Facebook for Windows Phone gets minor bump in latest update

It looks like a busy day for app updates again as Facebook for Windows Phone has pushed out yet-another patch. This time the version for Windows Phone 8 gets raised to v4.2.1 and the Windows Phone 7.x one heads to 2.9.1. That makes this a teeny 0.0.1 update.

Unfortunately, there are no new features listed nor is there a changelog, so either we'll update this post when one becomes available or we'll just go ahead and assume that this falls under "bug fixes and performance enhancements". Update: Joe Belfiore tweeted that the update addresses a crash some users were having. 

Notice anything new? Let others know in comments! Pick up Facebook for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 here in the Store

Thanks, Josh S., and Dennis A., for the tips!

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Facebook for Windows Phone gets minor bump in latest update


Windows 8 apps require a changelog, which is great, but you'll find still that most app developers just put things like "Includes updates and fixes". :(
But we agree. Every single update we've ever done with Rowi has had a changelog. Should be required!

Joe Belfiore has just tweated explaining the update addresses a crash some were expecting in the last update.

The facebook app needs huge improvements. Its not a good advertisement for Microsoft team when it has such an facebook app. Needs to be bumped to ver 5
This is on a day when Android got voip calling to its facebook app.

If you have to ask,it probably means that you aren't a very active Facebook user. The shortcomings become apparent within a few minutes of use.

Actually I am an active Facebook user.  I use this App and the website several times a day.  Seems to me that if you can't explain to me what wrong with it that there must not really be anything wrong with it.
So then seriously.  What's wrong with it?

seems like you use it to read your status, maybe send some messages and comment on a few status! If you was a proper facebook user you'd know of the issues and missing basic features!

Since when is page management a basic feature?? I can remember back when Pages didn't even exist..this is a mobile app people..its meant to act as a companion to the true web experience..not replace it.

Terrible notification for both messaging and updates, you can't attach pictures, videos NOR audio in any fb messages, both the app and in the integrated chat that WP is very boastful about. Page management is terrible as the guy stated below, and these are just basic features. Like really basic.

I'd like to also add that I love windows phone and am a longggg time user (still carrying my LG Optimus 7 just to reminisce once in awhile), I am not ignorant about these things. They kill the experience. If I want to send a picture or anything, I have to send it to myself via email, THEN can I attach it on my computer. Not even the mobile website can really do this. OH and don't forget that you'll never be able to see any attachments through both the integrated chat and the app.

I'm actually a good fan of the on tile notifications. Less invasive. I do get email notifications as well. I don't get the photo share thing though. Surely you can share a picture in one go. I hardly even bother going into the app. I use the app only when I can't 'like' a comment. Good points raised though... 

lol I don't understand either. It's fast, incredibly smooth, and it has every single feature needed. You can like, comment, like post, see photo, upload, tag friend in your status, I mean, what's missing?
The UI is nice and it's fast to load. It has fast resume...
What's wrong with it?
The only thing is that the toast/tile notification don't work.
Other than that, it's great imho :)

There are so many things missing and wrong with it, there is more to a pretty face. Not going to repeat over and over the same issues, why not go and look in some of the other updates of previous versions and you'll get your answers!

For me it mainly has to do with the piss poor messaging experience, I just explained it to the guy above you if you are willing to read.

You don't actually use it. How do I know? Because it has almost NOTHING you need to mimic the online Facebook experience, whereas other apps available in the store do. This app is completely useless from start to finish.

I actually like the Windows Phone Facebook app.  Like most things WP, it is silky smooth and easy to use (and yes, I use Facebook A LOT on my Windows 8 laptop, my Kindle Fire, and my iMac so I know the different possible interfaces).  There is one BIG thing missing from the app, and that is the ability to share page photos.  Even amazon did an update months ago to make it possible to share photos.  Besides that, it is still good.

You can't tag people in statuses like you can in other versions of the app on competing OS' (you can merely say you were "with" them), try and write on someone else's wall and it ends up on your own for everyone to see, no page management, piss poor notifications, the newsfeed isn't an accurate representation of what the Facebook algorithm's determine you would be most interested in (instead it just throws everything that was posted most recently up) and a myriad of other things make the WP version inferior to that which you'd find on Android or iOS.

Personally, I think FB's algorithm that decides what I would be most interested in reading absolutely sucks. I prefer order by age of post, and FB can't even manage to remember that preference.

Beyond that Microsoft's FB is my nea-exclusive way of accessing FB, and I find it works well for 95% of what I do with FB.

Group messages are terrible. I get error messages literally every time I try to open one or send a message in one. I've also never got a notification for a message through the app.

And these are messages, not chat (for those of you who say use the built in client).

The Facebook App for WP is not good because the feeds are different from the otther devices, they dont warn you about new notifications ( like group notifications and other things) only when it's exclusively related to you or maybe someone mentioning you. and the layout for me, it's not good to read the feed. AND ALSO SMALL PICTURES! haha
The groups don't stay in order of usage like everywhere else.
These are all the things I could remember,
PS: and you can't share.

FB must be important to your daily life for you to notice all those flaws. For me, I've seen very little but any update is welcome.

Actually I'm not a Facebook heavy user but i'm really good to notice flaws, and they're preatty easy to notice when you come from  iPhone. And I do need facebook to keep in touch with my class at university and group notifications is really necessary for me.
I'm doing about 4~5 Works to delivery at the university and I need to answers my teammates when they ask me something on the facebook group.
Now i'm using Whatsapp for that but it's not as visual as facebook.
If it is good for you that's OK. But for me there is a lot of flaws and for a lot of people too haha!

I ask that same question everytime I see a complaint. I know I'm not one of those who's on fb 24/7 posting things as "oh I have my period today!" seriously if that's all your doing anyways, what else do you need? Someone please explain the Facebook fashion!

They fixed the biggest frustration and that was the feed constantly resetting to the top every time you looked at something. But, it still sends you to the top when commenting. I shouldn't have to open a post to "like it.". When someone has a long post my feed freaks out and that post along with random others disappear. Notifications are horrible, the live tile is never accurate, I end up using the "Me" tile for that purpose, but that has issues like not being able to like a post. And to add insult to injury, it doesn't hide the crap I hide in my feed which means constant f-Ing Farmville bs in my feed. Sigh. FirstWorldProblems but senslessly screwed up.

It's crap. Anyone that work(s) on this app should be fired. Here's why
1. It does not in any way, shape, or form mimic the settings on my Facebook page if I look at it on the website.
2. I have to select the filter list of what I want to see ever single time I open the app. That setting will not stick between apps openings.
3. I can't set who I want to see the posts I make, they are always public. If I post something from there, I have to change who can see it from the website. Competing apps do this, this one hasn't from day one.
4. You can't see comments on a picture if you open the picture directly from your news feed.
5. 90% of the time when I go to post something (as a last resort), it says I can't post at this time. Really?
6. Posting a photo causes the app to churn continuously, then fails.
7. I have to reset the show posts to "most recent" every single time I open the app. To be fair, the website does this all the time, so it may not be their fault.
8. It's slow. Glacially slow. When I have to set my filter list every time I open the app, it either fails to update, or I have to hit refresh three or four times.
9.Photos take forever to load when viewing them. They usually remain a blurry mess ny the time I give up.
10. Can't tag people in photos. Or at least I can't see how, that might be my fault.
Those the top 10 reasons this app is utter garbage that I can think of off the top of my head. Numbers 2 and 3 are unforgivable. Completely unforgiveable. All of the people involved in this app either need to be outright fired, or moved to a part of Windows Phone where their ovibous lack of design and coding can't be such a public mess. The fact that Microsoft has done absolutely nothing to make this app even remotely useful to anyone can be argued to show just how much Microsoft is neglecting their platform. Facebook is a HUGE thing for people, and having this awful app reflects incredibly poor upon Microsoft and the entirety of Windows Phone 8. I'm serious when I say the people involved in this app should be fired. They obviously don't care about what the company looks like to someone picking up the phone, and they've made zero effort to improve it. In fact, they are actively ignoring it. Doesn't speak well of Microsoft to have the head of Windows Phone tweet that this is nothing more than an update to fix a crashing issue. They need to pull it completely off the Store and rewrite it.

And? You agree that it's a garbage app, but that's forgiveable because it looks good? Maybe that's the core problem with Windows Phone. Looks good, but almost entirely useless.

I have no issues...I use the integration in my phone to post pictures and videos and have no issues tagging the people in them and giving it a title just before posting them lightning fast to Facebook.
I am able to reach my groups just fine
Notifications come to me via integration and text every single time
No missing posts
Check-in and tagging people in my check ins works great
Pictures load very fast
I think it's not issues across the board...just issues for people who use Facebook for certain things and heavily depend on it for business or school.

There is no mention anywhere in this article or my comments about the integrated part of Facebook in Windows Phone 8, it's about the standalone app. You have no issues because you didn't stop and think that we aren't talking about anything but the app itself. I don't care about the integrated part, it doesn't function any better than the app, and it doesn't matter to me how you use it, it is seriously lacking basic funtionality and has from day one. Microsoft obviously does not care abou this app, they've done nothing to improve it. They seem perfectly content to let almost everything they touch wither and die.
Even using the integrated part is a waste of time because there is no granular control over what you post, and how it's viewed. I don't want to post anything publicly, but neither the app or the integrated part let's me do anything buy that. The app is garbage, and it's very easy to see that people that are commenting similarly to you neither read the article, or the comments saying the app is no good. If you post pictures of your food, or write simply messages on you wall without a care as to who can see it, the app and integrated part works fine I suppose. But if you want anything like the desktop website experience (ie something that actually works like it should) the app and the integartiong in the phone is utter garbage. They should be ashamed to let this continue to be such a terrible experience.

I've given you reasons why I think it's terrible, you've only said that anyone who doesn't like it is a whiner. You're welcome to your opinion as well, but don't act like your opinion matters more and call people that disagree whiners. Especially when they offer more reasons to dislike it that you do reasons to like it.

This needs to follow twitter and get an entire makeover. The fact that Facebook for iPhone just got a 2nd makeover before this could receive 1 make over is ridiculous! I used to support this app but it is truly trash now.

There's no chat, no VOIP, no chatheads. Viewing pics are a pain. Just the overall layout of the app is horrible.

There is chat so that's bullshit.  There are plenty of VOIP apps for WP8 how many do you need. I don't no what you are talking about with the pics because I can view them just fine.  And the layout is just a matter of opinion.  I think it's fine.
Oh, and chat heads? Really? smdh

Where is the chat? I'm not saying I need it im just saying it's bring left in the dust. Overall it's a horrible app and people that come to this OS just use Facebook in IE I dont know of anyone that uses the app.

there is chat, but not in the app, it is integrated into the messeging app when you link your facebook, and it doesn't work properly anyway so it is useless.

UGH. Twitter looks so damn good, and it functions so well but the load more tweets things is awful! Instead of loading them above where you are, it loads them going down so you have to scroll for ages to get back where you are. I love the Twitter app, wish there was a light on dark option, but that is really the only complaint I have with it. If that setting wasn't so horribly implemented I'd have no issues with it. (Still would love the light on dark  option, though.) (Oh, and the ability to see profile pictures as well, they can't be viewed from what I can see.)

Idont have a problem with the layout, although the buttons on the bottom could do with moving to make more room. We just need a major overhall. The fact that i've NEVER got a notification of someone sending me a message since i got a WP back in July really annoys me, let alone all the other problems with this app and missing features.
No point pushing out crappy fake updates to make it look like they're doing something, this is going to make customers even more angry! Shame on them.

Everything works for you and you have no issues...we get it. I have issues all the time. No, I'm not going to retype what others have written above to your repeated questioning. I often have to use the web version. It might be useable for you, but it is fair to say that it is not nearly as feature rich as the Android & iOS counterparts...even if YOU do t care about them.

As for VOIP, what good does having Viber or Skype do if your contacts are ALL on Facebook?

FYI - just because you curse and sydh and condescend, doesn't make you right.

Says the app isn't available for my Focus Flash even though I already have and use the app everyday...tell me how this makes sense...

The Facebook App for WP is not good because the feeds are different from the otther devices, they dont warn you about new notifications ( like group notifications and other things) only when it's exclusively related to you or maybe someone mentioning you. and the layout for me, it's not good to read the feed. AND ALSO SMALL PICTURES! haha
The groups don't stay in order of usage like everywhere else.
These are all the things I could remember,
PS: and you can't share.

Not good. After managing to download this rubbish app now everytime i click on notifications it crashes back to home screen. Rubbish

It needs a UI overhaul most definitely. Get rid of the oversized banner at the top of the news feed. Waste of space. This is something I feel needs to happen throughout the OS though.

It's not pointless if turn on the 'Enable banner image' in Settings.
I quite like it espacially as it changes every so oftern bringing back random memorys lol.

I don't know about you guys but I'd like a tap the top of screen to quick jump to top of feed feature. To me, that's crucial in pretty much all social apps that you're consuming a long continuous stream.

Yeah, I was pretty bummed to see this wasn't in WP8 after coming from iOS. It's a great feature to have. Must be a patent issue.

Joe Belfiore tweeted "Thanks to our friends at Facebook: a new FB app update is now in Store. It addresses a crash some people were hitting in the last update."

One thing I noticed that must have come with the last update is that it is now possible to like comments on comments.

While I like that we have a somewhat unique app, I do agree that it has a bunch of shortcomings and minor annoyances that should be fixed.
- no share option. Why?
- can't receive attached pictures in chat. Not so much as a notification that anyone is sending me anything.
- checking an image and reading the comments for it is a two step process most of the time and unnecessarily complex IMHO.
- the banner at the top takes up too much space.
- swiping from right to left brings you to the notifications. Why the heck does it load a separate screen if you click on the globe icon? Nonsense - IMHO.

These are the ones that bother me the most and off this is all just my subjective ramblings. But I would prefer not having to resort to the touch website every now and again to get stuff done... :/

You missed out editing a comment or status after it has been posted, I know that you should just prof read before posting but somtimes you can't help to type quick then press post...the web browser version is currently the way I have to access this feature but it is annoying having to leave the app then open IE lol.
Also as I mentioned above the big banner is not pointless if turn on the 'Enable banner image' in Settings.

Jokers Think this app is good? I'll support windows phone till my last day, in the case of this app...i deleted my fb acc because of this poor excuse for an app. Mobile web is 8x better. Heroes!

Ty lych I thought I was the only one with the picture comments viewing and posting to friends posting and not the original one it goes to. It drives me crazy

I think we need a sticky post that clearly spells out all of the many shortcomings of the Facebook app. I don't even use it very much but it is tiresome to constantly see people demanding a point by point list any time there is a complaint about this stupid app.
"What do you mean its crap??? I check my friends' status updates every day and send messages all the time. Tell me EXACTLY what's wrong, because as far as I'm concerned this is like the greatest app ever. And seriously, I use it every day and can't imagine that someone else could find fault with it.".

Again, I hardly use it but I trust that there are plenty of people who live in Facebook and know its shortcomings all too well. I doubt most of them are just complaining for no reason. If you really, really need to understand it's limitations, spend thirty minutes searching WP Central. [end rant]

I hate this Facebook app! How in the world can u compete with other OS when u can't even deliver the exact or better experience... Microsoft really needs to wake the @#$% up and get an official Facebook app with every feature or else they will never be as successful as any OS on phones! This by no means even close too any Facebook app out for OS..

That right there covers about 80% of Windows Phone as an OS. The entire thing, not just that apps, is missing so many basic features and Microsoft seems perfectly content to keep it that way. As it stands now, there should be feature additions to the OS like every six weeks, and that's just to get it on par with the competition, much less be better than them. I don't understand why they aren't churning out updates every two weeks, it's been more than enough time for them to do something about the massive feature holes they have in Windows Phone. 

That's because you don't use the app. I listed 10 things I could think of off the top of my head a little bit up this page, I'm not going to rewrite it just to respond to you. The app is a complete waste of time because it's missing so many basic functions, and Microsoft seem to be perfectly happy with having a piss poor excuse for a critical app tarnishing the OS. If people can't Facebook they way they want, they'll buy an iPhone. It really is that simple, yet Microsoft seems to not care at all.

They put alot of things into integration. I think they should spend more time integrating facebook fetures into the OS itself and not on the Facebook app. I would love to leave the app completely and un install it because I have no need for it. :-)

To all those crying about the facebook app perhaps the HTC First would be more to your liking.
Just saying.
As for me, between the facebook intergration and the App I'm more then content.

I'm happy you are content but it don't work for the majority of us "crying" for something that should be on every app!

Enjoy being content. Happy that you have no issues with it, but it needs serious improvements. Or to be written completely over because it's missing even the most basic features.

Why do you spend so much time and energy arguing against improvements? I can't understand your motivation.

They put a lot of things into integration. I think they should spend more time integrating Facebook features into the OS itself and not on the Facebook app. I would love to leave the app completely and un install it because I have no need for it. :-)

#1 issue with the FB app is that it is not made by FB!!! Microsoft developed it. You can even watch videos on WP from FB!! I use the webapp, but its really still a frustrating experience!

-Facebook for Android updated today to include free VoIP calls!
-Facebook for iOS also updated today and got the new NewsFeed!
-Facebook for Windows Phone updated to... this....
The platform simply cannot move forward like that. The others are running with the speed of light and we are going backwards.

Every day they don't release an update to the OS adding features that were normal 5-10 years ago, the more I lose faith in Microsoft keeping Windows Phone alive. There should be massive updates once a month considering just how much basic functionality is missing. Maybe they'll get a clue, but when my contract runs out in 12 months I'm leaving unless they seriously churn out feature updates. Right now it looks like that they aren't going to do that. Shame too, WP8 has so much wasted potential.

When will the Facebook app for Windows Phone get the "Share" feature??? WTF!!! Then every other os gets all these other features??? Facebook is run by fuckwads!!!

I usually go to Facebook for groups now. The group settings are terrible. Timelines in groups skip and don't show recent post. (i.e. 5 post from today then it's shows 5 from last week.)

I think the UI looks great. But with that being said, there are three major flaws this app has. One is Page management, or lack thereof. Additionally, the fact I can't send a picture via messaging hurts. Throw in the fact that I can't tag people in pictures or comments hurts. Makes this a pretty piss-poor app...needs a good deal of work. You'd think for a phone based on "you" or your "social" world, a simple FB would be prevelant.

The greatest problem that I've been facing is that the WALL doesn't display all statuses nd photos... My app displays just the posts from various app ie Zodiac signs etc. Makes FB completely useless for me!!

It seems to have fixed my inability to receive messages in the Messaging Hub. But I'm still having problems with it not showing updates on my lock screen.

Instead of working hard to push minor updates, why can't we get a proper Facebook app instead, rebuilt from the ground up?

Still no attachments in messages. And i still can't see images that are sent in private messages to me from my friends. 

  • Still suffers from limited API access leading to missing posts.
  • Inbox is a mess, often throwing up errors & can't even add images to inbox conversations.
  • Horrific notification reliability, all push notifications delayed by at least 15 minutes.
  • Poor navigation, not able to access a lot of pages/groups properly as per other devices
  • Lesser functionality on pages that you can view (edit post, 'like' sub posts)
  • Event pages problematic to RSVP to and communicate on
  • App overall comes off as a highly limited reader and nothing more.
  • m.facebook.com is more useful and offers better user experience.

I don't use the facebook app that often but after getting the update I opened it up, only to get constant messages saying "We're having trouble getting data right now, please try later" wish I hadn't updated.

Having the same issue when I click on a group message notification "we're having trouble getting data".  Just wasted tons of time trying to fix it.  Has this been solved for you?

I will say this before the update it didn't crash as much, and now just trying to see what's up on friends pages it has crash about every 5-7 mins. So, I'd like to say F this. It is almost enough to make me switch over to my android, but I'm not a FB whore so its not an app I use every day multiple times a day. That being said it still needs a lot of improvements

One (small) difference I've noticed. Your last status update appears on the Live Tile even if you didn't post it from the app. Or maybe it's just me not noticing but I'm sure it didn't do that before

Facebook pro (by verse software) is far better....and gives you as many options as desktop...including privacy setup,blocking everything you need.......:)

The new interface makes sense and and is working fine overall, but still, I can't edit my comments. I don't want to run to the browser just to to do this. I look forward to the day when mobile FB apps have full or close to full functionality.
Duh old article no one is going to read this.