Facebook Beta gets performance improvements and bug fixes in latest update

Facebook beta is still the best version of the popular social network if you want all the latest direct from Microsoft. After being tested in the beta for a few weeks, the new features usually pop up in the official version, but you can get them early in the beta with no risk.

Tonight, version is live in the Store, and although no new features are present, you do get those every so valuable "performance improvements and bug fixes" to brag about. The previous version was, so a bump of is a very small fix, unlike the last update that brought Messenger integration.

Nevertheless, the update is now live to go grab it now and tell your friends!

Thanks, Moodi Darkness, for the tip!

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Facebook Beta gets performance improvements and bug fixes in latest update


Microsoft has a roadmap with milestones (features, fixes, etc.) and when they hit those, they push to public branch. My guess is they still have a few things left on this segment before they reach the next 0.X update for the non-beta version. Either way, best to use the beta, there's no downside to it.

Hello Dan, I have the beta and non-beta installed but I do notice it duplicates my calendar entries (birthdays mostly) and also my contacts. As a result I want to uninstall one, the non-beta. But I want to know, will it be okay if I have just the beta version (preferably cos updates comes to this first)? Or is there a way I can keep the two but unlink one from my contacts and calendar?

I've had the same issue and simply uninstalled the non-beta. Like Dan already said, no downside at all and everything works quite smoothly.

I uninstalled the non-beta, kept the beta, but still have some double fb birthdays in Calender... Why? Hotmail sync causing it?

Hotmail sync seems to be causing contact, email or calendar sync issues, so it,could be possible.

Try going into calendar settings and see which calendars are ticked to be visible and if the non-beta is still there.

I have booth and I just logout of the non beta version to avoid those problems and know when it is updated... although that's why I read WPCentral to find out those kind of stuff.

I got it working now. You type Facebook on wpcentral, go to a story talking about the beta (like this one), scroll to right and "download app". This way it works with the people hub. Don't go to "add account" in phone settings


It seems they start with the app REALLY slow, then they work their way up. Yet it's still slower than the IOS and android version, that is ACTUALLY MADE by Facebook.

Depend of the phones... I have a lumia 520 and facebook is more fast than facebook in Samsung galaxy trend (for example) .. The only problem with the facebook APP is that doesnt show everything like on Android and IOS .. Didn't appear instagram or Foursquare publications (example) , in close friends área didnt appear likes or coments (just publications)

Even the non-beta app on WP is much faster than the official one on my iPhone 4, although this update makes the app even faster (they finally fixed the slow pictures scrolling).

Beta versions are not made for people like you. You should stick to the Final version -.-

My buddy brought to my attention that he misses alot of posts from friends in his news feed even when he's set to view most recent as opposed to top news. I tried to notice and I think that everytime you open the app, it loads the latest 25 posts or so, and then it just skips from the 25th post to the last time you opened the app. You miss everything in between. This is a serious flaw in my opinion and seems to be present in the beta and official app. The number may be higher or lower than 25 but I believe that's how it works. We should just be able to scroll through our feed with confidence that we're not missing anything from friends.

This is something I've been noticing since last two months. The facebook app (beta or non beta) shows mainly updates from my liked pages. Hardly I see updates of my friends. Side by side opening m.facebook gives me almost every update that I should be getting. Its frustrating. I've almost stopped using this app.

I've actually stopped using the app the day I was trying to change my profile picture. Really pissed me off. It's the worst app out there in the store. If it wasn't for the friends and families i had on it,I would have ditched Facebook a long time back.

Having used the iOS and Android versions, the news feed definitely misses out on many posts. Also, you rarely see the milestones from your friends like relationship changes and new jobs. These are the first items when you visit Facebook on the desktop. I guess they're still working on it.

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I only use facebook beta for posting stuff and replying to people because of this. When I need to browse my newsfeed I always go to the mobile site. The app only shows posts from the pages I follow.

Me too! I hate that I can't simply use my phone's (1020) FB BETA APP to do simple things like... check my feed. And I also have  my settings on FB to not anyone to tag me. I'd have to review it first before it posts on my wall and GUESS WHAT? Can't do that EITHER on the app... it truly is ANNOYING!

I've been noticing this since the beginning of this aap ..facebook should design an app for windows phone .. It's the only solution now.

Fuck ms why wont you give us primary feutures like background. Downloading. Lock screen apps, video calling,

May be MS thinks some update (even without any new feature) with just a change in version number will make you guys stay calm :-)

I noticed something "new" on this update. In settings, the very first option in Notifications was to be notified for any new message (or PM if you will). Now you can't check this option since the Message app already do that. I mean, they removed it.

I'm pretty sure about it. The FB Beta update of today came to fix it. Just tested.

That made livetile not to count the unread messages anymore, letting it to the Message app instead.

Someday, somewhere, somehow, somebody will realize it and no one will remember this guy here :P

Good observation. I can confirm that. I am also experiencing that after they seperated the Messenger from FB Beta app. It's annoying that you have to actually read the message from FB app> Messenger app for that counter to be gone. :)

Ya I know Dan doesn't prefer it..I was telling him about the others..In reality Fb is very popular and we should have a fully functional FB app. Don't forget the no of WP users are growing and they shouldn't regret coming from other platforms

No no, photo comment doesn't works into the browser too !! How can you??? I mean,I can't even post photos using the browser in facebook. You're using IE 11 WP preview 8.1 right?

I use IE 11 to see the photo comments and give the mood status...And to give the photo comments you have to switch to PC..Android and Ios users can do all these stuffs from FB app only..

If you click on 'comment' from the 'news feed' you can see the comments. Don't click on the picture, click on the comment link directly from your news feed. (FB Beta)

Bro we were talking about picture comment..We know how to see normal comment..Still I like your sense of humour..

I've had the app crash when it tried to load notifications. Happened twice and sent two crash reports. So I will update and see if the issue is still present :)

Review average is 3.9 out of 5, which while not outstanding doesn't seem to fall into the category of "sucks". I think Facebook itself sucks and wasn't meant to be that complicated and mobile. The experience is not much better on iOS or Android, as their users complain just as much.

Fb nonbeta is 2.9 out of 5 which totally define it sucks..Most people don't know about beta,if they knew the review could be worse like the official one..Dan you have an Iphone and also an android so use Fb on those devices then do it on your 1520, you'll understand the difference

Most of that was visual. Nothing new feature wise. Still cant mention and tag all my friends still have missing friends in my friends list for some reason that are present if I look on the website, still not showing or allowing you to post photo comments this is ridiculous after all this time and all these updates what a joke

They need to fix the news feed. Everything else works fine but seeing only posts from the pages I follow is very frustrating.

Wouldn't hurt to add the ability to view and post pictures in comments either.

I just want that messenger shortcut to be removed and restored to the earlier chat hub, if that is what they call it.

The question is...Do we really need FaceBook?is it so important to have,I got off FaceBook six months ago,and I feel so much better.

Hehehe... I think similarly, but you can't argue with more than a billion people using it :P
I hardly use facebook any more, only the messenger and twitter.

I don't use it either but I doubt that's going to be a winning marketing strategy.  "Our phones don't work with service X but you can solve it by canceling your account."

Do you WANT WP to succeed? If so then YES, we need FB. Just as much as we needed Instagram and need a Snapchat. (I LOVE 6snap BTW, but how many new users really know how to search for 6snap in the market) That being said... Instagram also is in need of an update! Whats with it still being in BETA? Hasn't it been like a year now?

Here we go again,do you need facebook,snap chat,can't you or us live without them,I remember when Watsapp was not functioning for a few days a couple of months back,and everyone started panicking,ridiculous! There are so many better apps out but people are lazy to change.

you know its comments like that, that give WP a bad rep. The general market WANTS the OFFICIAL WORKING APPS! Those that are on par with the FEATURES of IOS and Android. Of course I can live without them... I already do because the lack of options and features deter me from using them on my WP device. I'm sure there are better apps out there.... but If I want to keep in touch with my friends on a social network such as Facebook, then I NEED IT... WINDOWS PHONE NEEDS IT... I can tell that you don't make your living selling these phones... because no one wants to hear "Can't you live with out them?!" THAT is a ridiculous response to what the people want!

Facebook non-beta has been giving me all sorts of problems. I wonder what can be considered beta and what not.

I know you guys will get it, great stuff so far. Purple is a bit too dazzling though, but it might be because i'm viewing it in a pitch black room with my mac's brightness cranked all the way up lol

A little bit of Dark Purple would be awesome..Please don't change it!!

But please do change the WPC logo(orange sucks)!!

Whoa! WPC's theme is changing!
I just realized as I read your comment and went to the WPC mobile site. I was using the WPC WP app before that.

Seems faster! I think home bar should be always available and when you search something next time you will search again search bar should be clear.
Btw I don't like new m.wpcentral. It doesn't fit well in my Lumia 920 and I don't really like the app for many reasons :)

It's far better than the IOS and Android versions. It loads the most recent feeds, including both updates from friends and pages. The Android version doesn't display as much feeds from pages as the WP version.

If this is indeed beta, I expect Microsoft to effect some changes that most of us have clamored for. Specifically, the annoying birthday feeds of friends of friends, non integration of Instagram posts in feeds, in comment tagging, ability to reply to comments, edit comments, online status of friends and etc. I have seen many people asked for these features in the Beta features requests and reports. Just wondering why MS hasn't started implementing these features already. We are bored of "seems faster" performance improvement updates.

Why are you updating with bugs and says bug improvement...........
No one is perfect app from the Microsoft..after each major update we get another small update for bug fixes........what is the bug?and please make sure that the app is perfect,then only release it......

Jeez,, its a beta.. by definition it won't be bug free. If it has bugs, you could help report it

Have they fixed it so that if I go through action center that the live tile will removed the notification as well? Noticed this a few days ago and its annoying when I see it still there an hour later and have to go into the app again to clear it out.

i haven't used or tried beta , can someone tell me if you can reply to comments of a post in beta, cause you can't do that in the official

dang,well would least hope that the beta get that first then we see in official, guess we just gotta wait.......frustrating as hell.

Ok. I noticed a bug got crushed. Now comments posted will be refreshed correctly. With the prior versions, comments posted are totally not being displayed until I exit the post and in again. Good job!

Profile picture can be changed, even in the version before this. But coverphoto does not work... And still missing the picture upload possibility in a reaction

Oh come on still missing so much features...still showing maximum 25 notifications i cant get my all notifications it just shows only first 25...please fix it developers..no post from friends in news feed..we want a complete perfect app that fulfills every one's need..please make equal and same to same app for windows,ios and android..

Well my feed is still cluttered with all kinds of shit that was hidden I my android version. That is what I think should be addressed first.

Click the app link of the article. Doesn't show upp in store when searching for it for me neither.

What I do not understand is why they are taking soooooooooooooo long to finish this thing?  Is programming this really that hard?  I'm not a programmer but taking time to develop a Facebook App and spending thousands if not hundreds of thousands of money is crazy.  I think the easiest is do exactly what iOS and Android version has.  There is no need to diffirentiate at this point because the key is speed.  The faster you get apps out there the better because you have more time to develop other apps.  I don't think you need to create a perfect FB app - what you need is an app that works that has the features that the competition has.

Hi Daniel, love the new wpcentral look. Is this new facebook beta redesign optimized for the lumia 1520 6" screen? thanks

But when the messenger will be updated to get the voice calling support as in Android & IPhone???? I am feeling a victim of this Microsoft Windows phone due to this shortfall only.Is there any planing? Facebook I am asking you

I hope part of the "performance improvements" was fixing the loading speed of notifications. Touching that little globe the wait was painfully, painfully slow in the last version.

Do we know if they are going to make it work like the iOS version at some point? I manage pages and can't even see messages that come in from those pages.

Am I the only one that notices that when you click on a link and then return to FB Beta, the linked page's material is basically a background in FB??? Nokia1020

Will there be a feature to block app posts. My sister in law posts low carb app posts in face book. I was able to block the app in a browser but could not in the app. I'm very glad they added the automatic graphic pull in from an html link when you put a html link in posts. I no longer have yo go to a browser for this. Block apps would be one more feature added, which will keep me always in the app.