Facebook Beta for Windows Phone starts the week with a minor update


Microsoft has two apps available for Facebook fanatics. The first is their stable, live release line for consumers and a second listing is a beta version for those who wish to be slightly adventurous and test out new functionality before implementation in the live release. This beta version of Facebook for Windows Phone has received a minor update.

The app now rests on version, but we're not entirely sure what's new in this release. Previously, we looked at the developers adding custom notification sounds, but some users were reporting issues to ourselves and through the store review system. This could well include some bug fixing as well as the usual "go faster" upgrades. If you notice anything we've missed, sound off in the comments.

Download Facebook Beta from the Windows Phone Store for free. Note that this is the beta version of the app, if you'd like the stable release line, please opt to download Facebook from the store.

QR: Facebook Beta


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Facebook Beta for Windows Phone starts the week with a minor update


Ok not that much when it was running in the background, maybe a little. But if you close it down an restart, it really is way faster (atleast for me). No Joke.


And this is where this stupid "seems faster" gets us: you'll have to confirm twice when it really is for one :P

The tile updates now.  If you have it on Medium or Double tile, it will flip to show an event or message you received along with a background/picture related to what you received, rather than just a tile of our cover photos.  Splash screen loading is near instant as well...so yes for once, it's actually faster.

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Waiting for the review of the Update of Equalizer on Audio. Not working for my 520 running black update. It is Same case when i update the Touch, and wont able to use the double tap to wake up when i running Amber update. Shoul i wait for 8.1 to use equalizer?

When i open the Audio, the equalizer show about half a second. Just like the double tap. So i assuming it will work but need another major update.

I know but it wouldn't count on it Buddy... Nokia deactivated those two features on the Lumia 520 to keep the price low. The phone simply haven't the technological capability to run those features. Just go see Wpcentral review of the Lumia 520, it is explained there

Facebook works great on 3G but on 2G its pathetic. I always get error in getting data. Probably the application is too heavy for 2G.

2G is built for data but the protocol is not that efficient and relies on multiple channels being multiplexed together to get speed. The channels are only small and sometimes when you initiate the data transfer there are not enough available, they are dynamic within the node (mast). It was only developed for transferring small amounts of data and not the digital age we live in.

In India out of 100 people, on an average you will find 80 people using 2G. In the US, UK and other countries I knows its different.

The childish "seems faster" joke is completely out of hand right now.
Mods should urge users to stop as this makes the comments sections completely useless and annoying

Your comment isn't great either and your lack of humor is annoying to some. Not to mention that you're not contributing anything to the topic. Shall you get banned? It's your logic.

Get a chill pill, Diego. Once you realize how much attention you're paying to this, you'll feel stupid.

Well I come here first of all to get news about updates and other related information.
And all i can see is this "seems faster" comment for 100000th time, which completely defeats the purpose of informing. 

It's not about lack of humour, it's about missing the point



It's a choice. You choose to be bothered by it. It's not too bad. I like the joke, it's like a WPC trademark now.

Diego, If you see a headline that has the words 'update' and 'facebook', just ignore it. For all other people....It seems faster!

Honestly, Im tired of bug fixes updates on facebook. I want to see something new and different. BTW, it does not seem faster.

In german it would pronounced as sexbook. (Six is in german Sechs which sounds similar to sex). Not a good name :D

Anyway, I don't think, that Rudy will do this. Facebook is huge an Facebook Blue is expected with Windows Phone 8.1

It is now showing the correct version number for the WP8 app here in Norway. Previously it showed v.3xxxx. That's what's new :)

Yeah now how do I make its notification custom?
Same with whatsapp or any other app. Wasn't gdr3 supposed to bring custom notifications to apps and ringtone and sms? How do I change them then damn..

Developers either do it themselves or give you the option to do it. The update doesn't allow you to change sounds of all apps. The apps still need to include the option.

Still waiting on a update that fixes the sharing post issue it still jumps back to the top of the feed and refreshes the feed if u share a post....8.1 needs to hurry up tired of this app

I appreciate the custom notification sound, but they need to give us the option of changing it and also increase the volume of the sound currently used

I really dont understand why Microsoft is wasting its time on 2 applications of Facebook,instead it could concentrate on one and make it better..

A lot of developers do that: Facebook App, WhatsApp, toib, Rudy ... (sometimes Beta apps it is open to the public (like Facebook) and sometimes they dont (like WhatsApp).

Ok got it. Still this Facebook app is not capable of doing many things like changing profile picture or cover,tagging a friend,cannot see photo comments,could not open a long message etc.God knows when these things will be fixed. Btw coming to Whatsapp when will the latest update be available to public?Any idea..

Getting: "We're having trouble getting data" when i try to go in a group page or when some like a photo in a group page, annoying

I'm fed up with the FB app. Its just plain stupid app. All the feeds it gives is totally irrelevant. Don't understand how long they need to figure out how to design this bloody app. Hope 8.1 changes something..

This new version has a new feature. Auto check new version. Go to Settings and go to About. Here is a new feature.

When are they going to allow tagging and attaching pics through this app? I know attaching pics works when you create a post but we can't attach one in a comment or tag anyone for that matter.

I just come into the comments when Facebook gets an update to see the comment *seems faster* just to have a quick laugh, many people on this freak out, its just a joke, an old one but come on its funny lol

Anyone else have trouble updating? Mine downloads, then rolls back to "attention required." I can't uninstall, it's stuck grayed out in the app list, and reboots and soft resets don't help :/


What I noticed is that the Notification Sound is a bit louder than previous version.

Earlier I was not always able to hear the sound while working, but now it is more audible.


Also, it still has got a little faster while initial loading.

MS finally fixed a bug in the marketplace which previously gave all norwegian users the version that was meant for WP 7.8.

These guys just throw "minor updates", and nothing more. Oh, go to fuc**** hell!


The development of this application, is a joke!



It seems like....... i see a notification that one of my friend just posted on instagram.. no i didn't see on my feeds but sure have on my notification and can take a look on the picture just posted.

this app is an example of a beginner programmer! i bet they release an update everytime the programmer write one line and hits "Save".

I recently found out that Facebook for Windows Phone drains my Nokia Lumia 1020's battery.

I uninstalled it (along with Facebook Messenger) and the battery went from 10-14 hours per day to 24-26 hours per day! That is a huge gain :)