Facebook will be a Mango for Halloween

Speaking at Nokia World in London today, Windows Phone top dog, Joe Belfiore, confirmed that Facebook will get a Mango makeover next week.  Aside from fast-switching, the improved Facebook app will include deep linking capability, the ability to link features like Messages and News Feeds to the Start page. 

Belfiore would not elaborate too much on what other features would be in the update, but he did say that it will work in conjunction with the current Facebook integration that is already built into Windows Phone. The free update is expected to be released on Halloween.

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Facebook will be a Mango for Halloween


Seriously! The Twitter app has the most deplorable performance of any Windows Phone app I've ever used. I understand when the platform was new that some devs didn't do their data binding right and that resulted in some performance problems. But what takes the cake is that the Twitter app was available since launch day (if not before) and it hasn't been updated one time through the entire year.

He means that it's a 3rd party app and not an official 1st party app recognized by FB. So that mean some of your friends post may not appear on your phone unless they allow 3rd party apps to view their post.

Agreed. I find it hard to believe that despite how closely Microsoft works with and integrates Facebook into their products like Bing and Windows Phone, and Microsoft owns part of Facebook, that it can't get Facebook to allow us to see all of our own friends through the first-party interface.

About time. People Hub is where I get 95% of my news, etc, relating to social media however sometimes I have to use the app. And when I do, I dread it - its not Evil, but its also not great. Yey!

People hub is where I get all my info from as well... it's amazing how much i use it, and it looks sweet to boot.

The phone manufactures and OS providers need to step up. Nokia is cool but the phones need to be better. I know we are talking about fb but this stuff should have been done. Tango should have been out. Most of us invest our time and money with these companies and they drag there feet. Microsoft came from the dead just as well as Nokia and they need to have the greatest products out, not trickle out apps. Enough already give me what technology provides and give me my money's worth out the box. While they slowly bring out updates android copies and improves. The other platforms have most of the apps we are dying to get and they are better. Microsoft needs to step up.

I'm not going to disagree, because I am a little disappointed with nokia's offering and some mango features that haven't been satisfactory in my opinion... But you do realize that it often takes longer than a year to design a phone, then send it to the manufacturer? I don't think we could have honestly expected much more from Nokia less than 9 months from the announcement with MS. Next year there are going to be some great phones from Nokia - but I think we all need to relax because I'd rather have a perfect phone than a rushed phone. I'll hold onto my focus a little longer (no real issues with it anyway...) until I see a phone that really draws me to it.

I agree both with you and @abond32, but it is this "next year" thing that piss me off. Last year 2011 was supposedly to be the WP7 year, now we are talking the same thing about 2012.Neither MS nor Nokia has too much time, they need to realize that.What is frustrating me more is that now I'm starting to read things about WP8 and how it will be the "serious" contender, how it will support multiple SoCs, display resolutions et al. So what are we? Beta-testers who paid for a beta product?Don't get me wrong, I expected some kind of "difficulty" due to be an early adopter and I really like my current Optimus 7 with Mango, but I want to see some really new features and hardware improvements too. I choose the WP7 because I'm a MS-fan and I want to see it succeeding in the market, but it will doesn't happen with only a multitask and a 400MHz CPU speed bump.

Really good points. Looks wise they are an improvement, but not worth starting over. Nokia's navigation is not as good as Navigon, nor will their screen be as vibrant as my Omnia 7.

so the HTC Titan isn't enough? u need to settle down android isn't doing much better anyway and in fact worse, there are still some phones that don't even have froyo yet and they're talking about ICS now. almost ALL windows phones are on mango now, plus android is also infested with malware so get a grip and besides this is the wrong article for this anyway.

The app is OK...as long as the People Hub is crippled..MS should do something about this, pay FB or whatever.It's a deal breaker to me, that the People Hub on my Omnia 7 is crippled."Put People First"? Well, then I have to do as on an iPhone - launch an application. Not good enough!!But...I'll keep my fingers crossed...

you seriously just keep jumping at every chance to attack someone who has an issue with WP7. you realize that people who voice their problems are the ones that are listened to by the devs right? You keep bending over and telling them that everything is A OK and there will be no feedback to allow them to improve

I get FB update via my people hub, pictures hub, Me Hub, etc. Can you elaborate? I use a Samsung focus. I can also post to FB, access my friends FB pictures and save them my phone and more.

They should also update the crappy Adobe Reader app. And don't tell me it's an Adobe app and MS can't do anything about it. Apple also has its own PDF app in iOS because they don't want to rely on crappy Adobe performance.

I just got the update. The only thing new is deep linking and multi-tasking support. It's still slow as **** it still doesn't support groups. Basically it still sucks as much as the old version. Good going MS, you can't even making a FB app work right.