated with minor improvements

Facebook Beta

"It seems faster" doesn't quite cut it for every update that hits the store with no change log. This includes Facebook Beta, which has just been bumped to version (up from Unfortunately, Microsoft has failed to provide a list of changes included in the release an thus we're not entirely sure what's actually new with this update. That said, it's available for download.

Since we're unable to obtain a changelog, we'll note likely minor improvements and bug fixes, but if you have updated Facebook Beta and notice anything new, be sure to hit us up in the comments.

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Facebook Beta gets updated with minor improvements


Agreed, the Beta has run without a hitch for me since the layout change, would like to think it would be updated in the next week or two ready for Cyan/GDR1/Cortana

I had quite a few bugs and app chrashes, on my lumia 925 runing 8.1 nokia cyan. I would say it's close to be good enough for official release but not quite there yet

Meanwhile, internet explorer has added the option for photo commenting in Facebook. And also direct uploading of photos.

So true. I haven't even been able to update to the official 8.1 ("under testing" according to MS-Nokia site) and now there's already an Update 1...

Same here on my Lumia 920, i think i would update to update 1 before cyan update, once on developer preview forever on dp ;)

Simple solution: Pan left in the app, or scroll down on the web page, and tap/click the download link.

I would rather use some betas and be forever in DevPreview than to wait ten long years to enjoy new features!

Ironically the Facebook Messenger app updated yesterday had noticeable performance improvements yet it wasn't mensioned in the changelog, I hope this is faster as well. Downloading now.

I'm having a bit of trouble with the calendar entries and Me hub integration using Facebook beta so I switched back to the old app. It's a shame because I quite like FB beta, but those features are quite important to me. Anyone else having issues with those two integration features?

I prefer main for 3 reasons:
1, Interface wastes less space, can see more on main.
2, more lefty loosey, righty tighty than the beta. I like the panels more. Swipe left for search, groups, settings, etc. Swipe right and IMMEDIATELY see who's online. Not tap and wait for another app to launch...
3, the integrated messenger.
Bonus 4,it ends up feeling more Metro than the shitball Windows 8 design styling's. W8 had tiles and that was about the only similarity it had to WP. Any UI/UX elegance and design refinement from the Zune/WMC/WP7 days is lost to their statistical feedback design model now.
Hope this helps, there are kids on my lawn I need to go yell at now.

They seriously need to add friends activity. I can't see when do my friends change their profile pics,when do they comment. These small updates won't help MS!

Microsoft has been charged, great news since yesterday ;)
Thank you Wpcentral, thank you MS you make me happy.
Now waiting for Xbox music update

What's wrong with BETAs and Previews lacking change logs? These are products that MUST have change logs! I am kind of ok with them not  telling us what changed in non-beta stuff, but come on, if you call it UNSTABLE BETA VERSION - tell me what you are changing so that I know if I want it or not.

Too true, and it's not like writing a simple note "No new changes. Just faster, yo." is going to take more than two minutes.

I think I found something new on this update. Before the update I tried many times to dislike a page and although it showed disliked but after I reload the page the deslike didn't take effect but now I tried to dislike a page and actually worked!

I've had that same issue. Haven't updated yet, though, so I dunno if it's fixed for me.

Man someoneone noticed "chat on facebook" in wp8.1 update1 news picture...is that feature hitting wp again in coming update & is it same as wp8 fb chat in messaging app...please someone rwply i'm waiting for it eagerly...

I also just saw that I didn't noticed that the first time I saw it
May be it has to do with Messenger app integration or something and btw they should replace the friend request section with the active friends section and integrate friend requests in notifications in the beta app.

i am thinking same too......is it possible facebook messenger is integrated to SMS hub....like Skype was rumored to be similar to hangouts and sms in android

Well, I hope that you guys are aware that apps can plug into the messaging hub if they choose to. That came with WP8.1.

I want the html5 inefratiin back. That was so awesome on windows phone. I really use to love that eotu me tile. Now me tile is of no use to everyone. We want integrations.

We need photo comments show up in comments.. And please add say what are you doing option in status update. Rest is pretty good

It never has been on any store. You have to follow the link directly from this article or scan the QR code.

It never has been. You need to use the QR code or link above. Or you could install Sysappusher and look at the Microsft section on there to download FB Beta...

May be everyone in the skype developement team for wp8 is sent home.... for MS, Android and IOS are their top priorities....

After the update the App crashes while we click the sync now button.. And also it shows an alert msg while pressing the sync now .. Did anyone noticied??

Seriously, after getting myself an Android and some FB action on it, I can not bear to think how undernourished and deficient the WP FB apps (both public & public beta) are.
1) clicking on some notifications takes you to the browser ( in Android, those open inside the app)
2) Can not edit your updates or change privacy settings after post is made
3) Browsing inside groups is only upto a certain limit
4) White screens appear for long-drawn periods of time while new data is loading
5) When you visit profiles and check out their 'likes', you can not click on those likes to take you to the respective FB pages.
6) Long posts open in browser when you click on 'See more'

And there is not even a hint from MSFT that they are working towards incorporating these features which are there on the Android app.

The only good thing in the FB app on WP right now is that messaging is still integral.

I have to say this and I wish I knew the reasons behind this, but on every other platform the Facebook app is a native app from Facebook. Why is this not the case for Windows Phone? The feature set between those apps and the app on Windows Phone is woefully lopsided. I would love to see those with a real voice ask both MSFT and Facebook why there is not an official app from Facebook with full feature parity between Windows Phone and the other mobile platforms.

Yes, I am using the beta app and it still lacks so much of the functionality that Facebook has on my other mobile devices that it is almost painful to use. I am also curious as to why Facebook has not made an official version of their Pages Manager app.

As to this beta. PLEASE bring back the "Most Recent" feed. For the love of Cortana, who ever thought it was a good idea to not include or even remove that functionality?

1) Which notifications? Not trying to argue here; just curious as I've never had this happen.

2) Never tried, but seems like an important feature we're missing

3) What do you mean?

4) Agreed. Ick.

5) Again, never tried that.

6) Going from news feed -> 'See more' -> page within the app dedicated to just that post will show a little bit more, but if you still have to click 'See more' there then it opens the browser and IS ANNOYING AS CRAP.

When there are multiple birthdays of your friends and you tap the notification, it will take you to the Browser.

1) These are mostly updates from pages such as Nokia, Windows Phone etc.
2) Yes. A minor thing but a major convenience.
3) Let's say you have a notification from a group, you click and you are directed to the group's page. As you scroll down older posts should keep appearing. But unfortunately on the WP FB app, after a certain number of posts, no more posts are loaded.
5) Let's say you are checking out somebody's profile and the Artist/Band pages they have liked. You see an interesting artist, let's say U2, whose page has been 'liked' by that person but not you. You would want to check out that FB page. On the Android app, you can simply click on where it says U2 and you'll taken to U2's FB page. But not so on the FB app.
6) Well, you got what I meant.

3) Oh. I can see how that would be inconvenient.

5) See 3).

6) I did, I just wanted to make sure everyone else reading got it =P They should definitely fix this.

Agreed but i am afraid it might never get feature parity because after all its not a 1st party app,its developed by Microsoft.I don`t see that changing until WP gain sufficient marketshare and gets rid of its OS restrictions.These updates are just for namesake in my opinion and hence no changelog,there aren`t any major changes after all :D

True, but then you realize, right?, that MSFT can not claim they have an awesome app-experience waiting for you for switching over to WP from Android/iOS when they are giving you a sub-par experience?

Does the official FB app gets all features from beta? I have both in my phone but seem like official FB is outdated.

Sooner than later the official app will be as the FB beta is right now. 'Coz that's how FB envisages its app to look like on all platforms. Plus, it fits Microsoft's vision for WP too.

Its interface is like Android Facebook app but the only problem with it on WP is that it doesn't show all the contents of news feed just all its predecessor apps.

When the fuck will they put the picture identification checking in -.- you receive the notification that you're tagged in a pic but you can't even see it or allow it ...

I'm losing my patience with WP. They don't seem to care about us.. Years pass by and we are still behind droid an os7 features :(

This. I have plenty of people asking me about windows phone and the fb app is the only thing that's stopping me from recommending it.
These are usually people who say they don't really care about apps and only really use WhatsApp and facebook. If we had an fb app that had feature parity with other platforms I would have got a lot of people to switch by now. It's a shame really.

I think WPCentral is missing out on an opportunity.  They could be selling T-Shirts that say "Seems faster..."  I think there are enough clowns that would be purchasing a few to make it worthwhile!

When you need to reply to someone who commented on something you posted, it opens IE facebook, this isn't good enough and needs to be integrated into the app, but its defo getting better

Pls Microsoft stop all these f***** updates which doesn't bring anything new..Please update the necessary features which can make fb experience on WP little better like ability to attach and see photo in comments..tag review..setting profile picture directly etc..please make this features happen in real.

After updating to 8.1 on my 1520 had a shit load of lag and resuming or loading after sliding up to unlock.Facebook Beta might be the problem.I'm not running the MS lock screen so that's not the problem.

Does this update fix the low-res profile picture in People hub integration? That was the reason I uninstalled the app back then...