Facebook Beta for Windows Phone updated; contains unknown improvements

Facebook Beta

The Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone is the official offering for consumers. It's the new app that's replacing the older listing that many users slated for having issues with. We last looked at Facebook Beta back when Microsoft released

The popular social app has been bumped to version, but we're not entirely sure what's new. That said, if we had to guess we'd speculate bug fixing and minor improvements have been implemented. You can download Facebook Beta from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Jiffffypop, for the tip!

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Facebook Beta for Windows Phone updated; contains unknown improvements


Yes, it really DOES feel more responsive... I can actually tap from Friends/Messages/Notifications ONCE and not get pissed enough to feel like throwing my phone across the room when they don't load/switch fast enough. Now it's one tap, and up they come.
News feed also is loading pretty quickly.

Did you also know you can swipe L/R while the friend/message/notification screen is open and switch them? I like that.

And did u also know when you are in that loop, if you swipe from the top left corner to the right u get ur main pages and news feed menu bar, and same goes for top right corner to the left with chat :P pretty neat

somewhere along the way the viewing 100 photo limit per album got fixed. I just wish that they fixed it within wp8 itself because it is really annoying.

Yeah and the 1000 limit bug for the SkyDrive camera roll. That's super annoying. Who thinks of these stupid things.

I'm still hesitant to try this, since the last beta I tried messed up my phone and I had to reset. It also heated up the phone and consumed the battery fast.

xankazo, hi!
Could you tell little more about what happend with your phone since last beta?
Now I have some system difficulties too, and just wonder if it because of Facebook beta app.
Thank you.

  • The phone became somewhat unstable.
  • The Battery drained faster.
  • The phone heated up.
  • The Facebook live tile got stock and never ever updated.
  • The app used to freeze and hang sometimes.
  • The chat hub (Windows Phone's, not Facebook's) became unreliable. Contacts didn't appear connected.
  • And some ohters I don't remember right now. 

Thank you... my case is slightly different... Suddenly, actually - few days ago, system indicator of battery level began to freeze at some value despite how strong I use the phone. Only after I reboot the phone, battery level would change to the real index, but not for long... Also, I noticed that sometimes the performance drops at interface animations, and applications may freeze for a few seconds ...

As in completely reformat. Because the issues remained even after uninstalling the app and rebooting the phone.

did one of the issues happen to be your Me Tile was showing a different Facebook picture from the one you had currently set on Facebook or any other account linked to your phone?  And, after you changed it back every time you tapped into the Me Tile it would switch on you again even with the beta app uninstalled?  This problem is happening on my sister's phone.

It has happened to me, but I don't think it's related to the Facebook app. It happens whenever you change your profile picture in any of the accounts integrated to your Winnows Phone.

ah ok.  yea she says she didn't change her picture in anything else but who knows.  figured i'd probe to see what's causing her phone's quirky behavior.

Time indocations got fixed (at least for those who dont use the american style), better German translation and it finally doesnt jump to the top anymore after reloading the content...

It fixes the messaging problem. The last version started refreshing messsages all the time which always scrolled to the last message in the conversation. So basically you could not scroll upwards to look at older messages. Works fine now.

Works faster now, messages aren't loading all the time either. It really is becoming a great Facebook app :)

with all the issues people reported i am glad i have not installed this
i do not plan to in the near future
what the phone has built in is good enough for me for now

Definitely faster than before,now the app closes after showing the Facebook start screen...faster indeed..lol

I used to have issues with viewing messages...used to force me up to the first message in the thread..
That looks to have been resolved ..am able to freely view all the messages in the history now!

Seriously people?
Am I the only one that noticed the REAL reason for this update and the REAL reason why they are not giving you any details?

Didn't anyone else notice the 5 dots that keep moving across the top of your screen (showing data being downloaded) WAS NON STOP in the previous version and now it's fixed in this version?

Also, I had to pay (for the first time ever) for using two extra Gigs of data this month with no explaination or reason.

The reason they are not telling you why this update happened, is because they know people would be asking for DATA usage reimbursements for their buggy Facebook Beta mistake! - oh, not to mention the double battery drain.

That, my friends, is the REAL reason for this BUG fix.

COMMENTS / LIKES. I wish I could comment to my friends comments / likes when they share something. As of now you can only comment / like the original poster. You can do this with JDB Facebook. Also in your messages I wish they'd ad pics beside each comment. So if you get a message so n so commented on your pic you'd see the pic and their pic in the comment. It's very cool. Still this app is getting very solid. I'm close to ditching 3rd party Facebook apps. Oh yeah 1 more thing I wish. Your most recent commenters pic should show on your live tile like JDB.

First I was not able to comment on my profile pic now its fixed. Another bug fix is that when we open the messages, it shows the conversation somewhere from the middle now it shows the last message. Nice update.

I can tell you one thing that's been fixed.
For the notifications, the previous beta versions had the date in the format MM/DD/YY (e.g 12/24/13), which is a horrible choice because only the Americans write their dates that way, it should have been localised to detect the right date format based on your regional settings.
This version changes the format to MonthName DD, YY (e.g Jun 6th, 2013) which is a much more appropriate format :)

As other people have mentioned, it feels much faster/responsive and less laggy. It also heats up my phone less (HTC 8X).

This app is the worst thing i have used or seen. A lagfest worthy of the Android app it is based on. Come on MS, we deserve better than this pile of shit. Shocking....