Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 updated

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8

The Facebook app for Windows Phone hasn’t been the most exciting app since it first wobbled onto the platform. It became slightly better after each new update, but was still a dog to run. A month ago Microsoft announced a new beta version of Facebook they’ve been working on that brings the app closer to its iOS and Android counterparts. That beta version has been well received in the community and gets a small update today.

What do you get when you update the Facebook Beta app to version You tell us. We can’t see any major changes in the app and there isn’t any change log to go off of. Let us know what you find below. If we had to guess, we'd say bug fixes are what this update is all about.

You can grab the Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 right here, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

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Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 updated


At 4-5 seconds it is 'faster' than the previous iteration of the Beta app. Do i consider that fast personally? No, i do not.. however it is faster, which is the point i was making ;) im hoping the finished app will be alot faster-im sure it will.

It doesn't for me entirely. It now clears the globe from white to it's original state but still shows the number in the red circle.

edit: Also, the three icons don't degrade in their picture quality while updating.

Still doesn't clear them. Besides, that's a stupid idea if that's what they're going for. I should be able to clean them all at once.

This has been my main struggle with this new app.  Everything else has been fantastic aside from the damn non-clearing notifications.
Well I just figured out how they can get cleared.  Go to the web version of Facebook and pull down your notification window.  Scroll down and down and down as far as you can unitl it stops loading notifications.  Then click the "Mark as Read" link near the top of the popup.  That will clear all the notifications.  Restart the Facebook Beta app and your notifications will be cleared.

I'm not 100% sure, still testing it, but I have noticed that the notifications are cleared after checking them on ME hub or even the people app on windows 8. Try it and see if it clears your notifications.

Yeah I noticed this too. The notifications are not fully functional yet, it gets rid of the number while looking at news feed, but number comes back after you go into notifications again.

Pull down on the notification list to refresh it.  That cleared the notifications, but it doesn't seem that is how it "should" work...

Yes it does, but I can't help but compare both iOS and WP's Facebook app.. And I can't appreciate that app. It's too limited. Not that it matters so much, but it would be great if our apps were a little bit better... Its a lot better than the previous one, that I admit.

While I agree with you, I don't think that will resolve the issue entirely. Standard changelogs would look like this:
"Bug fixes", "Performance Enhancements" or "Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements"

Well, the chat section works for me (before it was blank) and was there always a full time stamp on notifications?

clicking on any of the notifications in the list view still takes you to a blank screen that requires another tap to see the comment/post/like etc information. TOO MANY TAPS TO GET TO WHAT I WANT TO SEE!! 

Exactly.. I have always wonderd what is the use of all that empty space below the entry that require us to tap to read the comments.

Remember its a Beta so express the annoying things & hopefully they get fixed before it comes out of Beta.
Its drives me nuts that i cant press the back button without it force closing then getting an error when trying to go right back in but if i wait i get access

When you press on notifications, you no longer have to press it about 3 times for it to open which is good!!
It also seems very snappy and fast :)

The lack of multiple taps on notifications is what I notice.  This was a much needed improvement.  Before, as was previously mentioned, you would have to tap the icons 3 times.
As far as speed, it seems a bit faster.  It is still painfully slow compared to the FB app on my Wife's iPhone 5.  

Until I am able to send pictures through private messages like iOS and Android users can, all official Facebook apps are broken.

Backing out of viewing a photo takes you back to where you left off in your feed. It used to take me back to the top. ;)

Not if there's new posts! Thats my main gripe with this bloody app. Go back off a post, and you back to top of the feed if there' new posts...instead of just showing "new posts" message. So BLOODY annoying. Everytime i see there's an update, i'm like, cool, i hope they've fixed it. But so far, nope.

Anyone else still getting that random late toast notification? I'm getting tired of receiving "XXX commented blah blah blah" and when I go and check, its the same comment they put in 2 days ago.

Must faster as everyone is saying which was much needed :) I've also noticed that when swiping to the right to left were the chat is it now loads a lot more friends in the chat list plus telling you how long they have been of Facebook.

I spoke to soon,online friends are still broken..yay..it doesn't properly updating..anyway this is BETA...

What do you mean its not updating? This is the first time I've seen every friend that is online it actually shows their online and when they have went offline giving the amount of mins and hours they have been off, but previous to the update i was only getting like 8 friends loading when their was clearly more online.

Try checking your online friends in the messaging hub or in the desktop version you will see what I mean..

Now shows pull to refresh on profiles and pages/groups. Before it would just pull to refresh without showing the arrow.

I have a Lumia 822. It doesn't refresh when it loads anymore and it seems to be smoother when scrolling in general. Actually, loading in general has taken more of a back seat, which is awesome.

I sure hope in future versions they add the ability to long touch a photo to save to phone.  They need to add this to the official Twitter application as well.

Although I miss the "modern" look of Microsoft's version I guess I'm getting used to the look of the new app.. Probably because it works better. So, be it!

Hey it broke my ability to share a friends pic. It says check privacy settings. I can still share from my jbr Facebook app. Anybody else having the share issue?

Yes this is exactly what happened with me, i cant share any photos or any status with my friends and it keep tell me check your privacy setting

I love my WP8 but why doesn't apps open or fast resume like IOS and Android??? Serious though I wanna know if anyone can answer that for me...

still missing post from friends, some friends will show only a few post and some friends will not show at all, like no posts at all from some friends, when going to touch.facebook.com I realize how many post and videos I have missed by using this crappy app.

One thing that annoyed me before was not being able to open links in comments.  This is working now!

Well I am, and it does not take that long to make a simple app.  If you have 1 developer 8 hours a day 5 days a week commited to make an app like facebook, it will take probably 1 week to make a beta and 2 weeks to iron out kinks.

I'm still waiting for final stable release. One of the betas messed up my phone and I had to refresh it. 

I don't receive any live tile update or toast notifications.... Even though my battery saver is off ... I have reinstalled it many times but no difference ... This problem is with every Facebook app i use .. Please help

I have the same problem. Some "wall post" notifications show up but very late, sometimes hours later than the actual action takes place. No "new message" notifications at all. :(

Not atm but i hope it does come soon for 7.5/8 owners as its a nice experiance just needs feedback sent regular to get things fixed

Fingers crossed. From what I gathered, it was stated on may 8th that FB BETA for 7.8 is a fair few weeks off. I anticipate a July release.

you still better with touch.facebook.com, you will get very frustrated with this beta app. like not all your friends will show, and you will miss several post as it does not shows all post by friends

why all the complaining. this is still on beta. you should wait for the final version before you compain. beta means that is still on testing to resolve issues in the software.

That's why it's beta,they need feedback to get it right.I've already sent three emails on the problems from this last update.

Installed it. Live tile and toast notifications working on my 920 but heats it up in recored time. Uninstalled. 

It's faster and better then ever, and it works quite well. I am pleased..and it's on the road to become a great Facebook application when it's done. 

It fixes a bug with the friends in which friends would not appear in the chat, friends tab, or in the rest of the app.

when i click see more,
it gives white blank screen,
and then crash..
the previous one more stable than this, at least i never crashed before

I can see SOME notifications in the feed from SOME of my friends. If I click on a notification, it will take me to a blank screen with all the things I can do with a post, but I don't see anything. Once I click the Comment button, THEN I can see all the previous comments. WTH???
My biggest concern is that it shows SOME of my friends but not others. I can't seem to find a pattern, but I think it is due to how my friends have their security permissions setup. This IS a 3rd party app afterall and diff friends may have their permissions NOT to let it show data to 3rd party apps.
Until there is somethng that will reliably display posts from ALL my friends (That would take some MAJOR collaboration between MS and FB,) I think I will stick to the web based one. At least with that one, I can be assured I'm not getting a filtered view.

same issue here, this app is totally worthless in its current state, just keep using touch.facebook.com so you can see all of your friend's post.  I just uninstalled and waiting on this crap to get out of 'beta'

"touch.faebook.com"... woah, let's not get hasty. ;-)
I like it. I think it's a step in the right direction, but it's just buggy as hell. It will shut down for random reasons. I keep telling it to send the report to MS, but who knows what they do with it?
For now, I still will use the full site on my 928 as I can trust I am seeing all the updates from all my friends.

For now all I want from the Facebook app is to be able to share to 'custom' audience. I want to hide my posts from some of my friends. The only current options are: friends, only me, public, and friends list.

I noticed that the captions under photos are not mismatched anymore. I'd see the same caption on a few photos in my timeline before.

Okey it seems good, but it needs more improvements, i cant save any photo, not able to copy and paste any text, the chat has problems the messages not always apeare correctly, the setting not available in all of its features,,, any body have the same issues like me??

This app is absolutely awful!!!
This a lagfest of epic proportions. Notifications happen about a day after the event. Please write a proper one that doesn't look or feel like the Android one. Ughh!!!!

i'm already regretting buying a windows phone,its really behind ios6 and android,they can't make a simple app like facebook you can't send picture message or smiley what the hell!