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Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 overhauled with new design and features

Facebook Beta has finally received the highly anticipated refresh that Microsoft's Joe Belfiore mentioned during his recent Reddit AMA. The update brings the popular app up to version ( for those on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, respectively. In addition, a detailed changelog has been added, noting a range of improvements including a new, more Modern layout.

Facebook Beta 5.3 (8.3)

  • Updated design
  • Improved performance
  • Video upload
  • Support for additional languages

The new UI design in 5.3 includes a News Feed text banner at the top with a Search button and list of current contacts online. Below the new header are five icons, which include quick access to News Feed, Friend Requests, Messages, Notifications and your profile.

Rounding off the new scheme is a new bottom bar, which features three buttons for Status, Photo uploading and Check-in. It's with that middle option, Photo, that users can now select a video to upload to their Facebook account, joining WhatsApp with privileged OS access to said feature. It's clear that the new design moves away from the iOS-inspired version to a more Modern, Windows Phone one, which should please many in our audience.

Besides the new UI design, there is, of course, the usual 'improved performance' and additional languages support, making this quite a significant update.

Noticing anything else about the new Facebook 5.3 refresh? Let us know in comments!

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Reader comments

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 overhauled with new design and features



And I bet you plan big parties and get-togethers with a notebook and phone calls and send out invitations and information with the post office. Idiot.

Actually Facebook is really popular amongst "older generation". Levis effect .. its no longer cool among teens, it seems. They have more or less moved on.

The teens moved on when their parents signed up. They actually want something like Facebook, but without parents, hence to constant search for something less traceable that they can control more. I think we will find this generation embracing FB more when they get out on their own and care less if their parents approve of what they post online.  

I was a fb addict untill 3 years back... When people would actually shared their lives... What's new and all that stuff... Now a days people will mostly share some random pictures, memes or other forwards, marketing stuff. FB is no more the warm and personal place it used to be...now a days I mostly use WhatsApp to get in touch with my friends and family... Especially WhatsAppgroup chats...with different groups for different set of ppl... Business group, cousins group, apartments group...Yeah and i am 28 years old... And I cant play candy crush since switching over to my Lumia 1320... :(

Perhaps you misunderstood how it's working. You have to send friend requests in order to add people you know. It sure looks empty if you don't.

Downloading it now. :)
But am I the only one who thought the current one is very well designed.? If it wasn't for the performance, it'd have been perfect.

I highly doubt that. The UI elements are a natural progression. Looks familiar like the iOS and Android apps. Not to mention, pretty sure they'd been working on the app long before the member made his concept designs. I could be wrong, but I'm quite certain.

ugh. no. It was horrible.

Might look good at first glance, but use it for more than 30 seconds and you'll realize why it was abandoned.

They could have drawn the newsfeed on paper and mailed it to me and it would have been faster than the old app.

Well, he has a point.  It's still missing a lot of functionality.  I can't hide posts from friends who spam me with game invites, I can't sort the news feed (although I can with the non-beta Facebook app).  It's definitely faster and looks prettier, but it would be nice to have the feature gap filled.

Hmm if you have to hide post maybe you should delete them.
You're right the sort option is gone THANK GOD. On Android it always defaults to top everytime. Even when you set it for most recent it still has post from 2 days ago mixed in. There's probably a few people that like top but the majority like recent. So they should just leave that feature alone.

Yeah, they did a lot for the performance and feel of the application, but it's still missing things from the other platforms' apps.  Nothing too major, and I'm sure they'll get added in time.  At least now the experience is bareable.

Still very slow to load the live feed...not being sarcastic (Seems faster comment kinda ruins anyone's comment regarding performance)

Photo comments needed. Also, it still dumps you all the way down to the bottom of the list of comments if you like one at the top. VERY frustrating. Very nice looking and resumes really quick though.

Get more FB friends? Change Newsfeed to view Most Recent rather than Most Popular? This is a user specific issue, nothing to do with the app.

No this has been affecting a lot of users, I have asked around.
Been on Windows phone since 2012.
Its been like this since then.
It's an app issue and my news feed is set to most recent.

Is there an app setting on the website? Or are apps "Top News" rubbish only now? At least m.facebook is most recent.

Surely it must be a settings issue or everyone would be experiencing it...? You are remembering that settings do not save over all your devices, yes?

They both have Top Stories, unless it was very recently removed. I just showed my buddy how to switch to Most Recent on his 5S, a couple weeks ago cause he noticed he wasnt getting all the stories he should be. My Android tablet (Nexus 7 2013) defaults to Top Stories and you have to navigate to Most Recent, every freaking time... Unless I'm missing a permanent setting somewhere...

While I can't find an option for it like the Android client, it appears that the News Feed is by default the Most Recent. At least in my testing anyway. Thank goodness

Agreed... why would anyone prefer a setting that defeats the object of a "timeline" ie things are in a sequential order?

I'm glad the moved away from the old iOS design. On a sidenote, now we get two hamburger buttons lol

Very 'Windows Phone' - glad they've gone for a more 'Metro' look again with this app. Gorgeous design! Well done Microsoft/Facebook!

Only gripe I have is I can't see a toggle for Top Stories/Most Recent - although it seems to be set on Most Recent so I'm happy (for now)!

I guess now that iOS deign is more 'metro' it makes sense for Facebook to move in that direction

How do you get that it looks more Metro?  It definitely does NOT look Metro to me.  Sure, you can pivot between the menus, but because it doesn't look like a typical Metro app, the pivot is NOT intuitive.  #Fail

People complain when they don't update the design. And they also complain when they do change the design. Critics critics everywhere.

...and please correct me if I am mistaken, but in order to have theintegration of FB info into your Windows Phone (People Hub, etc....) you need the final version. Thus, you'll have both beta and final on the phone, right?

As others have said, all you need is the beta. Just make sure you allow it to connect with your phone and perform an initial sync manually.

There is no friends update...only about liked pages is available... Why is it so.?.. In internet explorer I can see all my friends activities.