Facebook beta for Windows Phone receives a small update today

What better way to kick off the week than with a beta update for Facebook? The app today has jumped from version to If that sounds like a minor update, you’d be correct as there is no changelog listed and as far as we can tell, this is not anymore Windows Phone 8.1 compatible than the previous version.

Indeed, that seems to be the bigger story here with the beta and Official branching off slightly, with the official version now at version If you notice, both apps actually do align with their build numbers, but the official app has the so-called Social Extensibility framework enabled for those using the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview (more on that framework later today).

We’re sure the beta and official app will come together again at some point, but if you’re on 8.1 today, there doesn’t seem to be any advantage jumping to the beta just yet.

If you’re still on 8.0 or even 7.x, you can pick up Facebook beta version here in the Store.

Thanks, Alec L., for the tip!

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Facebook beta for Windows Phone receives a small update today


This app is ridiculously bad. Years in development and it still can't show all feed items.

After facebook bought WhatsApp, WhatsApp has also not given any updates. What happened to the big WhatsApp update huh ??

Not really. Android and iOS versions just got updated. The truth is, they don't give a damn about Windows Phone, just like other companies. And why's that? Because WP is still not gaining tractions like Android / iOS even till date. That's sad for the future of WP imo.

Agreed! It's a disgrace for the Windows Phone ecosystem. The stupid thing is slow, doesn't seem to do anything right and eats my battery for breakfast. Oh, and for the record, it's NOT FASTER. Good Day!

The official Instagram beta app sucks, period. Once you get used to 6tag, the official app feels like the 3rd party app.

i love 6tag but i use the official version due to the scary quality of image compression what 6tag uses. 

After updating to WP 8.1, it ain't opening the Facebook app. Try re-installing them you say? Well, I can't uninstall them too. It just sticks there after doing so. This Bugs me. Bugs me alot. As 8.1 preview user, I've got no other option but download this beta version to work it up.

The beta has been made kind of pointless since it doesn't have the social integration. Shame since that's the one that gets updated more frequently.

Dude...Microsoft makes the Facebook app and WP8.1. Pardon us for having the strange expectation that they would make both beta products work together.

Exactly!! The mere fact that 8.1 is a preview would even make more sense the beta would get the social plugin feature first.

I have both installed until the beta gets support for 8.1. The official app is always having problems getting the data it's trying to pull where the beta usually doesn't. I've seen reviews in the store that say the same thing.

I thought facebook would put their own app with 8.1 coming, maybe in the future. Seriously microsoft sucks at facebook, they should leave it just to facebook team.

If we leave it to the Facebook team then we wouldn't have an official Facebook app. The old integrated Facebook app on Windows Phone 8 was better but it still lacked some key functions.

But Microsoft sucks at their own official facebook app. It's funny that they call it official app and it just sucks everytime. I hate to say this but I feel bad for Microsoft. "Official App" what a joke!!!

They should have hire anyone who can make their crappy official app better. How would windows phone gain its momentum if just a simple app and they can't make it better, l am a loyal windows phone user but sad to say I'm leaving this platform I love versatility on a smartphone but windows phones doesnt have it.

Not horrible? You serious? It's terrible. Can be better? Until when? The new os update has been rolled out but still no changes on facebook app, what the hell?

Your name also did the same, along with bending the space-time fabric in the vicinity of the place where your display name was thought of..

You could be wrong though, she has created such a big black hole in her life and surrounding that every time she tries to climb out of it, she gets suck right back into it deeper and deeper. She is now way pass event horizon and doesn't seem to be any way for her to come out of this self-made black hole. :(

On a sorta related topic: When's the bleeding update for Whatsapp coming out? It's quite annoying to receive a "push notification issue" message every time I open the app.

Are they ever going to update it so that it matches the hidden feeds lists from the desktop/iOS versions? Annoys the shit out of me.

I was clicking on the link of 'check for updates'in the app just 15mins. ago..And it showed up'temporary available' every time..5mins later I open the WPC app..And Daniel has the breaking news..

I havent installed it but.........seems faster.......and not available in Brazil......................altough i dont live there...................................

The official Facebook app is broken on 8.1...we having trouble getting data.....is the name of the game of the official app on WP 8.1

Still waiting for major functionalities  of messages and chat of theis beta to be ported as an integration in the people hub. I hardly use the app, I still use the people hub and I'm still on windows phone 7.x

hahaha true! still however doesn't change my wishes for facebook and the people hub.  A seperate app in my experience is a huge step backwards in the end-user experience. You'll get tired in the long run of needing to switch apps all the time. Nice on paper, tiresome in reality.

Ms need to fix fb messages. My good it shows up in notification contacts, fb app, fb messenger. All over the place.

More than likely the Messaging integration will be removed over time; Facebook has made the effort to do that to make FB Messaging the central application for Facebook messages.

Its not built in yo the messaging part of he 8.1 os any more, and you can simply disable notifications for chat in the FB app, and just use the messaging app

Not if you have the FB Beta app, I am getting double notification now even with notifications turned off in the app.

Its only after I've used Facebook on Android that i realize how the facebook app on Windows Phone is sorely lagging behind. Its astonishing how many features are missing. Things like changing privacy settings.

Personally I think facebook app has improved a lot compare to last time.. Hope they wont stop in improving.. (don't compare with other OS)

why don't we have a facebook app from Facebook inc itself? I really can't understand why microsoft is doing a facebook app? the app is very slow stupid dumb it's awful!! one of the biggest defects in wp!

Be grateful that Microsoft are actually putting in the effort, and that you don't have to sit around waiting for Facebook to do an even worse job

I don't see any effort though. There is no reason why MS's app sucks more than others.

Even Skype, their own game, does not have file sharing. That's no effort.

I have wp7.8 and I have no update! It sucks that they are leave as behind with app even with software update to the system! Wow

The developers need to work better on the Facebook for windows. I mean its Microsoft who is developing the app and that still cant develop a perfect app for windows phone, their own platform?

Have I totally missed something on 8.1 and the "Me" tile? First, I don't even see it. Second, I used to use it daily to get my FB updates. Has that gone away? Thanks.

It shows the what's new aspect, but notifications are gone. Bit of a shame. A lot of the facebook changes in 8.1 are soooo much slower to use. I can read a status, but to like it, it launches the app and then reloads what I just read. Hopefully they can improve it a bit prior to general availability

Does anyone else with the FB Beta app with message notifications turned off still gett notifications in the action center?

Daniel, this might be off the topic but did you notice, Nokia Drive works with Car bluetooth now. This is an awesome update. I have been waiting for this. Sadly songs still cant be played over bluetooth in my car :(

I am inevitably tied to the BETA as this is the only one in which I can see my notifications. Anytime I tried with the official one I get an error message "We're having trouble getting data". I see no reason why the Beta works and the official don't. As a developer I understancd that once the features pushed to the BETA are tested and given a go. The code is merged and pushed to the official app. Seems loke someone can not do a simple code review to ensure that the code tested in BETA is correctly merged with the official.


Epic fail Microsoft.

I want a facebook app that makes a proper story post and not just an ugly URL.

Can I has it?
For the time being only the mobile version of the website does that.
Unless they fixed that too with this update!

Well ,THERE is advantage, now on beta version there is no connection error, on normal one I cannot open notifications

The facebook integration is awful in 8.1. I can't tag people, when I share a article it just posts the URL, and I don't get notifications like I used to. They really screwed the pooch.

Facebook was also updated to Windows 8.1 update 1. Not working. Important crash.

Hope urgent update!!!!!

I have a moto x, my daughter has a lumia 920 and my son has a lumia 520. The WP Facebook app isn't much different then the android version I have. I will admit the IOS app seems to be better than what everyone else gets. If you truly want to see a bad fb app try the bb10 version.

This update broke the app, constant "trouble getting data" banner with both full signal of LTE and WIFI. Cannot get past the first page on both my 920 and 1320 with 8.1 preview. Anybody else having the same issue?