Facebook Beta picks up small update for Windows Phone


Friday is a good day for apps in the Windows Phone Store. Files, the official file manager for Windows Phone, came out a few hours ago. Now we’re getting an update for Facebook Beta. Let’s find out what’s new in this recent release for the giant social network.

Earlier this month was when the last update hit Facebook Beta. That update introduced Windows Phone 8.1 integration. Today we’re looking at version in the Windows Phone Store. Which puts it slightly behind the official app, which currently sits at version

We’re not seeing a new changelog, so chalk this up to bug fixes and performance improvements. Do let us know if you notice anything new. We’ll update the post accordingly if you guys and gals spot anything.

Word of caution: Earlier reviews in the Windows Phone Store for this update indicate that Facebook Beta is crashing. Update with care.

Thanks for the tips everyone! 

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Facebook Beta picks up small update for Windows Phone


I won't.... But it actually is faster. The App launches much faster and information loads very fast especially the pictures and my uploads are instantaneous.
Overall great update.

On WP8 it was crashing several times a minute. That is what the last beta brought as "new." I actually had to reinstall the RTM version just to use FB on my phone. With the update yesterday it is useable again.

Now, if an update for the Win8 version would fix the blank screen/no info issues that would be nice.

The official facebook app could also use some update. My posts is not displayed on my news feed, but only displayed on my profile. Grr...

Yeah I've noticed that recently as well, but I think it's also happening to me using a PC browser as well. I don't know why FB keeps changing and breaking things. Just leave it alone already!!!

Can anyone confirm if this one is also crashing?  I've been using the official fb app ever since updating to the 8.1 preview and the past few updates, the app has been randomly crashing while scrolling through my newsfeed. Should I uninstall and switch back to facebook beta?


It seems it opens up really fast. I can't compare with the previous version but I remember I could stare at the Facebook splash screen, before. Now it seems to me it starts almost immediately.

I don't know if its a new feature, but it seems to remember the last part of the newsfeed you were looking at, and opens at the same place when you reopen it after quitting properly. I've never noticed that before.
I've also been lucky enough to have never had any problems with it crashing. 1020 WP8.1

Yeah, I tried reinstalling it, but it still doesn't work. Just a light blue black screen when the app is set as lock screen. But thanks for the response.

The main bug I hate is that it says no data or the warning message for data problems but the mobile site works and other apps work with my data without a problem

Could someone please educate me as to why there have been both an offical release and a beta release running in parallel for so long and for so many version updates for both when both are made by MS? ...Just wondering.

I hope you're right because both versions are rubbish compared to the other platforms. They need feature/performance parity with these top tier apps if they want to be taken seriously by the average consumer.

I can't open the app now. Tile changed it's colour to greyish and it appears like it's not installed! Anyone else have this issue?

Am I the only one who no longer gets Facebook notifications on either the Facebook live tile or "Me" tile?

There is a new feature, finally it can view posts containing files from facebook groups. Previously when you open a file from a group you get a message " We are having trouble getting data" .

Now you don't get this message. Instead you gain access to the post BUT without a viewing option for the requested file.

Isnt it the same as the Microsoft's 'Facebook' app? What's the difference between that and this beta one? :/

I uninstalled the beta. Just on the normal app now. No difference between them. I hope the reason that we have not seen any new features on either for a while is because there is an official app on the way from Facebook with more features like on other platforms. Facebook could do with updating there messaging app aswell as still getting same problems with it as had at launch like cant open message from notification.

They say they fixed bugs and made it better but I go in and my friends are saying the same dumb stuff.  How long is it going to take them to fix this?  I want to login and read smart comments from my friends.  If they don't fix this soon, I'll have to get new friends, and that'll take forever.  Why make me start over when they should just fix it?   :)

Official Fb for WP sucks! Not sure what fucked up team is working on this app. I'm sure they've heard all the complaints, wants, and needs, but they seem to not be able to get it right for some reason. Bug fix here, bug fix there, yet nothing seams to change. I once was able to open links, now I can't. Come on! Get a professional on the case may like Rudy hun!

Rudy is far from a professional. Have you been using his 6snap app since the last few updates? It's complete garbage now. A professional wouldn't release shitty apps with shitty updates. This facebook app is complete trash.

He does have a few good apps. 6snap used to be fantastic. I'm hoping for all "official" apps soon to replace all these junk apps now. We need them for the ecosystem.

Official fb app been out a long time. They seem to cannot get it right. So I'm not sure if they have lazy ass f**k on the case. Had alot updates but nothing that stands out much.

Although it is made by Microsoft, it is technically not the "official" app for facebook seeing as Facebook Inc. puts out those apps themselves. I know they are/were "working" with Microsoft on it but it's time is up. Facebook Inc. needs to step up and put out the same app experience for WP that iOS and Android users get. It's complete BS that we are getting the shaft on so many apps. I mean how many months later and are damn Instagram app is STILL in BETA and we still yet to see an official Snapchat app. It's bogus.

I see what you mean. Makes me to believe they letting MS do the work because zuckerberg does not want to do make an official app, yet not supplying MS with all the tools to make good fb app.



WPCentral Team, Facebook team... the FB app has a flaw... so basically, when you're viewing pictures on the app, the like button is located on the bottom left corner... i.e. right above the back button.. so what is happening i that many a time instead of going back.. the pictures are getting liked ! ...this is a major problem !

I persoanlly think Facebook will always be slow, facebook Inc updates there visuals, interface and functions on their own site more than MySpace ever did. Also the HUGE capapcity of users and registrants make a diffrence when loading. 

You know I am sick of this app. My wife got a iPhone 5s the other day to replace her Lumia 928 and the Facebook app on there is soooo much better than on WP. I hate to say it but I ordered to replace my Lumia 928 too. The apps are there its just they lack features that are on ios. I will still be using it as my back up phone. I will wait a year and see what happens with WP and maybe go back but I will cross that bridge when I get there.

Don't get me wrong I love Windows phone 8.1. But I am going back to the iPhone 5s for a year already on its way

Just realized I haven't been able to view inline pictures in comments! No wonder I've had a few disjointed conversations with people! This app is crap.

Please fix the"see more" , where just directly open through the apps itself rather transfer me to the internet explorer!!!!