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Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone gets performance improvements in latest update

In a late release Friday night, Microsoft has pushed out another minor update for their Facebook Beta program, which also now includes a version for Windows Phone 7.x users.

The update bumps the versions up to for Windows Phone 8 and for Windows Phone 7.x and brings along with it general “performance improvements and bug fixes”.

Microsoft has been steadily rolling out weekly updates for the Facebook Beta app, which then trickle up to the 'gold' version usually in a monthly update. Although it has a beta status, for the most part the app is stable and it can give frequent users of Facebook an early look at upcoming features and improvements.

To pick up the latest version of Facebook, Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8 users can use the same Store link found here. You can also scan the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks, Ultimateone and others, for the tips

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Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone gets performance improvements in latest update


I had that too. Looks like it's fixed. 

Maybe they also fixed the chat list not updating who is online/offline too...

That greyed button on the latest beta was annoying. You had to go out and back in, to able to send. It was fun when you had typed a long message and had to scratch that. Partly also because the copy button does not appear to selected text on the beta either.

It suddenly started happening to me as well. I had to exit the message and return to send it. Not to mention the lack of the 'copy and paste' icon...

There is a copy and paste button, you just had to highlight all the text you had written

JW7- there isn't a copy button in Facebook message compose box even when you highlight text you wrote.

Ahahaha, that happened to me as well! I had written a super long mesage and then "Hm... I can't click send? What the-? Okay, I guess I will just copy-, what? No no no no, NO!"

Had to uninstall both the stable and beta when both of them started giving me several days old notification. Multiple times. Again and again.
Someone assure me please before I go down that path again. :S

This makes me wonder the quality of developers who work at Microsoft. Are they sirius in competing with the iOS or Android? Microsoft has to do something with this late-deliverable because they are actually losing their reputation on each day. If they could afford Nokia with an expensive price, they should afford the best developers to fix this late-deliverable. Well, it has been almost 2 years. Again what are those people spending their time doing in the office? 

I had a lumia Phone (710) 1 and half year back and currently I'm using L920. Now it has been almost 2 years, I have never seen the working notification on this Facebook app DEVELOPED BY Microsoft. Not to mention about the OS itself that missing dozen of basic features.

WP8 is less than a year old and this is a different Facebook app.
Apparently there is a problem with how it communicates with Facebook, so it's not a problem they can fix on their own without Facebook's involvement - but that's just what I heard.
Why do you continue to buy Windows Phones if it's "missing dozens of basic features"?

The miserable state of the platform is because of people with similar mindset of your works at microsoft. "WP8 is out for only a year and half" - oh please give me A BREAK from this BS!!! MS has been in mobile business for 10+ YEARS. Its MICROSOFT'S fault if they fails repeatedly to have a concrete vision of Software Development life cycle for mobile platform. THE BS EXCUSE MS FANBOYS COME UP WITH SOMETIMES DRIVES ME NUTS!

Why am I still with WP? - Because I love it and want it to SHINE!

Take your meds and actually read comments.
If you had read the comments you would see that 1. Windows Phone 8 is LESS THAN ONE YEAR OLD, not 1.5 years... or 2 years.
2. I wasn't making excuses, just telling what I had heard was the problem with this particular problem.

How come JDB manages to deliver notifications without any flaw??MSFT always comes up with some fucking excuses that even don't exist

JDB is a glorified wrapper if the mobile website..no disrespect but that's why notifications always work correct me if I'm wrong...

It might be a wrapper but that is a killer Facebook app. It's updated about every week too. Only problem I have with it is loading slow. I will say the Microsoft beta has just about caught up. The only thing missing is in the notifications. If someone likes your pic it has the pic they like in the notification. Since Microsoft loads faster and with all the improvements I primarily use Microsoft beta now.

I think it has got issues with the news feed too.it only shows recent feeds.try to compare original Facebook home page with this one you will get it.it doesn't show top status updates or likes on any photo by other friends.

I bet you haven't tried it.you'll basically get the same feeds in both with larger time gaps in the TOP news section.

The way I see it working is that when selecting 'top stories' it will also show a few of the most recent posts at first and then the top posts.
Why? I have no idea.
It doesn't affect me because I use the 'most recent' selection. I would suggest going to their Uservoice site and adding/voting this as a change.

Totally agree with Araf. I also use WP for two years, started with the L800, and I am still waiting for a fully functional Facebook app. We only now got (on the beta, not the final app) the not going to top fix. Notifications NEVER work! Really, it's pathetic. The guy from 6Tag, gave us on his spare nights, a fully functional and fantastic app in ONE month...what are they doing at MS? It does not make sense. This app should be there since day one.

If the notification counter ever breaks again, simply open the facebook app and log out. At least that's how I fixed my live tile.

Ya absolutely pathetic app.not only this many of the official apps are so outdated and featureless that their presence or absence makes no difference at all.take NIMBUZZ for example.i've used it on android and coming from there on WP this app is a joke,an indicator how developers don't give a f**k about this OS.

You better do it for yourself.I can sense your agitation.And now don't tell me you're OK with NIMBUZZ as you're with FACEBOOK.

You might want to have your senses checked. I know a great ENT doctor, but I'm not sure what kind of doctor you should use for help with your telepathic internet sense.
I don't use Nimbuzz, I have no use for such apps.

That's always been the case. Facebook chat in the app isn't worth jack. And there doesn't seem to be a way to refresh it either. This is dragging on and on.

Just think how things would be if the rest of the platform was updated as fast as this FB beta app has been.

Its all bad. I've never had a good experience with this app. Notifications never worked correctly even before the beta. Its all over the place. Hopefully they fire whoever the hell is trying to make this damn thing.

7.8 beta seems to load my news feed quicker. Still have a 1 notification which has been there for the last week or two.

they really need to fix those notifications. the app is useless without it. either i dont get them at all or i get them after a day or 2 after i already see them on fb page on web.wtf MS?

Now navigation menu doesn't affect scrolling , fixed tile notification counter , little performance boost but i am still waiting for a fix of comment section where it only shows max 50-70 comment and not the most liked comment on top and chat menu improvement like auto refresh ,getting notification that's it . If only these things get fixed i will start using this app primarily..

New features: select an album folder to upload photos to. Grey submit messenger button now works. However, I now get a white line when clicking the top three icons. Anyone else have this problem?

Good find on the album folder thing, that's useful. Don't get why they don't mention things like that in the change log. I also have that ugly white line problem.

yup, its real sad, notifications dont work, the only way to get a notification is via email.
Live tile is just sitting there not being live at all.
in the comment section you only see the comments, not the posting on which you are commenting about.
cant post pictures in comment.
und so weiter, und so weiter.

Does the WP8 version have wide live tile, since the WP7.8 hasn't, or is it the new fb app doesn't have wide tile at all?

I installed this update about 2 hours ago, clicked the tile to open it and it did the wiggle and wouldn't open. So I powered down my phone and rebooted and its been stuck on the oem logo every since. I guess possibly bricking your phone is part of the risk of using beta software? Lol

Yeah I was kind of thinking the same thing. My day was already heading down that path before this happened lol. The version I was running before the upgrade was extremely slow and occasionally crashed.

JDB for Facebook is far more better than this little piece of Crap..at least it Delivers all notifications on time, especially Toast notifications .

Found a bug. When going to apps>photos, only displays 24 of my albums. Yet when I choose an album while uploading, I can scroll them all. And yes, I know, I have a lot.

I think what some people forget, is that this is our native Facebook app. A native app is only as good as Facebook will allow it to be. They have to show some kind of support for WP or a desire to work with Microsoft (in a timely manner) in order for this app to become what it could/should be. I don't see much evidence that Facebook itself has much interest in this app improving. As long as they remain noncommittal than how can the app programmers be expected to make improvements that involve Facebook's assistance? If Facebook gave a damn, they would develop their own native app, and I think it's pretty safe to say, that we haven't seen any real signs of that happening anytime soon.

Notification says someone commented on a photo album. The link leads to the album but I cannot see the comments. I still have to hunt down that album, be it mine or someone else..

Nope. The official was just recently updated. They work out some issues and make improvements in the beta and then release an official update.

I updated it but didn't see any difference, so I uninstalled it. They didn't bring any new features from the beta app to the official at all.

My Facebook Beta tile has had a "1" in the corner since installing it, no matter what I do. I uninstalled it and turned notifications off to get the one to disppear. I'm starting to think WP will never have proper Facebook notifications.

I'm not going to whine too much with this app folks. It's a BETA app! Look how much has been added and fixed since it first was released. If there's one thing owning a WP has taught me, its to have patience...

Certainly not stable. Occasionally when sending a message the button doesn't colour up so you actually can't send the friggin' message. Let's hope this new version works faster.

This app is disastrous.its amusing and a shame that for this platform.being a OS claiming to be third biggest it should at least provide a premium Facebook experience to its users.trust me MSFT you will never catch up..NEVER.

I'm using an HTC Radar and Facebook beta doesn't show up in the store via search... Though I was able to download using the link provided by WPCentral.

I love this update..now it shows the online friends without manually updating/shaking the phone and now (did not see before)you can upload multiple photos to the desired album..

The Store link (from PC)didn't let me update the beta, it just gave me an option to reinstall, however the QR code got me the update option on the phone. Is it supposed to be that way?

Yes, you cannot send update commands from the WP Store online, only through your phone can you update an app.

the new update made the app much faster.. It loads quickly now.

I need some help here.. My facebook chat that is built in my messages app doesn't connect at all. Says can't connect". Please tell me how to fix it. (HTC Radar). Thanks in advance.

Hey this is my tip!! haha
And people you are on a BETA, sometimes things aren't always perfect, hence this reason to send in your feedback!

Update broke the pop up bubble that appears on the news feed when there have been new posts. At least on my lumia 920 it clicks whatever is behind it. Hopefully they fix it soon as I had grown used/accustomed to it.
Of course after I post this it works. Maybe it's only when there is a photo post behind the bubble.

Using FB Beta on 920. I can't see the "files" tab in my groups, i.e. viewing documents. No problems via mobile web version. Am I doing something wrong?

Stupid how when you want to post a picture you can't sort the list by date (newest first). I end up swiping up on my phone for 2 minutes like an idiot just to upload the last picture I took with my phone's camera. You'd think Facebook would have tested their app with phones holding more than a handful of photos, but no.

If you make a super long post you can't scroll up/down unless you press/hold so the typic cursor shows up and then move it up/down (super lag scroll).

Notifications are trash, nonexistent. Scroll is still severely flawed. But let's get back to the important thing. Notifications. Worked fine on my blackberry 4 years ago. Why is this app even on the market without working notifications?

It's still very slow and quite difficult to use. It's not convenien to comment and chat with friend. Emotions from keyboard is not support in this new version. Why don't release an update for official app preplace for beta app. Why don't focus on official app to develope and improve it better. If it get better, many user will like it. But now, I think it's not helpful!

I love this new version of FB. The app improved a lot when it comes to performance and features. Thanks a lot. Hopefully Instagram is on the works now!