Facebook for Windows Phone 8.1 nabs small update


Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see an update for app that always seems a little bit faster. Yup, the official Facebook app picked up an update today. Notice anything new?

You’ll see Facebook for Windows Phone now at version in the settings. Previously it was at version That last update lacked a changelog.

We’re not seeing a changelog listed with the update and haven’t seen any obvious new feature jump out at us. C’mon devs, use the new changelog feature in Windows Phone 8.1 no matter how small the update is you’re pushing to our phones.

If you notice anything new, do let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

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Facebook for Windows Phone 8.1 nabs small update


I will destroy you, You will find the meaning why they name cyclones after people after i'm done with you.

I wish they would have more major updates to this app though. Still kind of sluggish compared to the other platforms.

I was not referring to the Facebook app, none of the apps developed by MS use this new feature. Including the Bing apps.

and music app was updated with Bigger Cover art, and track skipping throu swiping cover art, but the changelog says "bug fixes, performance improvement"

I think it's listening to what we are doing, I saw somewhere that the recent facebook updates listen everything... Is that right?

It was a feature that will allow facebook to recognize the song or TV show that you are watching by letting it record it. Kind of like soundhound or shazam.

And finally we can see the posts of our friends! :D Thank goodness! Before this we could only see the posts of the pages we liked and stuff! 

I'm hoping for transparent tile, but with live tile notifications....


(and that's a no....)

Peoples obsession that all their tiles must be transparent is disturbing. I really hope they don't go that way... everything will look the same. Very boring.

Couldn't agree more, i like that some of the tiles arent transparent, it keeps the layout more interesting and in some ways gives the background more purpose like it's seen through "Windows.". Worst case scenario, i think app developers should allow a setting for transparency of their tile

"Everything will look the same"?    You mean that everyone's custom background can be seen clearly.   Whether or not the tiles are transparent should be a choice by the end user to suit their own aesthetic desires.

I certainly have no problem with an option for that... I owuld just hope it isn't the default.  People with this obsession can go in and check all the boxes to turn them transparent.  :-)

I would think that many apps such as Facebook would want to maintain their corporate identity on the app tile with the customary blue background.  And I prefer it that way.  To me, smaller apps like utilities, email counts, messaging and whatnot should be the ones with transparent tiles.  Facebook should look like Facebook.  As a side benefit, this provides some variety in appearance... I would say 60-70% of the tiles on my screen are already transparent.  I'm hoping I own't be forced into too much more than that, as it seems like a nice balance.

I'm always in support of options though, at least until the point of overcomplication.

Nice job characterizing an aesthetic preference as obsession, especially coming from one who needs to have their facebook tile be the customary blue.   Because personally it's my experience when I use transparency tiles with facebook, it normally takes a half an hour to find the tile cause I just can't seem to associate facebook with the lower case "f".   It is ain't dark blue it ain't facebook.

lol... yeah that's exactly what I said.  Half an hour.  :-)

In fact, I do highly suspect if there was usability testing it would prove that it IS easier to find an app that is well known like Facebook when it is colored consistantly with all it's other incarnations. 

Anyway... I do hope you get your option for transparent tiles.  If that's what you want, it's certainly no skin off my back for you to be able to do it.  I just hope that the Windows Phone interface isn't besiged by a mass of all transparent tiles.  The effect is very cool, but a big part of what is so cool about it is the fact they they aren't all transparent... and I do believe it negatively impacts usability when every icon is just a little white symbol floating over wallpaper.

Seriously WPCentral I appreciate all the work you guys put into bringing us the latest in Windows Phone news but we really don't need to know about any Facebook related updates unless it's significant. It's literally been years of the same story now. "Facebook receives a small update, let us know if you notice anything new..."

I just want it to be great sometime within this decade.lol But in all seriousness, I really don't have any issues with the Facebook app. I just disagree that we need to be informed every time we receive minor bug fixes updates.

does it still have a problem with syncying in connect my phone?? i cant seem to sync facebook or facebook beta with my phone without that #$%@$ "we cannot sync right now" message..

I know one thing they fixed that wasn't working before. I couldnt simple upload photos with-in a status without failing.

Just tried it and it worked. Did a multiple photo upload (6 pics) worked smooth.

Now I wonder if I can post a photo in a checkin - without it failing as well.
Edit: check-in worked too.

the uploading photo function is different / faster and now a progress bar. 
It is faster (for now). speed is seen where it actually refreshes the feed and shows my post / checkin with photo instantly. Before it wouldnt even refresh the feed with my post.

Edit 2: Just realized i did all this while connected to wifi - hopefully it works on 3g / 4g alone too.

thank you whoever for fixing this bug. Just wish you did it before i went on vacation and had tons of stuff failing to upload....

Still sucks..What's the use of this useless updates when You still cant make it as per as android and Ios version?

I'm noticing after sharing a post, I no longer have to scroll from the begging of the page to continue from where I left off. This was really annoying before and this fix is greatly appreciated.

Is this the same update that iPhone and android users got that now allows Facebook to listen to your microphone so they can send you targeted info and ads? That's pretty CREEPY!

I can't see the update on my App Store. It is still v5.2.5.0 which is updated last 5/12/2014.

Is the version 8.1.x only available on a specific region? I'm from the Philippines.

If you are in WP 8.1   then open store go to settings then  select the check for update tab ... then u should get the update ,,

Have they fixed the news feed? Oh wait no.
Still using the internet explorer because the app shows only updates from fan pages.
F**k this shit

I have noticed something new. And thats when press camera button to upload pics old one direct us to gallery. This one ask whether photos or videos .. Check it out.

My Facebook app and my WPCentral app sucks because of performance. They both lag so bad it's ridiculous. I don't know if it's my phone or just the apps. Does anyone else have this problem with their NL925??

I'd be ok if the browser lets me......i hate having to use my HTC one just for that. What about images that others post? Can we see that now?

My Facebook app doesnt update my Cover Photo on my live tile, did anybody know how can i fix this? or how can i update it. 

Have you always been able to create new photo albums in the app? I thought last time I had to go to the web site and create the album, and then upload to it from my phone app.

Joe Belfiore said during his Reddit AMA at the beginning of the month that Facebook for WP was getting a significant overhaul this summer.  I would assume that any updates between then and now would be only for bug/feature/security fixes.


As for the WP version of Facebook not matching up to iOS and Android...I'm not sure why Microsoft is the developer of the WP version of Facebook, but Facebook themselves handle iOS and Android, but although it may not be buttery smooth like on other OS's, Messaging still works, and we don't get nagged about "People you may know", or "Completing My Profile"  and whatnot. 

Seems to have fixed the "data not found" bug when clicking on facebook notification in notification centre on 8.1. Just need to apply same fix for messenger apo now.

Seems pointless to have the beta app if the official app is getting features and improvements first now.

"C’mon devs, use the new changelog feature in Windows Phone 8.1 no matter how small the update is you’re pushing to our phones."

Microsoft, the developer of Facebook official app doesn't want to use the function that created... Microsoft!
Nice! :)


BUG: Go to a page - such as Windows Phone Central - and tap on "Photos". It says "No Photos" even though there are.

I didn't read through all the other comments so I'm not sure if this was already mentioned

Also crashing constantly now - has never done that on this phone since I got it - that's annoying.  ATIV S Originally WP8 now WP8.1


this actually seems faster. (REALLY)

and coming back from FB external links is almost instant.

pretty Nice tbh. hope it keeps improving and that changelogs are actually informative so i don't feel like i'm crazy thinking maybe i'm imagining new features lol

EDIT: 10 seconds ago i posted this, then a fb notification toast came up, i clicked it, it went to the top of my feed (i was currently reading an article linked from FB) and reloaded it. the notification button shows "1" but i had to click on it and click the notification again to load it. BUMMER. Still feel the app is really faster tho.


Another thing i'm not sure about... were we able to zoom on photos? i can do it now, and it worked pretty smoothly.

My sidebar also loaded  "groups" list instantaneuosly, it used to be awful and sometimes wouldn't even load them in the end. (i'm using wifi now, let's see how it works with mobile data)

Is it only me or evryone.....not able to swipe photos for,next and previous photos it stuck on the one I open.

Facebook inc. Cant use the name in windows phone dev center, that's why no official Facebook.

Embedded links finally work again. Clicking on notification about added comment brings you straight to the comment, not to the post. And it's really (really!) much faster.

Uhh there was a change log. Go to the "overview" page and hit the read more link. There you'll see "v5.2 additions". You guys do realize that some devs still do their change logs the old way right?

These Facebook apps are still too slow and buggy. For example when I'm opening a new photo it briefly shows me the last photo I was looking at.

My wife has been unable to upload photos since a couple of days. I hope this fix the problem.

Edit, They only show on your Timeline, not on news feed.

As the guy said above, Instagram posts show up now, that's one good addition