Facebook Beta picks up minor update

Facebook Beta

Ready for another Facebook Beta update? Why not. The official Facebook app usually is updated with features introduced in the beta. So if you want to live life on edge give Facebook Beta a try.

Facebook was updated last week and went to version then. Today we’re looking at version in the Windows Phone Store. Again, a minor update with nothing major to get excited about.

The official Facebook app did pick up an update a few days ago that took that app to version The reason for that update was to address a bug that was linked to the date in certain regions. Users were reporting seeing “String was not DataTime Recognized As” in the app, but the recent update appears to have fixed that.

Seeing any date bugs in the Facebook app? Let us know if this update fixes it for you. Sound off with another changes or fixes you notice.

Grab Facebook Beta in the Windows Phone Store for free.

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

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Facebook Beta picks up minor update


There is an official app... and this is the beta for the official app.
Yes, the official app is published by Microsoft. The app is made in conjunction with Facebook. There is nothing unofficial about it.

Need a major update. Ability to view pics quickly, proper birthday reminders on live tile. Though posting is super fast through html5 but this also needs such updates to be par with ios not android.

This is nice, also Official Samsung NOW App get updated with New UI and Metrotube get major fixes too. Updates everywhere.

I stil cant believe how microsoft leaves their parth with integration of services like the people hub and messaging hub and give us those ugly third party applications that basically is just bloatware to the system. I dont want a single app for single purpose. i want One.

I want their bing to provide services. Thats tue main thing to focus on to compete google. Imagine all bing services on your phone where u can tag music like shazam,in built bulletin news according to our likes, movie ticket booking from there no need of any app and main thing by not being US centric.

You last line sums it up. Bing isn't a worldwide service. Google is. Facebook is. So firstly Bing needs to be one experience around the globe, then they can dream on making what you are dreaming of.

But thats how we can get worldwide service. Providing bing services to iPhone and Windows phone. Gradually we can make progress with bing.

My experience, this has everything to do with a flaky network connection. But it might be your phone or Internet modem, instead of a poor signal. Try rebooting one or both. I have noticed my phone sometimes gets into a state where I will have full signal, yet is unable to access the internet. When it happens it usually seems to be during an access point or mode switch (WiFi to cell, or vice versa) during an active download.

Same issue here. I opened a thread on it twice and wpcentral closed it both times. Seems their trying to silence complaints about the fb app.

It's a constant problem on my phone that has a voice only SIM. I have cellular data disabled and use WiFi exclusively.

I get this annoying message, anytime I want to respond to a request to add a peron to a group. I hate it with a passion!!!

It is not usual 'Seems Faster' comment.

But this time it is really SEEMS FASTER. Noticable improvements in App Startup / Resume time specially on 512 MB RAM devices.

But thats how we can get worldwide service. Providing bing services to iPhone and Windows phone. Gradually we can make progress with bing.

I had a crashing problem when opening notifications from a group that contains a shared link.

those crashes doesn't exist any more.

I guess this is truly fixed this time.

How about they allow more than 5 photo uploads and allow uploading to work in the background.  I think that's one of the annoying thing about the facebook app for me.


I don't get it, how can an update to beta still be lower in version number than the official that's already 3.0?

I wonder why nobody is complaining about not seeing posts made by third party services like Instagram, Tumblr or Foursquare to name some. But these posts are visible using iOS FB app without any problem. Strange is, that I am notified that somebody liked or commented post, but I don't see it in the app.

Never seen it here. WP Central never mentioned it in their articles. It seems to me, that everybody complains about speed, but not about the missing features...

After seeing the messenger app we should raise the demand to get a official Facebook app made by Facebook Inc. The current app lacks so many features and way behind it's android and iPhone peers.

Can someone explain why the non-beta version is 3.2.3, and the beta is 3.2.2? Also are these apps any different?

I just can guess, that the last update of the non-beta version pushed it to the latest available stable build, because after the update the non-beta version was starting much faster than beta version, which has changed now with the beta version update, and both are starting significantly faster than before. So they probably choosed to update non-beta without actualy updating the beta version in the store.

This may sound nubi-ish, but how do get the Beta version? From my Nokia Lumia 822, Facebook Beta is not in the store, just regular Facebook no matter what search is done....

There's a change. When you tap your finger on a picture in your news feed, it give a tapping effect like the picture goes inside. Before this update, I didn't notice that. Though, picture loading time is still average.

How come Facebook Beta be on version and stable facebook be on Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Live tile seems to be working realtime with notifications. And i dont comment this at all when an update arrives.....but yes it definitely feels faster.

Still an error in version number with Norwegian phone. Got a 920 and it says v.3.x.x.x in the store. If I switch language to U.S it V.5.x.x.x but when I changes back to Norwegian the 3.x.x.x is back.. Strange. Its been a discussion about this on a Norwegian WP FB group.

I emailed him about this but he never replied. I would bet anything that 6Book is already written and being used by him for personal use because I have a hard time believing that Rudy would settle for using the garbage official app.

I have it. It's the most feature complete version of any fb app out there. However also the most buggy. This app has an update at least 2 times a week. I wonder how they are doing quality testing before pushing an update

Is that correct that beta has a lower build number. I always thought beta would be same number at least.

This is as official as it gets.
I don't know why people keep harping about an "official facebook app made by Facebook".
We already have that (it is made by Microsoft too) and this article is about its beta.
There has been no mention of an app made solely by Facebook and no one claiming that here has provided a link to that claim/link.

So please stop confusing people.

I wonder when Microsoft will make the time to add the functionality to add people to a group (based on a request to join). All the other facebook apps out there have it, but somehow Microoft doesn't deem it necessary to add it still. So I'm still staying away from their app untill the add this functionality. As a group admin of more then 22000 users, this is a must-have feature for me

As other users responding, so do I. Notification error dissapered for about three days..and i was so extremly happy that i wanted to give an ap 4 stars rating (from 2), and then suddenly came back ;/ I guess its crash on some specific notfication...but i have no idea on which one.