Facebook Beta picks up another small update

Facebook Beta

Still holding out for a better Facebook experience on Windows Phone? The team behind the Facebook app hears you loud and clear. Another update to Facebook Beta has been pushed to the Windows Phone Store. This marks the third update to the app so far in 2014.

Facebook Beta was last updated earlier this month. That update brought the app to version Today we’re looking at version Again, another small update with no visible changelog. We’re not seeing any changes or improvements off the bat, but if you do let us know below in the comments.

You can grab Facebook Beta in the Windows Phone Store

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Facebook Beta picks up another small update


I just scroll through the comments and wait for a post like this to appear on every app post... :P

I dont think its a different animation. But its just that everytthing is faster, Even the content load. A good update, this.

I'm hoping after WP8.1 is released that Facebook Inc will port over the Windows 8.1 app to WP.

Definitely embarrassing in that it is almost exactly like the Android version. Why is that? What's the matter with a more Metro style version?

I don't recall "having been through this already". 

Moving on.. Got another question. Are the iOS and android versions still getting weekly updates? 

the android beta versions get as much as 4 updates a week yet we have to wait a month or more for  tiny update. Microsoft is a joke when it comes to Facebook app. 3 years later and we've not seen much improvement.


Have they fixed the notifications bug that got bugged up in the last 2 releases?

Facebook app on iPhone isn't fast either agree that WP fb app must be the slowest among all fb mobile clients. I prefer to use Facebook through IE on my WP

Also most of the time feed from my friends timelines never shows up in the news feed.
Its only shows posts from the pages I have liked.

Yep seeing the same thing. Loads of crashes when viewing notifications or tapping view more on long posts.

Seriously it is. 1) Loads faster 2) goes to latest post immediately instead of giving the '10+' bubble. 3) Don't have to click the bubble multiple times to go to the top

i think they will wait for windows phone 8.1 to release this app.

why would do release it if they had to update it and make it more reliable using wp8.1

Wow, no kidding. I started it up for the first time after updating and I barely see the splash screen any more. Pre-update, it would chill for a good half second or so before landing on my feed.

I'm on a Lumia Icon.

Still 3rd party. Cannot see certain friends updates, due to their privacy settings, while the native Android/iOS apps do show the same updates. :(

Source? You're on the source right now.
I'm not going back through 6+ months of WPC articles for you, but it's there.
I would suggest looking at WPC articles on Facebook Beta from July/August 2013. Good luck.

I mean MSFT can not get any more patronizing than this. The app works crap, is very frustrating. Is this the best MSFT can do and pass off for the best FB experience on a phone??

I just don't get why ms doesn't put they're effort into making the hub real outstanding. Why this halfassed fb app when they could make the hub so good that it would trademark Windows phone?

Pretty sure the Android version isn't being "fixed" and "updated" on an almost weekly basis. Strange that this has been going on for so long.

the android beta version gets as much as 4 updates a week usually 3 yet we get one monthly with "bug fixes"

Just uninstalled the beta days ago to change using the official version cause seeing the difference in version number. Now it just updated. Oh lol. Anyway keep up the good update dude.

Can actually post on a managed page as the page instead of as me, not sure if that's new in this update or previous one,

Also is heaps faster ;)

No, both apps are made in collaboration between Facebook and Microsoft.
The beta app is just to test new features before they are added to the non-beta.

i dont believe this app has anything to do with Facebook or it wouldn't act as a 3rd party app.

I just use the Me Tile :3 n the people hub n default messenger for all my fb needs...d thing i luv abt me tile is dt posting an update thru it says 'via windows phone' at d end...wich i luved bragging about,i its sad dt it vl b no more in wp8.1 :/:'(

Hey, it will still be there. FB integration isn't going away in 8.1. You can still be sad about twitter, Linkedin and others .

Here,in India,most used 2G...so dis app is of no use :/ coz it take years to load data..n mostly it juz doesn't load it saying Trouble fetching data'

They need to stop lollygagging around and actually make it on par with other platforms in both features and especially performance....

OMG~ Is freaking fast now! So fast that latest news feed actually shot out of the screen, and I need to press on the +10 tiny button in order to catch up with the news!! Wow!! Impressive MS! Keep up the darn good work!

Did it fix the late notifications thing? Earlier it was getting delayed by an hour or so. Moreover why arent the viewing option between the computer and the app synched? I have to clear notifications manually over the phone and the pc. :(

Seems like in Norway we get verson 3xx still.. I got a 920 black.. Its been an issue a long time. Need to set phone to USA language to get the verson 5xx.

Anyone noticed if u want read a big article u have to click "See more" button twice and after that it's opening in Browser. Y we can't read in same app??

Thanks but no thanks, this App is not good enough... People hub is so much reliable even though it doesn't have all the functions

Notifications work. Its fast enough. What's the problem? ( 'see more' on posts takes you to ie which isn't good)

The app is faster. The splash screen disappears very quickly. Before it used to take 2-3 secs until,your feed was displayed. Nice little update.

Have you tried changing the settings of the newsfeed from most relevant posts to newest posts? That should fix that.

I'll keep repeating this because it seems nobody is hearing or noticing this, while I'm screaming it over the whole internet for a year.
As far is this issue is there, the app is useless, no matter how fast it is.
People, please start complaining about this issue, all you people ever talk about in Facebook comments is the god damn speed. Omfg!!!!

Have you tried changing the settings of the newsfeeds? The same happened to me because it was set as show relevant posts and when I changed it to newest posts that was solved in my case. :S

No, it is not the settings, and no, it hasn't been fixed for you. You are missing updates guaranteed. You'll notice once you compare to the website.

Whenever an update comes for fb app on WP... All comment..."seems faster".. I dont think so... It is faster only on 3g...as always... I want better support for 2g..

It really seems faster hahahaha. Well, now seriously, when I try to open a post with a link in the notification area it suddenly closes. Does anyone else have this problem?

The only problem I have been having with this app for a while is that I can post something and I won't show in the app on my timeline for like 24 hours. But shows up in any other app. Hopefully its fixed now?

I'm proud to announce that I am the first person to post "Seems faster" on the FB Beta reviews. I'm so happy, couldn't have done this without you guys!

On load from close it now automatically jumps you to top of feed without having to hit arrow. Also noticeably faster load time.

It does seem faster, honestly. The slowness has always been my biggest complaint, if you can call it a complaint.

Notifications actually now appear when opening the app and when pressing the "back"button it's actually quite quick. An impressive update compared to the other placebo updates.

I'm glad this app is getting semi regular updates. Nice you can now update Pages, although it's only with text statuses at the moment... The only feature I'm really missing though is the rich status updates "is feeling..." etc, and I particularly like the "is watching...." when checking in at cinemas like my iOS loving friends have... Nearly there. Nearly!

With this update you can now see todays posts on friends timelines. Before there was a major delay

Its weird the last beta update was horrible on my 1520, this one so far seems much better when it comes to notifications!  I have been receiving them right away!  No issues!  Very very buggy app! 

Hey guys,

Sorry for offtop, but someone knows something about App in the Air for Windows Phone? I'm new in WP and on iOS I'm using App in the Air as a flying assistant. What about WP?

They fixed a glitch where you couldn't see posts in notifications and it said "we're having trouble getting data"

why not now integrate it with the current facebook app in which the chat not real-time..everything in windows phone are beta, instagram beta, nokia storyteller beta, Path Beta, Booklet Beta..hmm what else..