Facebook Beta for Windows Phone updated with minor fixes


The Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone is the perfect opportunity for consumers (and fans of the massive social network) to get ahead of the game. The beta houses advanced builds of the Facebook app, which contain features not yet available in the stable version. Today we're looking at a rather minor bump to the beta.

Version (like we said, it's just a minute bump in numbers) introduces some bug fixing to address issues consumers have been experiencing with the app. No new features or hidden functionality, unfortunately. That said, we're always pleased to see bugs squashed.

You can download the Facebook Beta from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Sanjeev, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone updated with minor fixes


Was hoping for some kind of announcement from Facebook at Build taking over the development of Facebook and updating it in line with iOS and Android

This is what I was hoping for too.  One scary scene for me during the keynote is when Joe Belfiore used Cortana in the Terry Myerson demo the Facebook app looked the same to me as the current Facebook Beta app we use today.  I was hoping it would be a completely new Facebook app but maybe it will be only with a familiar appearance.  We need a real Facebook experience already.  This Facebook Beta app is pure garbage.

Yeah its actually a quicker now we need better chat and notifications also chat heads and more inline privacy menu etc lets get this app on windows 8 with more features!

All the mobile Facebook apps suck on all platforms. You'd think with such a huge demand, someone out there would be able to develope a stellar FB app beyond everyone's expectations. :-\

No it doesnot suck in Ios and android but sucks in WP only..Maybe we get a good facebook app in the future..

I have used facebook on Android..Atleast it has all the necessary functions,we can upload a profile or cover picture,can see and attach photo comments,can edit my profile..Overall its much like the facebook in desktop.I hate android but it is true Facebook is better as of now in it..

Check the number of people who gave the ratings..U didn't get my point maybe the Facebook app of android and ios is not good but Its far better than this crappy app of Microsoft

I've got a weird bug with both the standard and beta apps it seems. When uploading a photo (either singular or multiple) to an album. It uploads copies of a really old photo instead. Really weird

All I know is that notifications has been blazing fast the last couple of weeks, comes simultaneously on my laptop and phone, just like it should.

I'd prefer:
- Overall redesign
- Improved scrolling performance
- Higher resolution layout: On my Nokia 1520 everything looks so huge so I am able to se up to 2 posts per scroll which is anoying.

Both beta and official still doesn't look good and tbh they should make another app. (maybe facebook should do it) from scratch, it's stupid how much useless updates they give to us and none of them fix the important bugs like (when I'm going to a post and want to see the comments it says "loading" then after loading "no comments" and on browser I can see them all)

What the hell, i have and in store its not showing any update..?? Sys app pusher showing as new version.

At the rate this app keeps getting faster with each update, pretty soon it'll start giving us notifications of our friends status updates before they even post them.

Just wish they'd fix the bug where the number of comments on a post doesn't increase. This is an ongoing bug that despite several phone resets and fresh installs is not fixed...

The top notification buttons are now faster to load and more responsive. The splash screen is also shown for like a second only. The only complaint I have with this app is that regardless of if I have my news feed set to recent or top posts, I always see recent. Wish I could see top posts. :(

I have a crazy bug, I get posts from only pages that I like and nothing from my friends timeline.
FTS. I am leaving WP.

Tried it, same error "Were having trouble getting data" so uninstalled again. Explorer for Facebook does what I need, also when I check in with EfFB in a theatre it list the movies that are playing. Or if it isn't there, you start typing the name and it brings it up

What is the difference between the beta version and the regular one in the store? Speaking of the FB app, not Messenger here.

I think that the BETA version receives new features early. And once the new features are tested and approved, they are added to the official version. They do it to avoid grotesque bugs in the official version..

Still crashes on launch for me like last version and the current non beta version on Lumia 920. My experience is shared with many posting recent store reviews. Just exits after a few seconds.

It's been a year and everytime it got an update, it comes with just MINOR fixes. And we still don't have a fairly good FB app in comparison to that of iOS and Android.